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From Rags to Riches: Getting the Job Done

by lunafaeire


Have you ever wanted to get employed at the Faerieland employment agency? What's that? You don't have a job coupon!? Well, fret not! You don't need one to become a successful businessman – or businesswoman! In this guide, I will go through some of the basic things you should keep in mind in order to beef up your pet's resume by relying on basic jobs.

There are essentially two kinds of jobs you could apply for: basic jobs (which don't require a job coupon) and super jobs (which require some form of job coupon). The difference between these two types of jobs is the reward and the time given to complete the job. Obviously since super jobs require handing over a job coupon, you are given a more reasonable amount of time to complete the job. In addition to this, the base reward is much higher than for a basic job. But this is not to say that basic jobs aren't worth your time! In fact, you can earn just as much from a basic job as you would from a super job.

Before we look at the nitty-gritty, let's take a look at the different ranks your pet can have as he (or she!) completes jobs. The default rank is "intern". This indicates that you pet has not completed any jobs. Completing one job will get you the rank "beginner". Four jobs will get you the rank "novice". Ten would make you an "apprentice", while twenty completed jobs will make you a "trainee". The more jobs you complete, the better your rank. If in the unfortunate case your pet fails more jobs that he or she has successfully completed, his or her rank will become "unskilled". This should be avoided since, well... it doesn't look too nice on your pet's resume, now does it?

The best way to rank up is to complete as many jobs as you can each day. The number of jobs you're allowed to apply for each day is capped at five. You may notice that after completing three jobs, you'll get a message telling you you've taken enough jobs for the day. Come back during the next refresh to apply for another job. The Faerieland employment agency refreshes its job listing every 10 minutes. The best jobs are usually taken within seconds so it's best you stick around when the list refreshes!

Now, let's go through the process in small steps together.

1. Don't rush into things! Do a bit of research first.

Before you impulsively apply for a job you think pays well, take a couple of moments to look through the job listings. What sorts of items are usually asked for? How much do these items cost on the shop wizard? Do I have these items in my safety deposit box? These are some questions you should probably ask yourself. With some a basic idea of the cost of items, you can make a more informed decision when choosing a job to apply for.

2. Keep a reasonable amount of neopoints on hand.

Some items may cost a few thousand neopoints. Keeping a sufficient amount of neopoints on hand will save you the trouble of going to the bank to withdraw extra neopoints. Remember, you get an extra bonus for completing a job (on top of the base reward!) and the faster you complete a job, the higher the bonus! You don't want to be wasting time at the bank.

3. Be there when the job listing refreshes!

The early bird catches the worm. Good jobs that have a hefty reward are usually taken up as soon as they appear. Don't miss out on the profits. The best way to ensure a good job is to go to the end of list as soon as it appears rather than clicking the "next 10" button. I personally like to look at available jobs from the last page all the way to the front.

4. Be patient!

If you don't see a job you like, don't impulsively apply for one you "think" pays well. You may have waited quite a while for the right job only to have it snatched away by someone else. Remember, the employment agency refreshes its job listing every 10 minutes. There's no need to worry about missing out on a well-paid job. Just be a little quicker the next time.

5. Practice makes perfect.

Don't be upset if you don't complete a job on time. As with many other things, practice makes perfect! To prevent failing a job, always keep in mind the time given to complete a job. Make sure you are able to complete it on time. Avoid applying for jobs that require you to purchase a lot of items in one minute.

6. Keep track of your resume.

There is a link entitled "status" on the top of the page at the employment agency. If you click on that, you'll be redirected to a page listing your pets. Here you can view your pet's resume and keep track of past jobs. The main purpose of doing this (although not necessary) is so you have a rough idea of how much time you usually take to complete a job. This will help you make better decisions when applying for a job as you can avoid jobs with a short time allowance. This in turn will lower the chances of you failing a job.

To finish off this short guide, here are some additional tips when applying for a job:

Don't feel obliged to finish a job if it doesn't pay well enough. In fact, you should quit the job if the rewards are outrageously low. This will cost you 250 neopoints but the 250 neopoints you lose here can be easily earned back as opposed to the few thousands you might be losing if you completed the job. Remember, do your research so you don't ever need to quit a job! Making informed decisions when applying for a job is the key thing here.

Apply for jobs during non-peak hours. The best time for me to complete a job is just before or just after midnight NST. At the end of a Neopian day, most players would have completed all their dailies. This means it is more likely that everyone has completed their daily five jobs. Conversely, at the start of a new Neopian day, many players would be playing tombola and fruit machine instead of lurking around the employment agency. What does this mean...? Yup, you've guessed it! You'd have less competition when applying for a job at these times. But remember to play it smart! Don't start applying for jobs too close to midnight or you wouldn't have enough time to complete your daily five jobs before the clock strikes twelve.

And that was a short guide on getting the job done at the Faerieland employment agency. Good luck to all future employees!

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