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15 Spring Reads

by jrayeb3


As the weather changes around us, so do our lives. New spring fashion trends and recipes are popping up all around us. Even reading material is changing! If you like to curl up with something to read, here are 15 books for the spring!

1. Easy Origami Flowers

Spring has sprung, and so have the flowers! Find out how to fold a normal piece of paper into something out of your garden! Regular origami can be quite tough, though: Luckily this is the easy version! No more struggling for hours with one fold! Not that I would know about that or anything... cough, cough...

2. Springtime Defense

Now that all of the ice and snow has melted, baddies like the Pant Devil are coming to "visit" more often! Thank goodness the Defenders Of Neopia have written a handy book for defending your self in the springtime. Difficulty level ranges from super easy to very difficult. The simplest technique is to rub a flower in your opponent's face, so that the pollen will make them sneeze and you can get away!

3. Fyora Spring Song Book

Everyone knows that the best way to welcome the spring is to sing! (You did know that, right?) In the Fyora Spring Song Book, you will find many cute songs to sing with your little ones, like "Bori Had A Little Babaa" and "The Easter Cybunny Is On Her Way". Penned by Fyora herself, these songs are sure to keep your baby pets occupied.

4. The Snowbunny Burrows Into Spring!

This is an adorable story about a wild Snowbunny that is waking up from his hibernation, a deep sleep some animals and petpets go into during the winter. Younger Neopets will love following his adventures, from the first flower he sees bloom, to him splashing in the cold, narrow streams. A great book for the whole family, or as a read aloud!

5. Ylana Skyfire: Protector Of Spring

Could Ylana Skyfire, the notorious bounty hunter employed by Doctor Sloth be the Protector Of Spring? According to this book she is "determined to protect the glory of springtime", but is that true? Is this another one of her nasty schemes? Read for yourself, and then YOU can be the judge!

6. Dry Flower Décor

One MAJOR trend in decorating right now is drying flowers. By drying flowers, you can display them all year long! But how do you dry them? Where should you display them? And will they REALLY stay forever? This book will answer all your questions, and more!

7. Faeries Of Spring

During the Spring, we hunt for Neggs and clean out our messy Neohomes, but what do the faeries do? If you have ever wondered, Faeries Of Spring is perfect for you! You'll find out if water faeries have anything to do with the constant spring rain, the air faeries spring beauty choices, and learn earth faeries' planting and growing secrets!

8. Altador Is Lovely In Spring

If you ever wanted to know about Altador in the springtime, this book was made for you! With a foreword by King Altador himself, it explains the spring vegetation, tourist rates, fun spring pastimes, and the local's favorite spring meals from Exquisite Ambrosia.

9. Maraquan Spring Cleaning

Everyone does spring cleaning, right? (Don't answer that.) Well, down in Maraqua, things are done a little bit.... differently. I mean, come on, how does the trash not get soggy and fill the streets? If you have never cleaned in Maraqua, or just want to learn how they do it out of curiosity, I strongly recommend this book.

10. How To Pick Flowers

Oh, man, you are doing it ALL wrong! This book explains the perfect way to pick flowers, with out yanking out all of the roots, or only the head of the flower. With all of the flowers outside, it would be smart to pick them the PROPER way, and fill a vase for a quick centerpiece! Or, you can dry them as explained in Dry Flower Décor.

11. Scorchio Spring

This book, Scorchio Spring, is about a funny Scorchio with an unusual springtime problems. Your pet will laugh out loud when the Scorchio's allergies get the best of him, and he sneezes fire onto his garden! The funny antics in this story will make you want to read it again and again!

12. Scorchios In The Spring

What? We just went over this... Oh. It is Scorchios IN THE Spring, not Scorchio Spring. While Scorchio Spring is a fictional story, Scorchios In The Spring is a non-fiction story, so all of the information is true. According to the book, "Scorchios love to take advantage of the lush, green plants and trees of springtime". Sounds interesting, don't you agree?

13. Bori And The Rainy Day

During spring, in addition to sunshine, you will also get lots of rain. Lots and lots of it. With Bori And The Rainy Day, you can sympathize with the main character, who is stuck inside for the day. It is a touching, heartwarming tale that will keep you satisfied on your day in.

14. Rainy Day

Another tale for rainy days, Rainy Days is the perfect book for those boring days stuck inside. Jam-packed with recipes to cook, crafts to make, and games to play, your Neopet will not have a boring moment during the whole entire storm!

15. Guide To House Cleaning

And now, our final book... The Guide To House Cleaning! Spring is the time of year many Neopets choose to clean out their homes, and if the task seems impossible to you, try reading the Guide To House Cleaning! With simple tips to make cleaning seem easy and quick and even fun, your Neohome will be spotless in no time at all!

Well, it looks like we have reached 15 books already! Thank you for taking the time to read my article, and also thank you Jellyneo for having a searchable item database. And thanks TNT for having such an awesome Neopian Times!!!!!

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