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Your Most Bizarre Neopets Goals!

by indulgences


I was checking my Safety Deposit Box one day and checking my progress towards collecting 5000 Mysterious Orchids when I realized, am I the only one with such a bizarre goal?

What is YOUR most bizarre and uncommon Neopets goal? Something that isn't usual, something that only YOU have!

My most bizarre Neopets goal is to have 20 questions published in the Editorial. So far I'm at 12. Only 8 more questions until I'm the happiest Neopian ever to read the Editorial!

Another bizarre Neopets goal of mine is to collect 5000 Spirit Of The Ruins Fizzes. The Mysterious Orchid and the Spirit Of The Ruins Fizz are my 2 favorite items on the Neopets website. The Mysterious Orchid is the prettiest item on Neopets, while the Spirit of the Ruins Fizz is the fiercest. As for the number "5000," it just happens to be one of my favorite numbers. Random, I know! I look forward to the day when I can stare at these items in my Safety Deposit Box and smile with glee!

And finally, another goal of mine is to zap my permanent lab rat, Esselor, with the Secret Laboratory Ray so that he reaches 500 strength points. He's at 478 points right now... so close! My original goal was 1000 health points, which I achieved in November. I consider these to be bizarre goals because most people put effort into training their pets using Codestones and Dubloons, not zap them every day like I do.

The Neoboards are filled with quirky, funny, and insightful users, so off I went to ask them what their OWN bizarre Neopets goals are this October!

One person's goal was to have as few avatars as possible. That's right, as few as possible! He was so intent on not earning anymore avatars that he refused to visit pet lookups. His avatar grand total was 23. Only 23! I have to admit, I admired his determination!

Another person, who I admired very much because I stink at games, had the lofty goal of having only gold trophies on her user lookup -- no silver or bronze! It made me seriously consider playing more games, because I think it would be marvelous to have a shiny user lookup simply glowing with gold trophies!

Another user who I admired because I'm an active zapper-and-pounder declared that she wanted to adopt decent named, badly named, and very badly named pets, zap them into pretty colors, and populate all 5 of her accounts with them. I love that idea! Talk about being a conscientious Neopian! Pets with bad names deserve just as much love and care as pets with good names!

Many people had my same fixation with collecting cool items. The most popular number proposed was "1000," yet each item was unique and no user had the same adoration with one item as any other!

One interesting goal that people reported to me was the desire to get bad Random Events in the hopes of getting trophies or avatars. For instance, getting taxed by the Tax Beast, or having Sloth zap an item to sludge. Most people don't intentionally keep millions of Neopoints out of the bank with the intention of having 20 - 25% taken by a random event, but these users do! For me, it's painful enough to lose 5000 Neopoints to the screeching Mutant Kadoatie... I can't imagine losing 5 million!

TNT has long encouraged people to send in new avatar ideas to the Editorial. What if your bizarre goal was to have your proposed avatar become an actual avatar? I think that would be pretty cool!

Most people love unconverted pets, but there are also some people who dislike them. I talked to several of the latter, and they proposed a new avatar that you would get by converting an unconverted pet! How evil! It's definitely a bizarre proposal!

There were many people who wanted their item ideas heard! Their bizarre goal was to write in to the Editorial and have TNT create the items of their dreams. Some people proposed more toilet paper items. Others proposed more deodorant items. And still others proposed items that involved TNT in some way, like TNT posters and TNT photos. I thought these were all fantastic ideas!

One person's bizarre goal was to give away 10 Draiks. You heard me, 10! So far, she's given away 7 Draiks. I consider this goal to be amazing and bizarre at the same time! I zap and pound on my side accounts (so far I've given away 50 painted pets), but Draiks are special creatures that you can only get through Transmogrification Potions, Morphing Potions, or Draik Eggs, none of which are cheap. I applaud the generosity of this user! Her goal may be bizarre, but it's so sweet and helpful too!

Similarly, another user's bizarre goal was to give away 100 Paint Brushes. That's crazy! I know that there are a lot of affordable Paint Brushes on the Shop Wiz, but still, 100 is such a huge and expensive number of Paint Brushes! I think she's an amazing person and I hope she reaches her goal soon!

Another person's bizarre hobby was to give away completed maps! She would assemble the Forgotten Shore Map, for instance, and post it on the Trading Post, asking for "whatever you can afford." She would then accept the cheapest offer. I think this is really kind of her!

One person made me laugh uproariously! She declared that her bizarre goal is to speak entirely in limericks on the Neoboards! How creative, and how hilarious!

My favorite response was from one user who said that his bizarre goal was to write as many outrageous posts on the Neoboards as he could without getting in trouble! I thought that was a hilarious idea!

Another user gave me a great idea! She feeds her Skeith all sorts of strange items, and her bizarre goal is to feed 1000 weird non-food items to her pet. My main pet is a Skeith too! It would be fun to start feeding it desks, snowballs and swords, haha. At least until my Secret Laboratory Ray changes my pet into another species! Thank you, user, for helping me make such a creative and bizarre goal for myself!

One bizarre idea that a few of us have is to complete a certain number of Kadoatery trophies. My own personal goal was 100, which I accomplished earlier this year, though others' goals are 1337 or 5000...even 10,000!

Several people mentioned their galleries, stating that even though they'll never win the Gallery Spotlight trophy, they still enjoy adding to their galleries. I consider this truly random, yet admirable! Even though they'll never win trophies or prizes from their galleries, they still enjoy making their galleries grow!

For many users, trying to find new goals that aren't mainstream is a challenge. For instance, avatar collecting is a hobby that is widespread throughout Neopia, as is earning a certain amount of Neopoints, or finally painting a beloved pet. A rare goal, however, would be collecting 1000 Titanium Grave-Digging Sporks, or giving away 10 Baby Paint Brushes. Like I said, these goals aren't mainstream, and we ought to encourage and celebrate the people who come up with such interesting ideas!

Thanks for reading this article, my fellow Neopians! Thank you for telling me about your interesting and bizarre goals! May all of your future Neopets goals be unique, intriguing and fun! And happy holidays to you all!

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