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What Do Faeries Do With Quest Items?

by pikachu315111


With the Faerie Festival having ended, all of Neopia is enjoying the bounty from it. Neopians who are training for battle enjoy the stat boosts, a lucky rare few have gotten access to the Rainbow Fountain, NCers are finding ways to customize with Delina's new creations, and everyone got free items for just visiting every day! But it's not only the Neopians who came out of the Faerie Festival with something; with all the quests done the Faeries have gotten a large supply of items for themselves. But what exactly do the Faeries do with all the items they get? We've sometimes been told what is basically done with the items, but is that really all there is to the item collection? Or is there more being done with the items than is being let on? Well, I'm about to find out, I got permission to ask the Faeries such questions as they clean up after this year's Faerie Festival.

Element: Air

Item Requested: Grooming items

Reward: +2 Movement to your active Neopet

Proposed Use of Item: None specified, but is mentioned they're used for spells.

What exactly do you do with the quest items?

"Well, what else do you use Grooming items for? Though the Grooming items are broken apart to their essential components for spell ingredients, the spells are used for making oneself healthy and beautiful."

What purpose do those spells have?

"Before the fall of Faerieland, the spells were mainly used by Air Faeries because any conventional makeup we used kept smearing or got blown off due to our air magic. However, after the fall of Faerieland, the huge amount of magic we lost had negatively impacted both our power and health. Many of the spells Air Faeries make now go toward keeping our fellow sisters of every element strong as we work together to rebuild Faerieland and hopefully one day raise ourselves back into the sky. Oh, and keeping ourselves looking beautiful and young is just a nice side bonus! *wink*"

What relation is there between the Item Requested and Reward?

"Um, nothing. We need Grooming items, our air magic grants those blessed with it extra speed, so to reward those who get us Grooming items we make them faster."

What do you say about the claims that, post fall of Faerieland, your quest is looked upon as having the worst reward?

"*gets annoyed* Hmph, is that so? Yes, as of right now the Movement stat isn't much used outside a few weapon requirements, but who's to say that won't ever change? From what I hear, many Neopians don't train that much in Agility, usually getting their Movement increased by only us. This has caused many to having low Movement as they train their other stats resulting in high spending costs at the training schools. SO whenever Movement is made into a useful stat to have *gives a devious smirk*, guess which Faerie Quest element everyone will want?"

Hmm, an interesting thought. Thank you for your time. I wish you the best of luck with keeping Faerieland healthy and beautiful.

Element: Dark

Item Requested: Toys

Reward: +2 Hit Points to your active Neopet

Proposed Use of Item: None specified, but is mentioned they prefer plushies that resemble real Neopets.

What exactly do you do with the quest items?

"*puts her hands together and makes a sympathetic face* We donate them to charity to be given to orphanages and hospitals. *starts to snicker* MUAWAWAWA! Sorry, couldn't keep a straight face for long. I believe the answer you're looking for is *gets REALLY angry* NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!"

MEEP! I mean, please, can you just give us a little hint?

"*eyes me suspiciously* Alright, but only because the masses are curious. We Dark Faeries request toys because they're not alive yet they resemble our intended target for the spell we're casting at the time. Queenie made us promise as long as no one gets hurt we can practice our dark magic within the walls of Faerieland."

So, *GULP* what purpose do those spells have?

"Well, for one thing, *gets angry* they keep a nosey reporter from asking too many questions! *calms down* But if you're going to insist, and I know you will, then it's to keep Neopets from getting too uppity about us Faeries not getting involved in their own problems."

Okay, that's for post fall of Faerieland, what about asking for quests before the fall of Faerieland?

"Let me answer your question with one of my own: *gives a sinister smile* Do you REALLY want to know? Think hard."

Um, right, final question: What relation is there between the Item Requested and Reward?

"Hmhmhm, let's just say that if our spells are as successful as we think they're going to be, *gives a sinister smile that's even more twisted than the one before* you're going to need ALL the health you can get!"

Um, I think that's all I'll need. Thank you for your time. I'm going to go to another Faerie now...

Element: Earth

Item Requested: Magic items


Post fall of Faerieland: +2 Strength, Defense, or Movement to your active Neopet

Pre-fall of Faerieland: Filled your active Neopet's Hunger up to Bloated

Proposed Use of Item: Restoring Faerieland in a none specified way.

What exactly do you do with the quest items?

"Depends on the situation. Most of the time we use the item right away either by itself or in conjunction with another magic item. An average Neopian may have see one use for the Magic items we ask for but us Faeries, especially us Earth Faeries, know plenty of uses for even the most simple of Magic items."

Really? Can you tell us some of these additional uses?

"Sorry, trade secret. However, even if I told you, it may be difficult to replicate as you need to know about and have a high degree of magic to pull it off. For an average Neopian it's probably best to stick with the instructions that Kauvara includes with the Magic item. Hehe."

How does the element of Earth specifically help with using the quest items?

"Honestly it's the knowledge that comes with using earth magic than the earth magic itself. We've managed to get the list of items we'll ever need down to a small set of items based on what they're essential components are and how we can use these components to achieve what we need done. It involves a lot of alchemy, chemistry, and mathematics. At most we use our Earth magic to summon supplementary materials."

What relation is there between the Item Requested and Reward?

"Well, before the fall of Faerieland there wasn't any. Back then we used our earth magic more often than we do now to summon trees and plants to create delicious fruits and vegetables to fill up Neopets hunger that completed our quests. But the fall of Faerieland caused a massive shake-up and now we use that earth magic knowledge I mentioned to use some of the Magic item's magic to reward those who completed our quests. That's why the results are a bit random, we got it down to increasing Strength, Defence, or Movement but depending on the Magic item and how we're using it it'll change which of the three rewards you may get. We apologize to those who try to keep their Neopet's stats balanced. Hehe."

Speaking of changing the reward Earth Faeries give out, what made you decide to do so?

"It's no secret that pre-fall of Faerieland us Earth Faeries had the most unwanted quests. The other Faeries gave out stat boosts, or in Naia's case a use of the Rainbow Fountain, while our reward was equal to that of a piece of omelette. We got plenty of complaints, but everything was well and good so there was no need or rush to change things. Then Faerieland fell. Suddenly Faerieland and all of us Faeries has lost massive amounts of magic and needed Magic items more than ever. We Earth Faeries knew we could no longer sit around so discussed ways of getting Neopians into doing your quests. That's when we figured out how to use a bit of the Magic item to reward those who completed our quest with stat increases and here we are today. Hehe."

Well, let it be known that Neopians everywhere thank you for making the change, and let me thank you for answering these questions.

Element: Fire

Item Requested: Clothing

Reward: +2 Strength to your active Neopet

Proposed Use of Item: Replacing clothing ruined/destroyed by the fall of Faerieland.

What exactly do you do with the quest items?

"A neat trick. We set the clothing ablaze, but instead of burning to ash we learned how to burn them back into a pile of materials. Shirts become long strings of thread, pants become sheets of denim, shoes become strips of leather, etc.. Of course it's not perfect, any buttons or laces or other additional accessories gets mixed into the pile, but it's not my job to sort through it."

I see. What do you do with the piles of material?

"Hand them over to clothing makers to make them into clothes, duh."

Okay, silly question. But why take the clothes apart if you're going to make them into different clothing?

"That's it, we take them apart so that they can be made into different clothing. Look, it's like this, before Faerieland fell we didn't break the clothes down. The clothing we asked for was usually intended to be worn by us or someone else; usually it was a replacement for clothing we accidentally burned. However, after Faerieland fell, a lot of clothing was missing, ruined, or just destroyed. We were low on magic and low on materials to make new clothing, so we needed to find a quick way to get clothing material using as less magic as possible. Us Fire Faeries "unraveling burn" doesn't take a lot of magic, as the magical flame is being fed by the energy the unraveling is releasing, and it supplies plenty of clothing material to recreate clothing that's been lost, ruined, or destroyed. Got it?"

Memorized. What relation is there between the Item Requested and Reward?

"Nothing, nada, zilch. We just need clothing and our reward is using out fire magic to increase your Neopet's Strength. It's as simple as that."

How does Fire magic increases our Neopet's Strength?

"Well, you know what they say: no pain, no gain. *snaps fingers and creates a flame atop one of her fingers* And fire causes a lot of pain."


"*sigh* Listen up, fire from our fire magic increases your Neopet's body temperature causing tension which tightens and stretches the muscle. After this your Neopet's body starts healing their now stretched muscle which means they're muscle have now grown bigger and thus they have more strength. Take it from me, my fire magic increases strength, and really, after telling you that it can unravel clothing by burning them does increasing your Neopet's Strength with fire really sound that strange?"

Well, when you put it that way I guess not, but that just makes your Fire magic sound strange as a whole. However I've taken up enough of your time, thank you for giving me some of your time.

Element: Light

Item Requested: Collectable Cards

Reward: +1 Level to your active Neopet

Proposed Use of Item: Use them to predict the future.

What exactly do you do with the quest items?

"It's... complicated. We Light Faeries have a form of precognition but require Collectable Cards to do it. Actually we require several Collectable Cards so it takes us a bit longer to do our part to help Faerieland. However, once we have all the Collectable Cards we need, we can peer into the future and see events transpire in a blinding light. Only we can make out anything in the blinding light, and even then it can be blurry and distorted. It takes much practice in order to tell what is being seen and predict how things will turn out. Of course we only get one chance to do it, the blinding light is so bright that it causes Collectable Cards to fade thus make them unusable. If we want to peer into the future again we need to collect a whole batch more Collectable Cards again."

That's amazing! How far into the future can you see?

"That depends on the Collectable Cards. Peering into the future doesn't only require a certain amount of Collectable Cards, but it also requires those cards to be positioned in a certain way. I can use the same set of cards but putting them into different positions would result me peering into two different future events. Also I don't know how far into the future I'm seeing; I just get the cards, position them, and peer what I get. Some Light Faeries have a favorite or two Collectable Cards they say they've had great luck peering with, but I think that's just superstition talking. OH! I forgot to mention, if we want to peer into a future event we just witnessed then collecting the same Collectable Cards and putting them in the same position will let us do so, UNLESS the event we initially peered had already taken place, which in that case we peer a new future event. It's... complicated."

I see, I think. Let's move on. What purpose does this ability have?

"Before the fall of Faerieland not much, if there was some kind of plot or event going on which Queen Fyora felt worried about she would ask a Light Faerie to peer into the future to predict whether us Faeries would need to get involved or not. Most of the time it wouldn't, though try telling Xandra that. That leads us to post fall of Faerieland and now Fyora has many Light Faeries peering into the future all the time. I think it's starting to stress us out, a lot of wrong predictions has been made, but then again that could just be because there's a ton more predictions being made and so a few wrongs ones are bound to happen. It's..."

Complicated? Sorry if I'm causing you any distress, let me finish up by asking you if there's any relation between the Item Requested and Reward?

"Of course there is! I use the Collectable Cards to peer into the future and in the future your Neopet gets its Level increased! (we just stare at each other for a few seconds) It's a joke, you see, they both have to do with something involving the future, and, yeah. (we stare at each other for a few more seconds) So, to answer your question seriously, no. Once I get the Collectable Card I keep it for later and the use some light magic to make your Neopet ascend a level."

I see, or rather my Neopet would when they complete a Light Faerie quest. Thank you for your time and keep working on the jokes... I mean peering into the future.

Element: Water

Item Requested: Books

Reward: +2 Defence to your active Neopet

Proposed Use of Item: None specified, but is mentioned they prize all knowledge.

What exactly do you do with the quest items?

"In the past, before Faerieland fell, we read them. Now, after the fall of Faerieland, we're working to replace all the books that were lost in the destruction. Fyora's Library, the grandest library in all of Neopia having every book ever written in it, now has many of its shelves bare. We Water Faeries pride ourselves with our expansive knowledge and it pains us to see so many books lost. Sadly, though we've been able to replace many lost books, there are just some books so rare and expensive they'll possibly never be replaced. Worse yet, many books were one of a kind, and now they're lost forever."

I'm sorry to hear that. You talked about replacing lost books from libraries, but what about the books that were sold in Faerieland's Bookshop?

"Thankfully at least a few copies of each book ever sold in the Faerieland Bookshop still exist, thanks to the Library Faerie always making sure she had a bundle of each book ready to put on the shelves. After a week of figuring the damages done we immediately got our shops back up and running, the Library Faerie working day and night creating more book copies to sell. She donates almost all NP she makes to the restoration effort, only keeping enough to feed herself and to create more book copies. Her dedication hasn't gone unnoticed; though many of us do worry she'll overwork herself to exhaustion."

Wow, and she even makes sure to have a new crossword up every day! Does your book collecting help the Library Faerie in any way?

"As of now, no, but in the beginning she needed our help in 'washing books'."

Washing... books?

"It's not what you think, unless you think it's us using our Water magic to 'wash away' all words and color to a book leaving it blank, in that case it's exactly what you think it is. It's not something we Water Faeries like to do, it's an ancient spell used back in the times when only the richest of Faeries could have a collection of books so poorer Faeries had to keep reusing one book by reading all its content, have a Water Faerie wipe it blank, and having new content magically copied onto the blank book. However that was long ago and nowadays anyone can have a book collection."

Do books not go 'poof' when a Faerie reads it?

"If it's a lesser copy of the book it does. *winks* All books you see, unless they are original, are most likely magic copies. Most books only use a small amount of magic, allowing the book to exist after one reading, though lately experienced Neopians have found ways to keep their book for another reading. However we Faeries can add more magic to the book to keep it from going 'poof', at least for a few more readings."

Okay, so how did 'washing books' help the Library Faerie?

"In order to reopen her shop she needed to make more copies of her books. However making the amount of copies she'll need would take too much magic so instead she asked us to get her books, 'wash them' blank, and then she'd copy a content of one of her books over the blank book. That too took some magic to do, but it was much less magic then creating a physical copy so in the end she was able to reopen her shop. Now she's able to afford to buy magic needed to make physical copies, and anything she doesn't spend on that or food goes to the restoration effort as I said."

This is all interesting, but I must move on to my last question. What relation is there between the Item Requested and Reward?

"I'm sure of the books we ask for have defence tips and training, but I don't think that's the answer you're looking for. We ask for books because that's what we need and we reward your Neopets with a defense boost because that's what we can do."

How do you use water to increase our Neopet's stats?

"In an instance so fast you hardly notice, we put Neopets who complete our quests into a bubble filled with high pressured water. The high pressure pushes against your Neopets body, making them denser and thus more defensive. Your Neopet's body adapts this added defence so it has it even after the bubble vanishes not that you'll notice unless you were paying close attention to your Neopet."

That actually sounds a bit terrifying, like a flash flood. Anyway, thanks for answering my questions and hopefully your libraries will be filled once more with even more books.

Faerie: Aeitha, the Battle Faerie

Item Requested: Various uncommon/rare items (rarity 76 - 89)

Reward: +2 Hit Points, +2 Strength, & +2 Defence to your active Neopet

Proposed Use of Item: Battle supplies.

What exactly do you do with the quest items?

"Most items I get are used for battling and training purposes, even if they don't seem like it. But since the fall of Faerieland I've been asking for items which a normal elemental Faerie couldn't get away asking for. Sometimes a Faerie just needs a rarer item to do their task so I lend them a hand."

What if it's a Dark Faerie that asks you to get them an item?

"The only Dark Faeries who ever ask me to get them items are ones who are under my command. If I'm going to help a Faerie get an item I require them to tell me what they plan on doing with it which no unaffiliated Dark Faerie would ever do, and they dare not question my authority."

Don't know who would dare. Why would you need such random items for battling and training?

"Well, it's not for me but the Faerieland army. Even before Faerieland fell I liked to surprise my troops, be it having them attack an unusual target, giving them practice rations made from various food items, requiring them to find and retrieve different kind of items, and so on. It help keeps them on their toes and be resourceful, and it's also kind of funny. But never did I think that doing this would actually help us prepare for recent events. When Faerieland fell many things were destroyed or ruined, our battling and training supplies no acceptation. What I once did to surprise and for fun had become standard procedure for the first few months, it was kind of surreal. Since then we've managed to get replacement supplies so it's back to normality, except when I feel like throwing my troops a curve ball."

Sounds like being in Faerieland's army is an interesting experience. Final question, what relation is there between the Item Requested and Reward?

"What relation? Well, I use most of the items to train my troops, so I guess you can say I'm sharing some of their battling experience with your Neopet. Of course I don't have time to train every Neopet that does a quest for me so I just use a potent spell with my Sword of Flame and Sword of Ice for quick stat boosts. Maybe not exactly like training, but that's what the training schools on Mystery Island and Krawk Island are for."

I wonder where that puts the Lab Ray. Anyway, thank you Aethia for your time, I'm sure you have Faerieland troops to train so I'll be on my way.

Faerie: Naia, the Fountain Faerie

Item Requested: Various very rare items (rarity 94 - 96)

Reward: One use of the Rainbow Pool

Proposed Use of Item: None specified.

What exactly do you do with the quest items?

"Items I ask for are used to keep the various river streams which runs through Faerieland, specifically the ones for that fill the Rainbow Fountain and Healing Springs, clean and ever flowing."

How do the seemingly random items you ask for make river streams clean and ever flowing?

"Well, it's not a direct connection but rather the ultimate result. Being I offer the elusive reward of painting your Neopet with a dip in the Rainbow Fountain's, often a Colour which is worth hundreds of thousands if not millions of NP, I'm the only Faerie who can ask for very rare items. Before the fall of Faerieland I used this to just get items I was curious about or as favors to other Faeries. Back then the Rainbow Fountain and Healing Springs were self sufficient and at most only needed guardians to assure their magic properties weren't just constantly used up. However the fall of Faerieland changed that and now the leftover magic in both the Rainbow Fountain and Healing Springs require constant fresh water to keep working. I had to start offering my ability to ask for very rare items to my sisters in exchange for magic to filter the river water and keep the flow unhindered. Surprisingly not many Faeries are in need of my services, but I get enough magic to do what I need to do and it means my quests are rare so I guess that's all for the best."

Which Faeries often ask you to get them items? And would you do it if they were Dark Faeries?

"To answer your first question, the Faeries who are working on the restoration effort are always needing a very rare item. Sometimes I'm asked by Aethia or Mira to ask for an item they know is too expensive for what they reward. And there are those very rare few times and item is just out of Queen Fyora's ability to ask for so she asks me to get it. As for your second question, very few Dark Faeries are willing to even give a little bit of their magic even if it's in exchange for a service. The only few times I remember asking for an item for a Dark Faerie was for ones who were working with the restoration effort. To prove it they always had letters from the restoration managers which checked out, though oddly they're the only Faeries working for the restoration effort that does that. I suppose they think I wouldn't trust them without it, admittedly I don't know whether I would or not."

There's no need to waste time on hypothetical questions. You mentioned the Healing Springs also depending on your services, why doesn't the Water Faerie who runs it ask for quests?

"Marina, the Water Faerie who runs the Healing Springs, is too busy to look for someone to do a quest for her and she said it doesn't feel right to ask a Neopet she just healed to do a quest. Unlike the Rainbow Fountain, the Healing Springs are free and Marina doesn't want to give the misconception that she'll start requiring Neopets to do quests to use the Healing Springs. We're close friends so I don't mind helping her keep a clean and constant flow of water to the Healing Springs. Aside that, though I don't like comparing, the Healing Springs are a bit more important than the Rainbow Fountain; but on the brighter side it does mean I'm doing my part in helping Faerieland."

I would say both the Rainbow Fountain and Healing Springs have their importance. Last question, your quests are probably the most wanted, what do you think of that?

"I'm very happy and honored! Any time I appear to a Neopian they're very excited, even before I tell them the item I require them to get. And I'm just as happy when they complete my quest and they come to the Rainbow Fountain to paint one of their Neopets a Colour they've always wanted but was too expensive for them to get. I couldn't ask for a better job. *beams with a bright smile*"

And no one could ask for a better quest! You probably have a line of Neopains who are waiting to use the Rainbow Fountain so let me thank you for your time before I go.

Faerie: Delina, the Crafting Faerie

Item Requested: Specific NC material items

Reward: NC clothing

Proposed Use of Item: None specified, though the NC clothing she rewards are made from the NC materials you bring her.

What exactly do you do with the quest items?

"Two things, darlin'. Once I get the items the first thing I do is craft the quester's reward. However I only need a fraction of the materials I ask for to do that, the leftover material I use to help in the restoration effort."

How do NC materials help in restoring Faerieland?

"Because sometimes we need an item that jus' doesn't exist. Neopia is filled with all sorts of items but that doesn't mean there's an item to solve all of our problems. That's where I come in! Using the NC materials, I craft all sorts of neat gadgets that are vital to the restoration effort. As of right now Queen Fyora would like to keep what these gadgets are under wraps, though I hope one day I can start sellin' them and by the time Faerieland is restored the patents should come through."

Why do you specifically need NC materials? Is there something wrong with NP equivalents?

"For one thing the NC materials are EXACTLY what I need, don't need to fiddle around like I would need to if I got a similar NP-like item and discover it doesn't fit together like I need it to. Second I think everyone overlooks NC in its potential, especially my sisters. There's a unique power within NC items, an untapped magic which no one knows how to use. Why do you think it has its own form of currency that's not convertible? I've been workin' with NC items as soon as it was introduced and I'm still discoverin' new things about it! Sadly, not a lot of my sisters are as enthusiastic about NC items, which is a shame as I think it could be the key to restorin' Faerieland faster."

Maybe they think NC is a bit intrusive. That segues into my final question: there's been a lot of controversy revolving around you being one of the Faeries who can possibly give a requested quest during the Faerie Festival. Not everyone uses NC and those who don't feel like you've just taken away a chance for either fast and inexpensive stat boosts or a Fountain Faerie Quest. They point out that you asking the quester if they would like to do a quest for you after completing another quest is more than enough. What do you say to these allegations?

"I'd say that you should give NC a chance before you go rantin' about it. And what makes my quests any less important than my sisters? Jus' as there are those who don't use NC, there are also those who don't participate in the Battledome. And if one of those Neopians happens to use NC, don't you think that they may see the other Faerie quests getting in a way of me givin' them one of my quests? See how easy it is for me to switch your argument against ya? *wink* Besides, what's the difference between me 'taking your requested quest' and you not normally getting a Faerie Quest when it isn't the Faerie Festival? Though if you really want a week of Faerie quests without me you could always purchase a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie. Oh wait, you can't, because that requires NC. *winks and sticks tongue out*"

I think a bit of your Dark Faerie personality is starting to slip out, and that's making me a bit nervous. Thank you for answering my questions, especially the last one which I'm sure will get me an angry neomail or two.

Faerie: Mira, the Space Faerie

Item Requested: Various uncommon/rare items (rarity unknown)

Reward: +4 Levels to your active Neopet

Proposed Use of Item: None specified.

What exactly do you do with the quest items?

"I give it to the one who needed it. You've talked with the all the other Faeries except for Fyora and have heard all their efforts either go to the restoration effort, getting places repaired and working again, or strengthening Faerieland's weakened defenses. However, there really isn't anyone helping the civilian Faeries who also had lost everything in Faerieland's fall. The restoration effort can only do so much and their main focus is lifting Faerieland back into the clouds. With everyone helping with the restoration effort I don't have much to contribute, so instead of helping them I'm helping those who help by giving them back some items they've lost. It may not be much, but I believe that those who help should be rewarded, especially when they've lost so much themselves."

That's very kind of... wait. How do you know which Faeries I've talked to already?

"Because I'm telepathic, I read your mind."

You can read my mind!? Does that mean you know what I'm going to ask you?

"Yes, but it would be rude of me to answer you without you asking first, would it not? I can also speak to you telepathically but I've been told by other reporters it's difficult for them to concentrate as I fill their thoughts with my words."

Oh, well thanks. So you can read minds, does that how you know what the Faerie you're helping wants?

"Exactly. The Faerie I help rarely know I've chosen to help her or even know I'm in Faerieland. Many times I would by flying through as fast as a shooting star when I would sense a sad thought. The source is usually from a Faerie who lost something in Faerieland's fall, an item they hold dear to them for one reason or another. With all the Faeries concentrating on the restoration effort no one has time to look for or replace personal items, no one except me that is. Because I rarely visit Neopia my contribution to the restoration effort is miniscule at best, everything that needs addressing is being taken care of, everything except for recovering or replacing lost items. I decided if I can't help the restoration effort I can at least help those who are by surprising them with finding or replacing what they've lost. Finding the lost items I can do on my own, it's the replacement where I need to give out quests to willing Neopians."

Now I see. Does anyone find it odd you're helping random Faeries instead of the restoration effort?

"Well, the Faeries who I help are certainly surprised, but very happy and grateful, I chose to help them. Sometimes they wonder why I chose to help them and not the restoration effort, not out loud of course but in a whispering thought. I too have felt I should be helping the restoration effort more and talked to Fyora about this, however she has said that what I was doing was just as important as I was keeping morale up. She said that every Faerie is shaken after Faerieland's fall and with the restoration effort taking so long and needing so much work and attention that many Faeries probably feel returning to their normal lives is hopeless. For me to hear a thought I'm not searching for shows how distraught that Faerie is, and me finding even a single of their lost items shows them that there's always hope, they just have to believe and keep going."

A little help goes a long way. Just one more question, is there a relation between the Item Requested and Reward?

"Loosely. My telepathy is quite powerful, I can read minds, I can 'speak' directly into your mind, and I also can give you knowledge. The first is how I know what item to get, the second if how I give the quest, and the last is how I reward those who complete the quest. Maybe not a direct relation, but in the context of the question it's a relation nonetheless."

It's good enough to answer the question. Thank you for your time, as we've talked you probably heard thoughts of Faeries you want to help so I'll move on to the last Faerie I need to talk to.

Faerie: Fyora, Faerie Queen

Item Requested: Various rare/very rare items (rarity 80 - 95)

Reward: +1 Level, +4 Hit Points, & +4 Strength to your active Neopet

Proposed Use of Item: None specified.

*bow* Greetings your highness, thank you for granting me this interview. If we may start, what exactly do you do with the quest items?

"Everything and anything involving the restoration effort. In addition to being Faerie Queen, I am also head of the restoration effort which involves everything from making repairs to Faerieland, assuring the Faeries health and wellbeing, and working on ways to raise Faerieland back into the sky where it belongs. Every item I ask for is for the restoration effort, mostly for parts I'm working on at that moment."

Why not ask other Faeries to get you the items which you need?

"I do. But there's just so much work to be done and they themselves have tasks to do that it's not rare that I need to ask someone to do a quest myself. And then there are times which I require a rare item the other elemental Faeries can't ask for so for those I also need to give out a quest myself."

Saying you're very busy would probably be an understatement. Can you give any exact details on what you do with what items?

"I couldn't even start. Most items aren't used as is, but rather are broken down and added to supplies until their parts are needed. I'm sure most of the elemental Faeries explained what they do with the items they ask for; I do the same with such items I ask for, more or less. For other kinds of items, food is turned into rations, furniture is broken down for materials, mechanical items are scrapped for parts, weapons are either given to Faerieland's army or made into makeshift tools, and so on. The only items which are used as is are 'raw' supplies like rope or wood and school items since they already serve a simple function like writing notes or storing and carrying."

Glad to hear school supplies are being used for something important. You mentioned the other elemental Faeries told me what they did with their items, which includes the Dark Faeries. What they told me is a bit concerning but you allow it as long as they don't hurt anyone. Can you explain why?

"*sigh* Oh the Dark Faeries. First off, I would like to say your average Dark Faerie is not evil. Malicious, yes, that is the very nature of dark magic, but your average Dark Faerie is not planning on taking over Neopia. Dark Faeries are actually very patriotic, they're proud they are Faeries and most have the best interest of Faerieland under their guise of maliciousness. But it's because of this that makes them think they're superior to Neopets, which is why they're the most terrified and paranoid about Faerieland falling. They can't believe Xandra, a Neopet, turned all the Faeries to stone and crashed Faerieland into a crater. Dark Faeries started to see Neopets as potential threats and started making spells which target specific aspects of a Neopet like their species or colour. It's why they ask for toys which resemble Neopets, the spell will recognize the toy as the species it targets and activate. However, be assured my advisors and I are always on top of their activities and there is no risk of them starting an uprising. Any Dark Faeries who do I punish before they can do anything, mainly by forcing them to give out quests. I'm hoping by doing so they see that not all Neopets are like Xandra and wish to live in peace with the Faeries. In further hopes of reaching to the Dark Faeries, I've given special privileges to Delina to be a sort of role model to her sisters, even if I don't agree that NC items will be the key to Faerieland's restoration."

I hope you're right; what they're doing sounds kind of, well, evil. What relation is there between the Item Requested and Reward?

"None that I can think of. I need the item and provide a generous reward for those who complete it."

Final question, though you're the most powerful Faerie, your reward isn't looked upon as being the best. While it's a generous boost in stats, many say that the Fountain Faerie Quest is still the best by offering a service which would otherwise cost millions of Neopoints to do in other ways. Do you have anything to say about that?

"Everyone has the right to their own opinion which Quest is the best for them. I would like to point out that each reward represents a trait of that Faerie. The elemental Faeries represent the very basic elements so their rewards represent a simple boost in one of the basic stats. Aethia's rewards immediately assist you in battle while also being balanced. Naia is the guardian of the Rainbow Fountain so she's able to offer its much more wanted services than offering a spell of her own. Delina is a crafting expert when it comes to NC items so her rewards reflect the main draw of the NC Mall, clothing. Mira has exceeded in knowledge that even a scholar would have a hard time comprehending, only able to manifest it as a lot of level increases. Finally, my rewards show my wish for everyone to keep improving themselves. A Level increase to represent the expanding of your capabilities, Hit Points increase to represent the endurance you'll need to face challenges, and finally a Strength increase to represent the willpower to keep moving on. And while it may not save you millions of NP, a stat increase of a total of 9 points still saves a nice amount of NP no matter what level of training you're at. *gives a gentle smile*"

Speaking from someone who needs to buy Red Codestones, I couldn't agree with you anymore. I know you have many more responsibilities to get to so I won't hold you up anymore. Thank you for honoring me with the interview.

And there you have it! Who would have thought that all the items we were giving to Faeries would be going to them restoring Faerieland? Well, actually I think all of us did, but probably not in the way we were expecting! The Faeries may have been hit hard with the fall of Faerieland, but that hasn't stopped them from trying to restore their home and giving out quests. So remember that the next time you do a Faerie quest, it's not only you who's benefiting and getting generosity.

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