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Making Sense

by 77thbigby


New Game

Have the CGs use their senses to find a random Neopian (as in one of the family).


A way for the CGs to relax and enjoy themselves.

The yellow Lupe stopped writing in his journal as a thought came to him. He ran a hand through his hair and he felt a sharp pang of loss for his friend. When he was at a loss, she always had an answer. Yet, she wasn't there. Inc was on his own.

      Inc thought for a moment more before rising to his feet. He closed his journal and headed outside. He didn't have to go far to find who he was looking for. With just a slight gesture, the silver Lupe who had been lounging in the grass got up and headed over.

      "Yes, Alpha Inc," the silver Lupe asked as they stepped back inside.

      "Adino, I have a job for you...," Inc began.

      Brandi, an orange Aisha, Inc's niece and Adino's friend, had been left in the grass looking after the two Lupes with undisguised curiosity.

      "What is that about?" Brandi wondered aloud.

      Abacuc, her Nedler, distracted her by drawing her into a game of chase. She was laughing and completely caught up in the game. She forgot all about her uncle and her friend. Abacuc was fast and he would sometimes slow down so that Brandi felt sure she had him. Then, he would put on a burst of speed, make a sharp turn and leave his nine year old owner in the dust.

      Finally, Abacuc let Brandi catch him. "Aha! Caught ya!"

      Then Brandi giggled some more as her Nedler tickled her hands and face with his tentacles. She rubbed the sweet spot on the top of his head. Now that she was no longer occupied, her thoughts immediately turned back to her Uncle Inc and Adino. She turned towards the door and smiled in delight as she saw Adino striding towards her.

      "So, what did you and my uncle talk about?" Brandi asked immediately.

      Adino smiled. "Brandi, Alpha Inc wants me to teach you about your senses."

      "Oh, OK."

      "You have seven senses-"


      "Yes, seven. I'm counting your sixth sense and your fire power, as well. So, you, being an Aisha, should focus on your hearing first. Tell me what you can hear."

      Brandi flicked her four ears. She was silent for a moment, listening. Then, she looked at Adino.

      "OK, I hear our heartbeats, the singing of a Petpet in the woods over there and... that's it," Brandi said decisively.

      "That was good. You didn't miss anything of note. Your sight is OK, but show me what you can see," Adino said.

      Brandi scanned her surroundings. She kept her gaze on the nearby woods for a few moments.

      "There's a Beekadoodle over there and other than us, nothing much to observe," Brandi said, wrinkling her nose.

      "Let's try taste next," Adino said.


      "Mostly because it's time for lunch. Though, close your eyes. I'll serve you and then you tell me what you're eating."


      They went inside, but Brandi closed her eyes. Adino helped her to her seat. Brandi picked up her fork and aimed for her plate. She felt it sink into something thick. She scooped it up and brought it to her mouth.

      Bursts of flavor and delicious juices soaked her tongue. She chewed thoroughly and swallowed before speaking.

      "This is meat pie," Brandi said.

      "OK, good. What are the ingredients?" Adino questioned.

      "The ingredients? Potato, meat, garlic, onion, salt, pepper."

      "What else?"

      Brandi kept eating, wondering what she was missing. She was halfway through her pie before she figured it out.

      "There's clover in here. Thyme, I think... and sage," Brandi said slowly, opening her eyes at last.

      "Yes," Adino said.

      Brandi closed her eyes, again and tasted her drink. She opened her blue eyes and smiled at Adino.

      "That would be chocolate milk," Brandi said.

      "Touch is next," Adino said, rising from the table.

      Brandi followed the silver Lupe into the large main room. There were three boxes with a square cut out only large enough for Brandi to place her hand inside.

      "OK, Brandi. Stick your hand inside each box and tell me what you feel," Adino instructed.

      Brandi stuck her hand inside the first box and smiled, immediately knowing what it was. "This is a plushie!"

      "What kind?"

      Brandi smiled at Adino and ran her hand over the plushie. She felt its seams and then she came upon an appendage. A leg, a tail? Brandi couldn't quite tell and continued her exploration. She moved her hand in the other direction and felt the head.

      No noticeable muzzle, the orange Aisha thought. Then she felt the ears and knew what the plushie was.

      "This is an Aisha plushie," Brandi said.

      Adino responded with a slight, affirmative nod. He was a taciturn Lupe. Words were not his strong point. The next two items were easy for Brandi to figure out: a hair brush and shoes.

      "Well done. I'm surprised you figured that out so quickly. Next is smell," Adino said.

      The silver Lupe led the orange Aisha outside and to a nearby garden. Brandi recognized the garden, which belonged to her Uncle Legend.

      "Here, Brandi. I'd like you to find all of the flowers on this list, using only your nose," Adino said, handing a short list to Brandi.

      "What? How can I do that in a garden? It's like finding a needle in a haystack," Brandi exclaimed.

      "Brandi, it is possible. I've done something like this before. If you look, you only have three flowers and each of them has a very distinctive scent."

      Brandi frowned and looked at the list. She really didn't know anything about flowers. She would have to take Adino's word for it. She trusted him completely. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

      Almost immediately, Brandi snapped them open, again. "Oh! I thought closing my eyes would help but I think it actually makes things worse! I can't make sense of these scents!"

      "Brandi, just take things one scent at a time. Take stock of the flowers nearest you. Those will be the strongest. You know none of them are the ones you're looking for so don't focus on their scents. Instead, sift through them and search further with your nose. Take it slow; there is no rush," Adino said in a low calm voice.

      As the Lupe spoke, the Aisha did as her friend directed. At first, Brandi felt overwhelmed by the garden smells but then, slowly, she worked through them. The first flower on her list was the Perfume Mallow. She was able to find the un-flowerlike scent and even led Adino to it. He checked it off of the list.

      The Scented Hearts Flower was next. Unlike the Perfume Mallow, the Scented Hearts Flower was delicate, thin, as far as scent went. Brandi looked helplessly at Adino for a moment. There were so many strong smells! Adino kept his steady gaze on Brandi and she felt like she could try once more.

      At first, Brandi couldn't' find it. She could smell the roses, the sunflowers, the daisies, even the lavender. Then, a brisk breeze blew. It played havoc with the smells but Brandi caught just the mere wisp, almost an impression, of the Scented Hearts Flower. She went in the direction she thought it led and, thankfully, found it at long last.

      Brandi relaxed, smiled and then laughed. She shook her head.

      "No wonder it took me so long to find the Scented Hearts Flower. It's next to the Starflower, the third flower on the list. It's known for its overpowering aroma," Brandi said.

      "You've done well. I can't really test you on your sixth sense. I know you have complete control of your fire sense. So, you're done. You're ready," Adino said.

      "See, I've been trying to figure that out. Ready for what?"

      "A game."

      Brandi laughed.

The End

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