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A Stylish Halloween on a Budget

by insane000illusions


Everyone knows how hard it can be to have a pouty pet, and nothing can make for a pouty pet like not being able to dress up for Halloween! These days a Halloween paint brush can be a bit pricey, or maybe you just don't want to paint your pet. What can you do to keep your pet happy, not break the National Neopian Bank, AND have your pet looking festive in time for Halloween? Well, let me tell you just how to do that!

1. First things first; you have to make sure you and your pet are safe. It can be pretty scary to go house to house through the Haunted Woods knocking on doors and asking for candy. You don't want to trip over an unsuspecting Slorg, or get bitten by a Devilpuss lurking in the shadows! Well, you can be safe and stylish with the Spooky Lantern for only an average of 15 neopoints! If you don't like the look of the lantern, you can always go with the Ghostly Torch for a more spectral look for only 350 neopoints.

2. Now we need to take a look at some things your pet can wear. You need to sit down with your pet and figure out what kind of style statement your pet wants to make:

Does your pet want to dress up like a scary Candy Vampire? They can do that with Vampire Wax Lips and a Silly Candy Corn Hat, total cost about 5.4k! They can look scary and adorable at the same time.

What if your pet wants to dress up like a scientist or a wizard? That's no problem at all! You can get them the Spellseeker Wizard Beard for about 3.9k and the Scientific Wig for just 700 neopoints. They will be casting spells or solving chemistry problems all night long.

Your pet is feeling like making an artful statement? You can hook them up with the Artist Smock for around 10k and Paint Splatter for just 3.3k. Your pet will be creating masterpieces the whole evening!

Your pet might feel like being a four star chef for the day. You can help them do that by getting them the I Heart Soup Apron for a measly 700 neopoints and a Frying Pan for about 2.9k. Remember that just because they are dressed like a chef does not mean that their cooking will be edible, and eat at your own risk!

Maybe your pet would like to dress up like a petpet! Well, that won't be too hard. You can get them a Homemade Polarchuck Costume and a Homemade Polarchuck Costume Head for only about 6.7k. If your pet doesn't want to be a Polarchuck, then they can always dress up like a Gobbler with the Gobbler Costume and Gobbler Mask for about 40k. If your pet still wants to dress up like a petpet, but doesn't want to wear a full body costume, then you could get them a Meowclops Mask and they could dress up like one of Neopia's favorite petpets for only about 38k.

Your pet may not want to dress up like a petpet, but what if they are simply dying to dress up like a petpetpet? That's a wish you can fulfill with the Giant Moach Costume which is priced at a cheap 1k. Just make sure that none of the petpets running around try to adopt your pet!

Does your pet want to look really spooky? If so then you can get your pet the Headless cape for about 41K. It will make them look... well, headless and that is pretty darn spooky. Give them a Shiny Silver Neopets Shield for 250 neopoints and a Pirate Cutlass for 9.3k and they will look like a warrior who's lost his head in a fierce match at the Battledome!

You say your pet is feeling just a bit wicked? Well, maybe they would like to dress up like everyone's favorite dark faerie. They can dress up like Jhudora herself by getting Jhudoras Fingernails for about 17.7k and a Jhudora Wig for about 80k, making this outfit a bit expensive, but sometimes being bad is too good to resist.

Ok so your pet doesn't want to go all out or make a big deal, but they still want to feel included and they still want to go out and try to find some Halloween goodies. Maybe they would just like to wear a mask. There are several masks around Neopia that your pet could choose from. Some of my favorites are that Fairest of Feathers Mask for just 3.7k, the Spiky Glowing Mask for just 900 neopoints, and the Monstrous Flaming Mask, which is also just 900 neopoints.

What if your neopet doesn't like the idea of wearing a mask and hiding their beautiful face from all of the trick-or-treaters of Neopia? Well, then you can always get them a Pumpkin Lid Hat for just 50 neopoints and let them carry a Purse of Despair for 13.5K. This way they will still be dressed with Halloween spirit!

3. The last thing you need to get for you and your pet to have a fabulous Halloween is something to carry away all of the delicious Halloween treats that you find throughout the night! Now if you are only going to take your pet out for a little while, you can get something small and stylish like the Jack-O-Lantern Pail, but it can be a little pricey at about 79k. If you're wanting to keep it simple and get something bigger to hoard all of your tasty treats in like a greedy Kadoatie, you can get a Loot Bag for just 3.5k.

Now you should have everything that you and your pet need for a stylish (and not too expensive) Halloween. Remember to be safe when walking through the Haunted Woods this year and don't eat too many treats or your pet could end up in the Neopian Hospital with a bad case of Bloaty Belly! Have a Happy Halloween, everyone!

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