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A Shopping Guide to Neovia

by firedragon1333


Stop to Shop in Neovia

It's fall again and no trip to the Haunted Woods is complete without visiting Neovia. A spooky, yet upscale place to shop, dine and live. Neovia is a peaceful town surrounded by the Haunted Woods. The town used to be cursed however and its inhabitants turned to monsters. Luckily the town has been rebuilt and its townsfolk turned back to normal. Make sure to bring a lantern with you as the weather in Neovia is normally foggy. To find it, creep past the Gypsy Camp and you will find yourself in a small, but wonderful city. The Spooky Shindig Society, a fabulous Neovian club is putting on their first annual Spooky Food Eating Contest where four contestants eat it out in competition. The club is giving away fabulous prizes for cheering or booing the contestants. Chef Julien is great to cater the event and is offering special tastings for those who wish to taste the food for themselves. There are a few stops in Neovia you must visit while you are here:

1. Apple Bobbing

Make the Apple Bobbing activity your very first stop. You never quite know what you will find--and it may not be an apple! Some items Neovians have found are the Apple Bobbing Bart Plushie, the Apple Bobbing Bart: A Biography, various foods, apples, toys and other items. There is a rumor that your pet can win a new avatar for itself while bobbing for apples. Each day you are in Neovia Bart will allow you to stop by for a shot at apple bobbing. If you wait to bob for apples, you may just find one of your other purchases you thought safe in your inventory disappear, although Apple Bobbing Bart wouldn't confirm this, of course.

2. The Crumpetmonger

Are you hungry for a good snack or meal that is more appetizing than an item from Spooky Foods? Then you've found yourself in the right place! The Crumpetmonger serves all sorts of delicious goodies for those visiting and living in Neovia. Some of the tastiest are the Neovian Cannoli, the Fish Pie and an Apple Strudel. If your petpet is hungry, make sure to buy them Mini Crumpets which are just their size! We hear the Crumpetmonger was donating some of their wonderful baked goods to those cheering for the Spooky Food Eating Contest. Make sure to bring plenty of neopoints however because high quality and delicious meals aren't cheap--however the Crumpetmonger welcomes a good haggle now and then. Just don't take too long or your treat may get eaten by some other Neopet. You will enjoy eating your crumpet, scone or pie at the counter, on the go or at a table in the café. If you are feeling more adventurous, you should take a walk through the cemetery while eating your meat pie and enjoy the beautiful scenery and possible hauntings after nightfall.

3. Chesterdrawers' Antiques

This is a great store to visit, especially if you live in the Haunted Woods or want a spooky, but upscale look to your interior. They have items such as the Grandfather Clock, Fancy Wooden Mirror, Ornate Chandelier and a Cauldron for your kitchen. Such wonderful additions will make your home a magnificent place for guests to visit and feel welcomed to your haunted adobe. Find the item you need to complete your haunted interior and redecorate with the Chesterdrawers' Antiques. Have a dinner party where your guests can marvel at your magnificent furniture pieces they remember from similar items from their great-grandparent's mansions when they were children. Nothing in Chesterdrawers' Antiques is new but all the furniture is fantastic. You wouldn't be able to find things this good without finding them in an abandoned haunted mansion... wait a minute--just where did they get their antiques from?

4. Neovian Printing Press

Are you a reader? Do you like books? Do you want to increase your intelligence or enjoy collecting rare or unique tomes? Then the Neovian Printing Press is the place to be! If you want to learn how to dig graves in the cemetery surrounding Neovia then the Grave Digging Manual is your choice of book. There is also a Neovian Town Guide if you want to learn more about the town, a Neovian Fine Dining Customs which will tell you just how to eat your crumpet and what to expect when attending a Neovian dinner party and Packing Plans so you will know how to pack your boxes properly before moving to Neovia or the surrounding Haunted Woods. Why don't you buy a book and go read it while eating a scone at the Crumpetmonger? The Neovian Printing Press has many fine books for the reader in you.

5. Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors

This is your last stop and since you've been here so long you might as well dress like a Neovian too! Head over to Prigpants & Swolthy, the Tailors in Neovia. They have the perfect, spooky-yet-fashionable clothing in all of Neopia. Many Neopets can find an outfit just for them or something a little more general. Neovian ware is all the rage, especially this fall--be one of the first to wear from Prigpants & Swolthy! Ladies--pick up a Pink Sun Hat with a matching Pink Silk Fan and buy your man a gentleman's cane, wig or new boots. You should also pick up a Red Coin Purse to hold your neopoints in while you are here! Wear the clothes to a dinner party; wear them out to town, or dress to impress in the Customization Spotlight. Find your pet's needs at Prigpants & Swolthy--the old-school spooky-yet-fashionable wear. Look just like your grandparents with our never-goes-out-of-style clothes.

If you feel your trip is still not complete perhaps a visit to the spooky town center, where a large clock tower will greet you. Oh the door won't open? Well maybe on your next trip through Neovia it will be unlocked? Who knows what kinds of things await you on the inside?

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