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10 Overlooked Dailies that You Need to Add

by venused


Also by laulaukins

Let's be honest, we all have a list of dailies that we visit every day. From classics like Tombola to the various wheels scattered throughout Neopia, to newer dailies like the Forgotten Shore and Grave Danger, we visit each day for the hopes at getting lucky and winning fabulous prizes. But there are plenty of lesser-known places in Neopia that can be very profitable if you know where to look!

Below is a list of less common dailies that every Neopian should add to their list alongside the more traditional spots!

Neopian Lottery

Where to find it: in the games room

With a bit of persistence and luck this spot can be an excellent addition to your dailies list! Tickets cost a mere 100 Neopoints and you can buy up to 10 a day. In total this daily will cost you only 1000 NP and if you're lucky it can pay out in the hundreds of thousands! The best way to keep this daily fast? Have a list of numbers nearby that you'll plug in for your daily tickets, or choose numbers at random daily! Just a few minutes spent here could pay off big for you!

Scorchy Slots

Where to find it: in the games room

Another daily that requires a bit of persistence and luck, yet is often overlooked! Scorchy Slots cost only 5NP to play and are a mindless game you can play while multitasking on Neopets. If you get the right combination you could win faeries, map pieces or the jackpot. Pay close attention to which items to hold over when you get the chance. (Some of the treasure map pieces sell for tens of thousands, so make them a priority!) If you can make the volcano erupt, hold on to those items again for bonus NP from the volcano, too. Usually a small profit here at Scorchy Slots, but the days with big payouts make it worth it!

Roo Island Merry Go Round

Where to find it: on the Roo Island map, of course!

The perfect stop on the dailies train if you have an unhappy pet. Don't take the chance of letting your beloved painted pet's mood turn blue... and the resulting colour change! For only 50NP a ride you can boost your pet's mood. Add this to your dailies and your pets will never be sad again!

World Challenges

Where to find it: on the right sidebar of qualifying games in the games room

Fancy yourself a gamer? Or maybe you're REALLY good at one particular game. If either of these are true, you'll definitely want to be adding the world challenges to your dailies list! Win world challenge map pieces by sending a higher score than your random opponent in the game of your choice, send the highest score for the hour or have the highest combined scores for the hour. Just make sure your total tally is at least 0. Complete a whole map and convert it for your chance at a rare paint brush! You can win up to three world challenge map pieces daily. Add this to your dailies and you should complete a map in no time! Considering entering each hour is only 100 NP and the possible payout is a rare paint brush, this overlooked daily is sure to be a profitable one if you select the right game for you!

Faerieland Job Agency

Where to find it: on the Faerie City map in Faerieland

The job agency used to be all the rage many years ago and has since seen less traffic, but don't let that sway you! This is definitely a place you want to bring your main pet daily. Stick to the basic jobs and choose ones with a nice payout and watch your pet's job rank soar; just one more attribute to make your pet impressive and stand out. And if you choose jobs wisely, make a profit while you're at it!

Wishing Well

Where to find it: on the Neopian Plaza map

For a mere 21 NP per wish, you have a chance to win expensive items such as stamps and wearables that are worth hundreds of thousands of neopoints! Just remember to only ask for items that have a rarity of less than 79! (Greediness doesn't pay!) The wishing well grants wishes often enough that spending the NP on this daily is sure to return a profit in the long term! Remember, you can make 7 wishes every six hours. Like with many luck and chance dailies, be persistent and you'll get a wish granted sooner or later!

Abandoned Attic

Where to find it: click on the door to house on the bottom right corner of the Neovia map

Created as a bonus for Neopians with older accounts (those older than 3 years), the Abandoned Attic stocks items with rarities between 80 and 99. Draik eggs, morphing potions, and high priced battledome equipment are all common restocks. Items are priced according their 'estimated value.' This means that not every item is a great deal, however the vast majority of them will be! Keep an eye out for fresh restocks and grab items quickly for the best deals. The abandoned attic has no haggle screen, so even if you're not a restocker, give it a try! The removed step makes it simpler to grab things quickly. You can only pick up 5 items at the attic each day, so choose your items wisely!

Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe

Where to find it: unknown, but you can link to it at www.neopets.com/thriftshoppe

The second hand shoppe works a lot like the money tree: it stocks items that Neopians donate, however it only stocks wearables. In addition to user-donated items, the second hand shoppe stocks items from famous Neopian characters such as 'Hubrid' and 'Jazan.' These items are added to the shop regularly (every few minutes) and are probably your best bet in terms of value. Many of them are worth thousands of NP. You can pick up to 10 items per day. That can add up to a tidy profit, especially since they're free! However, remember that 10 item limit is shared between all the donation dailies including the money tree and the rubbish dump, so if you've already collected 10 items from either of those, you won't be able to collect items at the second hand shoppe.

Coconut Shy

Where to find it: on the Deserted Fairground map

Many of us are familiar with this daily thanks to the evil coconut avatar. Leeroy the Quiggle runs this shady looking game in the depths of the haunted woods. Many believe the game to be unfairly rigged – probably due in part to Leeroy's frequent hints that he's cheating. But don't be fooled! Coconut Shy is actually quite profitable if you're persistent. Winning the game will net you 10,000 NP and an evil coconut – most of which sell in the 100,000 NP plus range. So even if you only win infrequently, you'll probably net a profit in the long term.


Where to find it: Dice-a-Roo Tournament Hall on the Roo Island map

This non-flash game will only cost you a mere 5 NP per play. Though winning the jackpot is rare – but certainly possible! – it remains a good option for some mindless NP making! Selling the food you win from the green, yellow and silver dice will typically bring in a decent profit! This is an easy game to play while you're chatting on the boards or your guild. Since each time you roll the dice is a page refresh, it's likely you'll collect a random event or two each time you play, as well!

There you have it! Ten helpful dailies you should add to your list! Hopefully we introduced you to a few new ones you didn't know about!

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