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Usuki Singing Stars #16: Sparkles's Interview

by downrightdude


Sparkles: *taps pencil onto wooden desk* Hmm, well I guess it's time for me to begin my first article for the Neopian Times! But what should I do? Hmm... how about I write a make-up guide for Bruces? *ponders* Nah. Oh, how about I write an article about this year's summer fashions? *ponders again* Nah, I'll try writing a fashion guide for autumn instead. *groans* Oh, what ELSE can I-*gasps* that's it! I'll write a fantastic interview for the Neopian Times instead! But who should I interview? *ponders* I think I'll go ask Scary first! *gets up and runs towards Scary's bedroom*

Sparkles: *opens bedroom door* Scary!!!

Scary: *looks up from magazine* What do you want now, Sparkles?

Sparkles: Guess what?

Scary: No-

Sparkles: I'm going to write an article for the Neopian Times!

Scary: *flips page* Congratulations, now go away.

Sparkles: But guess what I'm going to write: an interview! And since you are my very best friend in the entire world, I was hoping that I could interview you! What do you say?

Scary: *looks up* If you want to write something, I recommend finding somebody else to help you. I'm too busy to be interviewed by you, Sparkles. *continues to read magazine*

Sparkles: But Scare! You don't understand! I just wanted to ask you a few questions and, well, pretty much interview you! And besides, what can be more fun than to be-

Scary: Sorry, Sparkles, but I'm busy reading about important celebrity-related gossip to care about some stupid interview - even if it's for the NT. *flips page* Why not go bother Cuddles and that baby friend of his instead. I'm sure they'll be much more interested with your interviewing scheme then I am.

Sparkles: But I can't just ask the sweetest purple Bruce in Neopia-

Scary: *throws pillow at Sparkles* Go interview that as you leave!

Sparkles: *groans and leaves Scary's bedroom* *opens Cuddles' bedroom door and smiles* Cuddles!! Oh thank goodness you're here!

Cuddles: Hey Sparkles! Jhoud and I are playing with blocks! Want to play with us?

Jhoud: Hi! *crawls towards blocks* I'm going to make a farm out of blocks!

Sparkles: No thanks, Cuddles. I'm not here to play: I'm here to interview you for the Neopian Times!

Cuddles: Really? But why would you want to interview me? I'm just a snow Bruce! You should find a little baby Aisha to talk to instead... like Jhoud!

Sparkles: *picks up Jhoud* How about it, Jhoud? Would you like to be interviewed by your cousin Sparkles?

Jhoud: *shakes head* Nah. Besides I don't even know what an interview is! *squirms*

Sparkles: *sighs and places Jhoud on the floor* So Cuddles, would you mind if I interview you for the Neopian Times?

Cuddles: *shakes head* Can't. I'm busy playing with Jhoudie! We're going to make the biggest, most fantastic farm castle Neopia has ever seen! But here *picks up snow Bruce plushie* you can interview Cuddles Jr!

Cuddles Jr: *squeaks*

Sparkles: I can't interview a plushie! *sighs* But thanks anyways.

Cuddles: Oh, okay. *places Cuddles Jr beside Jhoud* *gasps* I know! Why not go try interviewing Snaw?

Sparkles: Good idea! Where is he?

Cuddles: He's in the kitchen baking muffins. *makes a three block tower*

Jhoud: *claps* Muffins!

Sparkles: Thanks! *runs down to kitchen**sees Snaw running around kitchen in yellow apron* Um, excuse-

Snaw: Glumpost! Chewbana! Gumbloop!

Sparkles: *coughs* Yeah... Uh anyway, I was wondering if you would like to be-

Snaw: *hulas with cookie jar on head* Banana!

Sparkles: Never mind! I'll just leave and... uh... go see what Patricia's doing! I'll be back by dinner! *quickly leaves house and runs to Patricia's neohome* *sees baby Shoyru crawling on front lawn* Hey Brayden! Do you know where your big sister is?

Brayden: Bwawapandoo! *points to the house* *crawls away*

Sparkles: *sighs and knocks on front door*

Patricia: Hey, Sparkles! What's up?

Sparkles: Hey, Pat! *holds up pen and notepad* I was just wondering if I could briefly interview you for the Neopian Times! Then when I'm done, I could send it to the Neopian Times editor and perhaps it could even get published! *holds up pen and notepad in front of Patricia* So, will you let me ask you a few questions?

Patricia: *rubs chin* Well, I guess that kind of sounds like fun. But what could a faerie Shoyru like me tell you that would be so 'fascinating'?

Sparkles: Well, how about your day? What did you do today?

Patricia: Well, today I cleaned my room and finished my Neoschool homework. I also found a hundred neopoints, gave a blue Pteri directions to the Food Shop, and I finished a book that I had been reading for the past week. *thinks* Oh yeah, I'm also currently babysitting Brayden while Mom goes to the Neopian Bazaar for groceries.

Sparkles: *jots down notes in notepad* Cool! But isn't Brayden playing outside? I just saw him crawling on your front lawn, and I thought that you were play-

Patricia: *gasps* Oh no! He must have crawled through Marc's Puppyblew door again! *grabs Sparkles' right arm and takes her to the backyard* Quick! We have to find Brayden before he hurts himself! *lets Sparkles go*

Sparkles: *nods and heads toward the kiddie pool* Well, he's not in the pool. Is he by the rose bush?

Patricia: *shakes head* Nope. *heads towards the flowerbeds* Oh, Sparkles, he's not here either!

Sparkles: *looks inside Marc's petpet-house* He's not in the petpet-house!

Patricia: *picks up garden gnome* He's not by the garden gnomes, either!! *puts gnome down* Oh Sparkles, if we can't find Brayden, then my Mom will ground me for... uh, forever! We have to keep looking!

Sparkles: Okay! I'll look over by the fence! *walks over to bushes* *hears soft snoring from behind a bush* Brayden? *peers behind it* Look Patricia! Brayden feel asleep right behind this bush!

Patricia: *runs over and picks up Brayden* Oh thank goodness! *hugs baby Shoyru tightly* Thanks so much for finding him, Sparkles! You're the best!

Sparkles: No problem! Now about the interview-

Patricia: I'm afraid I'll have to reschedule that for another time, Sparkles. *yawns* after that little fiasco, I think I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon taking a light nap, myself. See ya! *waves and walks away*

Sparkles: *groans* Now what? I know! I'll go visit Lola and Ms. Buttersworth! I'm sure that the sweetest Cybunny in Neopia Central wouldn't mind a quick interview from one of her closest friends! *skips down over to Lola's neohome* *sees yellow Cybunny planting flowers* Hi Lola! Want to be a part of my Neopian Times interview?

Lola: *looks up* Oh, hi Sparkles! And of course I would!

Sparkles: Yay! Now before we begin-

Lola: Oh, I can't possibly do it right now, Sparkles! Ms. Buttersworth and I are busy planting flowers today, and then we would need to water and feed them afterwards. And then there are those weeds they we would need to pull out to make room for-

Sparkles: Oh, okay. Would you be able to be interviewed after you're done with your gardening?

Lola: *shakes head* I'm afraid I still need to finish up some Neoschool homework first. I was having a bit of trouble with some of the spelling words for this week's spelling test and I-

Sparkles: *sighs* Oh alright, I'll see you tomorrow.

Lola: Thanks, Sparkles. You're such a good friend! Good luck with your interview! *waves*

Sparkles: *nods* Thanks. *walks back home**finds Cuddles and Jhoud playing in living room* Hey, guys. Still playing?

Cuddles: Yep! Jhoud and I are building Cuddles Jr his very own castle out of blocks!

Jhoud: *crawls towards Cuddles Jr* Yeah! Want to help us?

Sparkles: No thanks. *sits on sofa* It's been so hard to find somebody to interview today! Patricia wants to nap, Lola's busy with her gardening, and Snaw... well, I don't know what he's doing, but even he won't let me interview him! How am I supposed to be a reporter for the Neopian Times if everybody keeps ignoring me?

Cuddles: *points to Cuddles Jr* You can still interview him! Maybe he can even give you feedback about his new castle once we build it?

Cuddles Jr: *falls over*

Sparkles: You know I can't interview a plushie! He can't even talk!

Jhoud: Sure he can! In fact, he just suggested somebody who you may be very interested in interviewing! *hugs Cuddles Jr*

Cuddles: What a smart plushie! Did you know only baby Jhoudie can talk to Cuddles Jr? He's amazing!

Sparkles: *sighs* Who did Cuddles Jr suggest for my interview, Jhoud? And whatever happened to that frilly white bonnet I gave you yesterday?

Jhoud: Uh... Mommy took it. *points to Sparkles* And Cuddles Jr thinks that you should go interview yourself for the Neopian Times!! Isn't that a great idea?

Sparkles: *shakes head* Why would anybody be interested in an interview about me? Furthermore, why would I even bother to try interviewing myself? Isn't that a bit weird?

Cuddles: It's not that weird. I mean, you said yourself that everybody and Snaw were too busy to talk to you right now. So why not talk to the only Bruce I know that isn't doing anything important at this moment! I'm sure everybody in Neopia would be interested in reading an interview where somebody was interviewing themselves.

Jhoud: *nods* *plays with block* Hey, want to build a block castle with us Sparkles?

Sparkles: *shakes head* No thanks. But you know what, Cuddles? I think you're right! In fact, think I'll go upstairs and go interview myself right now! Thanks, guys!

Cuddles: You're welcome! *plays with Jhoud*

Sparkles: *runs upstairs to bedroom* *pulls out pen and pad from purse* Now, what kind of questions should I ask myself that would make me an interesting pink Bruce and a good interviewer?

The End

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