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Petpetsitter: The Game Guide

by drobit


Also by trashindustrial

Mad old Mrs. Williams has gone away for yet another evening, and you have been given the unfortunate job of watching her unruly brigade of petpets. Believe us when we say that watching her Noils, Babaas and Gruslens can get a little overwhelming at times, (don't even get us started on those GX-4 Oscillabots), but never fear! Our mission over the course of this guide is to help make your job a little easier so that you can survive until Mrs. Williams's return without ending up crying over spilled milk.

Game Dynamics:

Your job as a professional Petpetsitter is to provide Mrs. Williams's petpets with proper care and attention whenever they require it. You begin the game with five "lives", referred to as attempts in the game, and it's game-over when these attempts run out. Shortly into petpetsitter you will notice that the petpets will begin to act rather unusually and a timer will appear beneath them. This timer displays the number of seconds you have to move the petpet to its required destination. At the beginning of the game you are given a full 20 seconds per petpet. This will quickly drop to 15 seconds, and then finally be reduced to 10 seconds for the remainder of the game. If you fail to attend to the needs of a petpet within the allotted time, you lose an attempt and 5 points from your total game score. You earn 10 points for each petpet that you do take care of properly for a job well done!

The Petpets:

Mrs. Williams owns six different types of petpets; Noils, Feepits, Babaas, Gruslens, GX-4 Oscillabots, and Roaderie 1000s. It's easy enough for her to tell them apart but as you're new to the job we figured we'd give you the quick lowdown on what each petpet looks like.

1. Noil – These are the yellow petpets with fluffy orange tails, read the word Noil backwards and you'll see what we mean.

2. Feepit – Looking for a white stomach and white spots on a blue fur coat is the easiest way to find a Feepit.

3. Babaa – These are the petpets that look like walking clouds. They are mostly white with a black face, ears, and hooves.

4. Gruslen – See the orange petpets with black stripes across their backs? They're Gruslens. They also have little tusks, but not to worry, they're very friendly.

5. GX-4 Oscillabot – These are the dark yellow, metallic petpets with an antenna sticking out of their head.

6. Roaderie 1000 – A red, robotic petpet that moves using a black wheel can be safely assumed to be a Roaderie 1000.

How to Solve their Problems:

There are five total petpet related problems you will encounter during your time at Mrs. Williams's house. The petpets can be hungry, tired, desperate for the bathroom, want to play, or (in the case of robotic petpets) be in need of repair. The petpets will act differently depending on which type of attention they require, which is pretty handy really or you'd stand no chance of keeping them all happy.

1. Hunger – You can tell a petpet is hungry when they stick their tongue out of their mouth and lick their lips. When this happens take them into the kitchen on the left side of the house so they can eat.

2. Tired – Sleepy petpets close their eyes and have Zs rising above their heads. Take them to the bedroom so they can nap. The bedroom door is towards the top right of the house.

3. Bathroom – When a petpet needs to use the bathroom they will look very uncomfortable and shake back and forth. Take them to the bathroom on the right side of the wall in time, or you will end up with a petpet puddle.

4. Playtime – When a petpet wants to go outside and play they will start vigorously wagging their tails or flail their arms up and down. Take them outside when this happens so they can run around and burn off their excess energy. The door to backyard is in the top left corner.

5. Repair – The Roaderie 1000 and GX-4 Oscillabot are the only petpets that will need repair. They will appear broken down and may give off some smoke. Take them to the garage around the middle of the north wall when this happens.

The Mop:

Mrs. Williams's petpets are rather clumsy and lacking in spatial awareness, but luckily for you she left a mop to deal with any messes they make. You can find the mop on the bottom right side of the screen. Drag and hover the mop over the mess you wish to clean. Each clean-up task will give you 10 points. There are five different kinds of messes you will encounter:

1. Milk Bottles – The milk bottles are in the top left corner of the screen. Each time they are knocked down you will lose 5 points. Remember what we said earlier about crying over spilled milk?

2. Flowerpot – The flowerpot is in the bottom right corner of the screen. Why Mrs Williams leaves her flowers at floor level with her petpets we'll never know but thankfully the mop can fix flowerpots too. Like the milk bottles, 5 points will be reduced from your score each time it is knocked over.

3. Water Pail – The pail is in the top right hand corner of the screen. At this point you may be wondering if Mrs Williams deliberately makes life hard for herself by leaving full buckets of water laying around. This will also reduce 5 points from your total score each time it is knocked down.

4. Petpet Puddle – These can appear anywhere in the house underneath a petpet who didn't make it to the bathroom in time.

5. Oil Leak – These can also appear anywhere in the house, but only underneath a robot petpet who needed repair but didn't make it to the garage.

Helpful Hints and Tips:

Volume is key in Petpetsitter. Try to learn the noises that each specific petpet makes when they need something. Remember, the louder the noise from a petpet, the more urgent their need for care. This can be extremely helpful when there are a lot of petpets piling on top of each other on screen and not all of them are immediately visible.

Remember to take breaks! Petpetsitter is a fast paced game, and it can be very taxing. We recommend taking small breaks between each game, stretch your legs or chat to some friends. If you start to get too frustrated remember that there's always tomorrow, the game isn't going anywhere!

Don't overuse the mop! It can be helpful for earning points towards the beginning of the game, but it isn't worth losing an attempt over. Try and only use the mop when you know you have all the petpets on screen under control.

Don't panic if you lose an attempt. This is bound to happen at some point in the game, even to seasoned veteran petpetsitters. Try not to think about it and continue on as if it never happened, dwelling on losing one life could cause you to lose focus for the rest of the game.

Practice, practice, practice! Petpetsitter is a difficult game to get used to. You can't expect to be an expert the first few times you try. The game does start to get easier once you get a feel for the game, and learn what works best for you. Everyone's play style will be slightly different.

We hope you enjoyed our guide and found it helpful. With a whole lot of practice, buckets of patience, and a good sprinkle of luck you can become the ultimate petpetsitter!

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