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Juicy, Sweet and...Yellow!

by shadowninjawarrior


ALL AROUND NEOPIA - Of all the things Neopia has to offer, fruits are one of the most neglected and misunderstood. Of course, if you compare a tropical fruit with a paint brush the paint brush will be more popular, but still, nobody thinks about the fascinating fruits of our world. No one wonders how their peels are so brightly colored or how a whole fruit tree can emerge from a tiny little seed or how each and every fruit tastes different or how fruits can make pets strong and healthy.

I’m not here to lecture you, so let’s go to my real topic.

When you look at all the fruits around you, you’ll see that the most common and natural-looking color is none other than…yellow. A yellow fruit looks much more delicious then a red one even if the yellow one is made of dung! According to my research (do I have to do everything around here?) yellow fruits have more minerals and nutrients than other types of fruits.

A survey was recently taken to show the percentage of the production of yellow fruits in different places of Neopia. The results were:

56.25% - Mystery Island

18.75% - Brightvale

12.5 % - Tyrannia

6.25% - Maraqua

The total number of fruits was sixteen, so, this shows that Mystery Island produces nine types of yellow fruits, Brightvale produced three, and Maraqua produced only one species while Tyrannia produced two types of yellow fruit.

The other places I missed out (for example The Lost Desert) have not been listed here because they do not produce any yellow fruits at all. Now, you must be wondering what types of yellow fruit can there be, so, even if you’re not, I’ll tell still tell you about the different types of yellow fruits that grow all over Neopia…


A Banan is probably one of the most curious (yellow) fruits there ever was. It is said that many bananas once grew very close together and for some reason they joined together to form a Banan, but now we know that this is impossible because a Banan tastes nothing like a banana. Banans usually taste like vanilla ice cream though many people think it tasted more like butter scotch flavored ice cream. Banans are native to Mystery Island and form part of the staple food of many Mystery Islanders (what else should you call them?) though Neopian Central has recently started importing Banan seedlings. A good Banan mostly costs about 500 Neopoints.

Brightvale Berry:

A Brightvale Berry is one of the berries which are only native to Brightvale; they refuse to grow any where else. Brightvale Berries have a yellow coloring (duh…) and look like a small mango with lots of lumps on it. The leaves of these Berries are used not only for herbal medicines but are also crushed to make green paint for the pretty glass windows many inhabitants of Brightvale make to earn a fortune. A good, ripe Brightvale Berry has a mild yet strangely robust taste and costs about 10 Neopoints. Though Brightvale Berries have been around for a long, long time, they haven’t been able to reproduce quickly enough but recently King Hagan, realizing the many uses of these Berries, ordered more Berry bushes to be planted.


Another native fruit of Mystery Island, the Foozette is yet another yellow fruit. This fruit greatly resembles a yellow fur ball. Foozettes are one of the rarest fruits found in Neopia as they take seven years to grow and about three days (after being picked) to rot. Like the Brightvale Berry, Foozettes can only grow in the land they are native to. Three days before the Foozette rots away, it tastes like a very sour peach. The hair (or fuzz) of a Foozette, though edible, are mostly used to make wigs which many people in Mystery Island wear (go to the Tropical Foods shop on Mystery Island and look at its owner if you don’t believe me) on their heads.

Golden Juppie:

Come on, I think the Golden Juppie looks more yellow than golden…don’t you think so? In my opinion when someone says, “Buy my delicious golden bananas” he or she means “Buy my delicious rich-yellow bananas”. This shows that there is no such thing as a golden banana; the word “golden” just describes the color of the banana. Okay now, enough of this discussion about what’s golden and what’s not…on with the explanation.

Though the Golden Juppie resembles (and shares the name) with a Teal Juppie both of them are as unrelated as day and night. The Teal Juppie has a disgusting taste. Some say that this taste is that of overcooked dung, but, as I have never tasted overcooked dung I cannot be sure! The Golden Juppie, on the other hand, tastes light and mellow and its tender flesh contains minerals which soothe the mind and replace sorrow and anger with happiness. It is said that the Light Faerie, herself, granted this fruit its taste, color and joyousness. The Golden Juppie is very rare (it is only found in Mystery Island) and has a huge demand because of its calming properties. This has caused prices to be raised up to three thousand Neopoints.


The Lemaniac, a distant relative of the Thornberry, is looks more of a space fruit than a tropical species of Mystery Island because is has orbs protruding from its body. Though the Lemaniac is found in nearly every nook and cranny of the Mystery Isle its taste is extremely dreadful if not harvested under the second full moon of autumn with a pair of tweezers wearing knickerbockers. Remember the orbs protruding from the fruit I told you about, well, they are the seeds of the fruit. If the right method of harvesting is used, the Lemaniac tastes pretty much like a sour strawberry, but if not, it can taste as bad as an over ripened Potymelon. Yuck! And because of the sickening taste of the Lemaniac, prices have dropped down to only a thousand Neopoints.


The Lemwart is yet another fruit found only on Mystery Island yet this species of fruit is only produced by crossing a Wartroot with a lemon. Lemwarts are supposedly one of the largest fruit found any where, well, except for the Sack Plant but let’s not start a debate. It is about 10 inches in length and 7 inches in width which makes it difficult to be carried in one paw or hand or claw. Its coloring is yellow, of course, and it has lumpy bumps or “warts” on one of its edges. These warts are inedible as the only living creature to have ever cracked one of the warts on a Lemwart was none other then the terrible Monocerous. These rock hard “warts” are used as tool by many natives of Mystery Island (boy, I’m getting tired typing the name “Mystery Island” again and again). A good Lemwart’s price ranges from two to five thousand Neopoints because, judging by its size, it takes a good long time trying to dig it out of the ground (didn’t I tell you that Lemwarts grow underground? Imagine a ten ton fruit growing on a tree!)

Did you really expect me to tell you about EACH AND EVERY (yellow) fruit around? No, of course not! Yes there are sixteen types but it’d be impossible for me to type (and for you to read) about all the (yellow) fruits available but, still, I’ve only done about six so let’s do some more and at least try to reach eight. No! Don’t look at me like that; it’s for your own good! OK on with the explanation…


Thank goodness we’re out of the L’s and into the N’s! Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that I have sorted all the fruits in alphabetical order! It took me one WHOLE minute to do that and you didn’t even notice *keeps on ranting*…

Oh, sorry about that, I was getting a bit too emotional *sniff, sniff*.

Anyway, the Nurako being another fruit native to Mystery Island *yawn*, is one that grows in giant bushes. The Nurako is a delightful fruit, loved by all, especially because every one of its parts is edible and sweet. A Nurako looks rather like a pineapple but the fruit is small and wrinkled yet the stem is much longer than the fruit itself and surprisingly, the stem contains nectar which is actually sweeter than the fruit, which has a tangy taste. Nurakoes (or is it Nurakos?) are the best type of fruit available in the market in many ways. First of all, Nurakoes never ever never ever rot or over ripen. Then there’s a fact that, they are actually good for pets as they may increase (the odds are one to a million) the level of the pets, but it’s not worth spending all your money on Nurakoes as this is still being tested. Further more, Nurako stem nectar acts as an disinfectant, which means you can apply it on wounds (It doesn’t sting either) and grazes. Nurakoes may cost up to five hundred Neopoints.

Sack Plant:

The Sack Plant is a native fruit of Tyrannia (Phew!! No more typing “Mystery Island”…Oops I did it again!). As its name suggests the Sack Plant looks rather sack-like. It is the largest and heaviest fruit found on Neopia, though a larger and heavier one could be discovered. In Tyrannia, and most of the world, Sack Plants are eaten during dinner and/or supper, unlike other fruits which are eaten afterwards, because of their salty taste. There is not much to say about the Sack Plant because they are also one of the most boring types of fruit, I mean, who would be interested to find out more about a fruit that just sits there like a sack…?

OK now I think that’s about enough (I’ve typed about two thousand words…I’m really proud of myself!!*puffs out chest*). There is one BIG problem now…I don’t know how to finish this article. Oh, well, you’ll just have to settle for a normal “hope you liked my article”!

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