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Dressing the Part -- Famous Neopians (Part One)

by katiecoo802


For over a decade, Neopia has experienced numerous conflicts, celebrations, and discoveries, and out of all of these events have emerged some truly remarkable characters. Whether renowned for their bravery, beauty, or brains, these hallowed few Neopians are now legendary, and as such are popular sources of customization inspiration. Those seeking to pay homage to Neopia's heroes with their pets' looks may find themselves at a loss, however, when they realize that they can't find wearables that faithfully duplicate every element of a particular character's look. I've created the following ensembles as examples of how you can use ordinary wearables to depict specific outfits and scenes. These are just a few of the most popular Neopian heroes and heroines, but the possibilities are endless.

Look 1: Hannah

Items Pictured: NC--Golden Key Necklace, Hannahs Collectors Dress, Pirates Plunder Frame, Shower of Arrows, Braided Brown Wig. NP--TNT Staff (7,000 NP*), Cave Foreground (2,000 NP), Creepy Cave Background (100,000 NP).

The best part about creating a Hannah customization is that her looks are so varied; not only does she star in three "Caves" games to inspire you, but she also models 10 different outfits in her Wardrobe of Adventure game. Your Hannah can travel across Neopia in your customization, whether she's helping the Island Mystic retrieve his marbles with the Yooyu Marble Set (95,000 NP) or lulling malicious faeries to sleep in her ultra-fashionable Magenta Striped Trousers. I've created a classic Pirate Caves-inspired ensemble here, and so decided to keep her in her original Hannahs Collectors Dress outfit. Rustic Female Usul Warrior Wig makes an excellent wig for this look, but if you don't have a Usul (or can't afford to drop 39,000 NP on the wig), Braided Brown Wig makes a great substitute. Of course, you can always forgo a wig entirely by dressing your Hannah in a Hannah and the Ice Caves Collectors Coat, which will keep her head nice and toasty against the chilly snows of the Hannah and the Ice Caves Background. Your pet will win the hearts of Neopia with her daring deeds! ...Or maybe just this week's Customization Spotlight.

Look 2: King Altador

Items Pictured: NC--Altadorian Warrior Plate Greaves, Altadorian Warrior Plate Shirt, Salt and Pepper Wig, Woodland Archer Cape and Quiver, Altador Cup V MVP Cleats, New Years in Altador Background, Chariot Chase Chariot, Golden Altador Cup IV NC Challenge Medallion, Golden Glitter Shower. NP--Altador Cup Teams Garland (1,200 NP), Spellseeker Wizard Beard (5,000 NP).

King Altador has long been a symbol of bravery, nobility, and stoic leadership in Neopia, so it comes as no surprise that your pet will be eager to channel his regal style. Pieces of the Altadorian Warrior Mini Pack are a great place to start, particularly as the Altadorian Warrior Plate Shirt so closely resembles King Altador's own armor. A master warrior, King Altador is always battle-ready, so be sure to equip your pet with a trusty sword or bow. I've used Woodland Archer Cape and Quiver here, but Majestic Green Sword and Brilliant Sword in Stone are also great options. You may be tempted to use several of the hundreds of Altador Cup wearables, but try not to overwhelm your design with them; while the Cup is undoubtedly a point of pride for King Altador and all Altadorians, a Pop-up Techo Fanatic may detract from the stateliness of the ensemble. Keep it simple with smaller accessories that play off the shades of silver, gold, and red that King Altador typically wears, with perhaps a single showy item in an otherwise less colorful area. If you'd like to go even simpler, nix the AC gear altogether and choose a background reflecting the serene Altadorian countryside, such as Ancient Mountain Rubble Background or Altador Shores Background.

Look 3: Sophie the Swamp Witch

Items Pictured: NC--Potionery Table Foreground, Rugged Work Shirt and Vest, Shadowy Forest Wig, Spooky Green Contacts, Bogshot Background, Carved Meowclops Pull Along, Fingerless Caroler Gloves, MME13-S3: Voodoo Practitioner Dress, Low Hanging Vine Garland. NP--Hanging Vines (1,000 NP), Thorny Vine Garland (30,000 NP).

If your pet has a dark streak, a Sophie the Swamp Witch customization may be right for you. Sophie's Hut Background and Sophies Stew String Lights may seem obvious choices for this customization, but you actually have a lot of options when creating the perfect swamp atmosphere for your Sophie. The items from the MME13 collection work wonderfully to this effect, and will lend your look an air of wicked witchery but have a homespun appearance that will prevent the outfit from looking too Edna-esque. Sophie's Wand is another way to give this look the Sophie signature. Be sure to include Sophie's faithful Meowclops with items like Sneaky Meowclops Foreground or Bobbling Meowclops Bobblehead. Of course, if a bog-based outfit seems too conventional, you could always portray Sophie's youth with Young Sophies Dress and Neovian theme. If you choose that route, Neovia Shop Silhouette Background (100,000 NP) and Classic Street Lamp will create a creepy yet refined ensemble befitting Sophie's tragic past. Just watch out for that Neovian Potion (65,000 NP), I hear it's deadly delicious... Mwahahaha!

Look 4: Roxton A Colchester III

Items Pictured: NC--Caroler Trousers, Brown Fleece Lined Boots. NP--Daring Adventurer Hat, Members Only Moustache (75,000 NP), Stuck in the Lost Isle Background (3,400 NP), Basic White Shirt (300 NP), Steam Jacket, Hanging Fronds (12,000 NP), Charred Steam Wings (35,000 NP), Lava Puddle (90,000 NP), Grappling Hook (3,000 NP).

We end where we began: with an adventurer! The ruggedly dashing Roxton A Colchester III takes center stage in this customization, which features elements both from his first role in the Lost Isle plot and his next adventure in Atlas of the Ancients. For a Lost Isle look, thick foliage is a must; use items like Jungle Cliff (100 NP) to create a mysterious tropical lair for those monstrous petpets. Speaking of petpets, Baby Giant Moach is the perfect mix of repulsive and adorable and directly references this classic plot. You may also want to consider using some of the Limited Edition items from the Lost Isle Tour Mystery Capsule, though I'm not sure the real Roxton would ever sport that cute blonde Safari Sport Wrap and Wig! If you decide to create an Atlas of the Ancients look instead, you have a plethora of Moltaran items to choose from. Keep it tasteful with some thoughtfully placed lava (Magma Pit Foreground is a great NC alternative to the expensive NP Lava Puddle) and gear-themed accessories. Above all, Roxton's outfit should convey a sense of daring adventure and churlish charm.

Even if your pets don't want to be any of these four characters, I hope these looks have given you some great ideas about how to create a super specific character customization with the more general wearables at your disposal. Happy customizing, and tune in next time for more great looks!

*Please note that all Neopoint prices are approximate and reflect Shop Wizard prices at the time of writing.

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