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All The Things We're Looking Forward To!

by indulgences


The Neopets world is a place full of delight and laughter, where people converge over their shared love of virtual pets, cool games, and Neoboards where we can all chat. I love Neopets because I've garnered so many Neofriends over the years. Talking to them over Neomail is the best part of my Neopets experience!

I was chatting on the Help Neoboard one day when people started discussing the things we still want, such as new competitions and new avatars. It got me thinking, what are some of the things we still want TNT to create? I decided to trek to the Neoboards and ask everyone to propose their ideas!

Hands down, the most coveted thing that people are looking forward to is the ability to change their pets' names! TNT has stated in the Editorial that if they create such an option in the future, it will be Neocash only. I can commiserate with my fellow Neopians. I have a gorgeous unconverted Faerie Pteri, but his name is rather atrocious, with lots of numbers and underscores. I would love to have the ability to change his name into something more graceful and elegant!

Many people are waiting for a Worst Dressed Neopet Competition! I thought this was a great idea! So many people dress up their pets for comedic value. It would be hilarious if they had a competition of their very own!

Another idea that popped up was a Song Writing Competition. I thought this was genius! People proposed that TNT create a sheet music program that utilizes Neopets music, and that people could type in their own lyrics into the program. Then the program would sing the lyrics! How cool would that be?

Multiple people chimed up and proposed new avatars! The most popular idea was a Shop Till avatar, something that would be earned by having a certain amount of Neopoints in the Till. Another popular idea was an avatar for converting unconverted pets. How diabolical! And the third most popular idea was getting avatars for fighting certain Battledome villains. I would love that! I finally have a decent battle pet with decent weapons, so bring on the foes!

Another popular idea was getting an avatar for having 1000 or more of one item in your Safety Deposit Boxes. Although there already exists an "SDB Pack Rat" avatar that you get by having 1000 unique items in your SDB, tons of people supported the idea of having a "SDB Hoarder" avatar someday. I agree with them! I'm a hoarder of Mysterious Orchids, with 2400 of them in my SDB... and I'm looking to buy more, too!

Many people wanted a Key Quest avatar, while others wanted a Bouncy Supreme avatar. I love both games, and I think an avatar for each one would be a terrific way to reward the fans who've been playing these games for years and years!

Several people thought that a new Paint Brush would be nice. The most popular ideas were Origami Paint Brushes, Jewel Paint Brushes, and Balloon Paint Brushes. How lovely these ideas are!

I personally am anticipating new fruit and veggie Chia colors. I already own Pea and Grape Chias on my side account, and I have to admit, I peek at them every day with a big, silly, loving smile all over my face. They're my cutest pets, and I'm looking forward to the day when TNT creates more Chia colors! I would love a Lettuce Chia and a Cherry Chia. Random, I know! I love lettuce in real life for its sweetness, crispness, and delicate jade color, and I love cherries for their juiciness and rich garnet color. That's why I'm crossing my fingers that TNT creates these Chias!

Some people that I talked to believed that there ought to be an item competition, where users could propose new items for the TNT artists to create. I thought that would be cool! TNT could hold a new competition every week to coincide with the current holiday, like making Blumaroo items for Blumaroo Day. The winners could win a trophy, some Neopoints, and the item itself! How awesome would that be!

Lots of users wished that there would be more site events, much like the Spooky Food Eating Contest that is occurring at the time of the writing of this article. They wish that every single month of the Neopian Calendar would have its own special site event, such as contests or giveaways. I think that would be awesome! I love the artwork, free items, and interesting new stories that such site events entail!

Several people wanted more real life Neopets merchandise! Although Neopets plush toys are discontinued, people are still crossing their fingers that they'll come back someday. Other people are hoping for real life Neopets school supplies, such as pens and binders and folders. As for myself, I would love, love, LOVE to own some Neopets stickers!

The last thing that people are looking forward to, which made me grin from ear to ear, is the creation of new Random Events! I smacked my head, having completely forgotten that such a thing could occur. And yes, yes, YES, I am looking forward to seeing new Random Events as I'm navigating around the site! I want them to be witty, colorful and fun, just like the older ones are!

As for the things we're NOT looking forward to, the list was rather short!

Many people hoped that TNT would NOT make any more Wheel avatars! I have to agree! It took me 52 spins of the Wheel of Extravagance to get the avatar, and I haven't spun that darn Wheel since! I've also been spinning the Wheel of Knowledge daily for 6 years and have yet to get that gorgeous "Brightvale" avatar. The last thing I'd want is to spin yet another Wheel for its avatar!

Another thing people didn't want was more item avatars! They were afraid that the new avatars would require the use of very expensive items, raising their prices so much that getting the avatar would be prohibitive. They didn't want there to be another item like the Super Attack Pea or Bony Grarrl Club.

Thanks for reading this article, my fellow Neopians! And thank you for replying to my threads on the Neoboards! I hope to continue to chat with you for years to come!

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