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Top 12 Painted Petpets

by alex9292


The petpets that inhabit Neopia come in all shapes and sizes. On top of that, they each come in an array of different colours and styles. If you're looking for a little buddy for your Neopet, then you're spoiled for choice! Head to the Petpet Puddle today to view the hundreds of possible options for your petpet!

There are some petpets, though, that to me seem to be a little bit special. Here is a list of what I think are some of the best and most creatively painted petpets in Neopia.

12. Pirate Poppit

Y'arr, matey! What more could you want for a pirate pet than a little pet pegleg? (Say that three times fast!) Normally a cute and cuddly insect, the Poppit transforms into this pirate-y prosthesis when painted with a Pirate Petpet Paint Brush. This petpet loves plundering and enjoys a good flagon of grog. He's a fierce little thing, so make sure your pet can handle him!

11. Woodland Blobikins

The Blobikins is gelatinous no longer when pained with a Woodland Petpet Paint Brush. This cute little barrel cactus would make a wonderful petpet for any Woodland or Desert pet. He's a simple sort of fellow that doesn't need much to be happy and you only need to give him water every year or so. Unfortunately, you won't be able to cuddle up to him without ending up with some puncture wounds, so it's best to give him to a pet that likes their own space. But how can anyone resist that adorable face?

10. Tyrannian Fir

You can hardly tell by looking at it, but this happy little chappy hails all the way from Terror Mountain. The normally festive Fir takes on a more tropical look in its Tyrannian form. These charming little palm trees are happy go lucky kind of petpets that'll be a true companion to any neopet. Plus they look adorable with those little buck teeth!

9. Mutant Frowny

How could anyone not feel sorry for the Frowny? Not only is it the saddest petpet in Neopia, but on top of that its mutant form looks just like a lonely, dropped ice cream. Don't you just want to give the little guy a hug? :( As long as you don't mind offering a comforting shoulder to cry on every now and then, perhaps consider a Mutant Frowny. It would make a wonderful companion for a grey Neopet, in particular.

8. Disco Geb

This Lost Desert petpet is known for its intelligence... but it's sort of hard to take it as seriously with its ever so funky Disco look. It's a great alternative to the usually pink and green flowery Disco pets, which are equally lovely but not quite as unique as this glitzy Geb. Be careful, though, he's a total party animal and might keep you up with the loud and raucous shindigs he likes to host!

7. Halloween Geb

Following on from the Disco Geb, its Halloween-y brother is equally cute. It would make anybody happy to find him in one's trick or treat bag during the spooky season! This little pyramid looks just like candy corn. Scrummy!

6. Christmas Kookith

The loyal Kookith would be the perfect accompaniment to any Neopet during the festive season but they capture the spirit of Christmas all year round. When painted with a Christmas Petpet Paint Brush, the Kookith is a beautifully wrapped little present. Just don't mistake it for one of your real gifts or you'll end up with a very embarrassed looking naked Kookith.

5. Desert Abominable Snowball

Oh dear, the Abominable Snowball doesn't seem to like the heat too much. Poor guy. If you put a Desert Petpet Paint Brush to him, this normally jolly snowman will turn into a puddle. If you don't mind your petpet being a little... quiet most of the time, then go ahead and paint him Desert! Well, at least he's not yellow, right?

4. Island Rock

The Rock has some of the most creative colour choices of all the petpets. I could have picked several of them for this list, but instead of turning this into a list made predominantly of Rocks, I had to settle on my favourite two.

The Island Rock represents one of the most iconic items on this site – the codestone. You've probably seen a whole bunch of them on the site; why not make it one of your petpets too? Or maybe don't... sadly, the Mystery Island Training School is full of thousands of lonely Island Rocks that have been mistaken for course payment. Just make sure you can tell the difference before you take one home.

3. Desert Rock

The Desert Rock represents one of the great landmarks in Neopia, Coltzan's Shrine. Giving this petpet to your neopet would make a wonderful tribute to the great king. This miniature version unfortunately doesn't have the chance to give you one million neopoints but it'll love you all the same! Mind the pointy end, though.

2. Mutant Bearog

This petpet always gets some laughs. What a horrendous mutant it must be to only have one head! If you want to take this loveable freak home with you, then paint your Bearog with a Mutant Petpet Paint Brush. He's always eager to please and never stops giving you that cute little smile. N'aww.

1. Meepit

*Cough*, this last one is... *eep* well, how could anyone make a list of petpets and not put the... Meepit at number one? *Laughs nervously* I mean... just look how... glorious they are... *Looks over shoulder* Are they still watching?

Uhhh, anyway... All petpets are surely loyal and loving companions to any Neopet regardless of creed and colour but I hope you enjoyed this list of those petpets that are just a little bit different! It definitely makes me appreciate the thought and creativity that go into each and every petpet on Neopets. Remember to always treat your petpets with love and respect!

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