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Goparokko: The Game Guide

by drobit


Also by tehcannoned

With the recent release of the new avatar, Neopians everywhere are testing their skill to see if they can master the game for themselves. If you haven't heard already, the new avatar can be unlocked though playing the game Goparokko. This game can admittedly be pretty frustrating at first, but hopefully with some pointers, you will be able to unlock this shiny new avatar for yourself.

Game Basics:

The goal of Goparokko is to rotate the blocks on the playing board and create 2x2 square formations using all the same colors. You can rotate four blocks at a time, and they will always move in a clockwise direction. This means that the top left block will move to the top right, the top right block will move to the bottom right, the bottom right block will move to the bottom left, and finally the bottom left will move to the top left.

When you form four of the same color blocks in a 2x2 formation, those blocks will be destroyed and you will be awarded points and extra time toward your timer. Randomly colored blocks will replace the blocks that are destroyed. There are 'special' blocks that you will occasionally see, which may change the regular outcome of what happens when blocks are destroyed (explained below).

The blue bar on the right side of the game represents the game timer. The higher the bar, the more time you have to play. The timer will start to move faster as you progress to the higher levels.

Game Settings:

Goparokko has three modes that you can play on: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each mode has its advantages and disadvantages, but the main difference is the amount of points earned per blocks destroyed, and the speed of the timer.

Easy Mode: The timer moves the slowest. Each normal block gives you 4 points with a total of 16 points for each 2x2 square destroyed.

Medium Mode: The timer moves intermediately compared to easy and hard mode. Each normal block gives you 6 points with a total of 24 points for each 2x2 square destroyed.

Hard Mode: The timer moves the fastest. Each normal block gives 8 points with a total of 32 points for each 2x2 square destroyed.

For the purpose of getting the avatar, I recommend playing on easy mode. You earn the least amount of points this way, but the timer moves the slowest, which allows you more time to think your moves through.

It is also important to note that the background of the game will change after completing every 10th level. This can be slightly distracting, but try your best to ignore it.

Special Block Explanations:

Dynamite Block – This will destroy all the blocks on the board that are the same color when you complete a 2x2 square. I recommend saving this block for when you are in a tight spot and are running out of moves.

Lock Block – This block cannot be rotated. In addition, you cannot rotate any of the surrounding blocks if you include the locked block within your square of rotation. Try and destroy these blocks as soon as you can. Multiple locked blocks can appear on the board at the same time, which can make it very difficult to plan out moves.

Color-Changing Block – This block can be used as any color in a 2x2 formation. For example, three red blocks and one color-changing block would destroy a 2x2 formation. Try to save these because they can be very useful in later levels when more colors start to appear on the board.

Timer Block – When destroyed, this block will add extra time to your timer. I can't stress enough to save these for the later levels. Try to avoid using them during the beginning levels when your timer is nearly full.

Multiplier Block – These can either show up as x2 or x4. They multiply the amount of points you get for destroying a square formation by the amount shown on the block. You can use multiple multiplier blocks in one formation that you are attempting to destroy.

Block Within a Block – When this block is destroyed, it will be replaced with the color of the smaller block inside of it. So having a smaller red block within a larger block would result in a red block replacing where that square was.

Helpful Hints & Tips:

Plan ahead! This is an easy game to freeze up in, so having your next move planned out ahead of time can make or break the game. This is especially important in later levels when the timer starts to move faster.

Save your hourglass timers! These won't help you much during the earlier levels because the timer isn't moving as fast. What I like to do is set up moves with the hourglass blocks so that they are ready to use when you need them during the later levels. A good strategy is to try and have at least one of these blocks on the screen all the time.

It is possible to create other block formations besides just 2x2, such as 3x2 or 2x3, that will destroy the blocks, but this is a little more difficult. This is a good way to earn some extra points, especially if you can include one of multiplier blocks too.

Make sure you are focusing on the game and not the timer or your score. I have heard that hiding the timer can be helpful for some people. Each second you look at the timer is a second you could be using to plan out your next move.

Do not let a lot of locked blocks accumulate on the map. They can make planning out moves very difficult. Try and get rid of them immediately to avoid wasting time.

Use your multiplier blocks wisely. If you have two multiplier blocks that are same color then using them together can give you a lot of extra bonus points.

Practice makes perfect! I know that people hate hearing this, but you can't expect to immediately master a game the first time you play it. You need to get the feel of the game, and see what works best for you. You will see your score gradually increase with practice!

Relax and have fun! Don't stress out over a game. This can affect how well you do while you're playing. Take breaks when necessary, and get back at it when you are refreshed and relaxed.

I hope my Goparokko guide has helped you improve your score. With some practice and luck, this avatar will be yours in no time. Thanks for reading!

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