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Various Ways of Earning Neopoints

by shefampyr



This guide will be a list of other ways of earning Neopoints and investing your Neopoints. The amount of neopoints you can earn depends on a lot of different variables, such as your account age, the neopoints you spend, and a lot has to do with luck. If you stick with it and follow this guide properly, you should make a profit, though.

There is a bit of accounting involved in the restocking section. I know accounting is boring to a lot of people, but it is important, especially for reselling and restocking. For example, what if you buy something to resell in a few months or years, and the time comes to sell it, but you don't remember what you paid for it? With accounting, you will know exactly how much neopoints you have in that item, how much profit you make, and it will help you decide what to buy to resell later on.

This guide covers a small guide and tips for each of these topics: Key Quest, Battledome, Habitarium, Restocking, the Stock Market, and Food Club.

Key Quest

  • Estimated Time: Up to 20 minutes per game (2-3 hours for 10 games, less for very quick games)
  • Estimated Neopoints: 20,000-50,000 (or more!)depending on your prizes and how many games you play.

Key Quest is a good way to earn Neopoints. You can earn 20,000 neopoints a day from Key Quest, and you can open up to 10 keys a day. There are prizes like neggs and codestones that you can sell in your shop for more Neopoints. It is also possible to win paint brushes. If you are interested in training your Neopet, I recommend hoarding those codestones and just selling the neggs.

Since the prizes are random, I cannot tell you for sure how much neopoints you can get from playing Key Quest, but you can make a good deal of neopoints, and you don't have to invest any.

My tips for Key Quest:

Know what alignment your token is. You can do this by going into your Collector's Case. When you are playing, you should always be aware of where your alignment is on the board and know how many spaces it is away. If you can land on it, you should since it gives you a special random powerup and a charm, such as protection from hexes, jumping to a key square, or getting an extra roll.

Have a strategy. You can look up on Jellyneo different strategies for each board and maps of each board. You can also plan your own strategy.

Try to land on the treasure chest, but make sure you have at least one key to land on it.

Do not be cruel to your opponent. Do not make antagonistic remarks in the speed chat to them, such as "HA HA" if the other player loses a mini game or lands on a bad alignment. Also, do not beat them up with powerups if there is no chance they could win anyway. For example, if you already have all 5 keys and they haven't even gotten 1 yet, there is no reason to give them the unable to collect items powerup. If you are awesome at minigames and the other person is horrible, don't go and land on every mini game. I understand that Key Quest is a competitive game, but doing these things is cruel and you do not need to be cruel to win. Be competitive, but do not be cruel. This by no means means letting another player win or giving them a free ride.

Do not quit a game on purpose. This is against the rules and it's cruel! If you know you are going to lose this game, the best thing you can do is avoid landing on mini games so the game is over quickly. You can still get codestones and neggs from a silver key, and there is no reason to quit if you are going to lose.

Do not neomail quitters. This is considered harassment and you can get in trouble. The best thing to do is report them for quitting.

Join the Vault, a guild for Key Quest players. You can find friends to play Key Quest with and some secret strategies ;) for winning.


  • Estimated Time: 10 minutes a day
  • Neopoints: Varies greatly 1,500 - depends on luck

You can earn up to 1,500 neopoints a day fairly quickly from the Battledome. You can also earn prizes, such as codestone and nerkmids if you are lucky. Even if you do not have a battledome pet, you should battle in the battledome every day. If you have premium, you should fight in the Cosmic Dome every day. I will do some research on the other domes to figure out which is best for non-premium users.


  • Estimated Time and Neopoints: Depends on how long you decide to play. I earn about 100K a day

Habitarium is a great game. Especially after level 50. There are several amazing Habitarium guides you can find on the Habitarium boards. You should definitely go and read through all of them if you have not already.

I am just going to highlight a few things in this guide. First, if you are not level 50 yet, you can go to the Habitarium boards and ask for gifts from other users. There are always people there willing to gift you and help you out. After you get everything you need or want, ask them for nests. You can make your soldier build them, and upgrade them once for extra xp. After this, discard the nest so your bag does not get cluttered.

You should only have 4-5 level 3 storages out at one time. This can help prevent you from getting locked out.

Only make your workers harvest wood, mud, and stone so you can maximize your neopoints by buying and upgrading nests. Block your workers in with decorations.

You only need 1 soldier. The soldier should be responsible for building your nests. You can block your soldier by surrounding him with nests soldier in so he builds them quicker. I keep 4 nesters out, more if I am running low on eggs. The rest are workers.

TIP: Color Code your Habitarium to make it easier for you If you have 20 storages or so, color code them. Here are a few color code ideas:

Have 5 storages out that are plain or a color of your choice. Leave your other storages in your inventory. If you are in a hurry, and those storages are full, take out 4 or 5, and your workers will keep harvesting them. When those storages get full, paint them red and put them back in your bag and take out 4 or 5 more. Then, when you have time, you can take all of your storages out and buy a bunch of nests and upgrade them. Then, when the storages are empty, you can remove the ink or paint them blue so you know they are empty.

Or you can have 4-5 sets of storages, each having 4-5 storages in each set, and each painted a different color. (So you'd have 1 set of 4-5 red, 1 set of 4-5 blue, 1 set of 4-5 yellow, and 1 set of 4-5 plain). Then only take 1 set out of a time, and if they get full, put them back in your bag and take out another set. Then when you have time, you can take them out and buy and upgrade the nests.

Color code your houses. Personally, I have 3 sets of houses. One is two houses painted yellow, one is two houses painted blue, and one is three houses painted red. I keep 12 p3s in each yellow and blue set, and they harvest stone and wood. Then, I have about 15-18 p3s working on mud. It makes it easier because I do not have to count the p3s every time I take them out of the houses. If you are low on wood or stone, you can switch the 15-18 p3s to wood or stone for a few hours or however long you need to. I am almost always low on mud, though.

Beginner Restock Guide

  • Restocking on half price day
  • Estimated Time: 4-5 hours once a month; 10-20 minutes once a day
  • Estimated Neopoints: Depends on what you buy, I try to double the neopoints I invested

Half Priced Day is on the 3rd of every month. My advice is to stock up on Easy To Sell Items for your shop, such as food and books. Try to restock until you are restock banned on the 3rd. My favorite shop on restock day is Booktastic Books, since it restocks very quickly with a lot of different books. I will use Booktastic Books as an example.

Getting Ready for Half Priced Day

Unsure of what items to buy? A few days before the 3rd, like on the 1st or so, make a list of items from the shops you are planning on restocking at on Half Price Day. You can do this by going to Jellyneo's item database. For the Booktastic Book Shop items, search for "Booktastic Book" in the Category/Shop box. Change the # of items to 100, and click on the check mark box for No NC items. You should get about 135 items back. Now, Click on the Printer Friendly Checklist. Press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C to copy the list. Open up Notepad on your computer and paste the list in there. This will get rid of the check boxes. Copy this list again.

Next, open up a Spreadsheet. Paste the list into the spreadsheet. Now, here is the boring part. Search for each item on the list in the SW or SSW and write down an estimated price for each item. If you don't want to do this, you can just copy the estimated prices from Jellyneo, but they may not be completely up to date and accurate. Whether you search them for yourself or use Jellyneo's prices is up to you.

After I price the items, in the next column, I write "highest", and the next one, I put "QTY" for quantity. On Half Price Day, in the highest column, I quickly write the biggest amount of Neopoints I paid for that particular item and then I write down how many I buy of that item.

For items that sell for over 20K or so, I put them in a separate column so I can spot them easily on Half Price Day. There also may be some items that sell for 1 NP or very cheap, I usually highlight those items with red so I know not to buy them.

If you are planning on restocking at several different shops, put each shop list in a different sheet and label the sheets with the stock name. Another great thing to do is put the shop # in each spread sheet to easily get around on Half Price Day.

Half Priced Day is Here!

Then, on Half Price Day, open up your spreadsheet and the shop you want to restock at. If you are restocking at several different shops, open up each shop in different tabs on your browser. To make it easier, put them in order of each spreadsheet. Split the spreadsheet and your browser so you can view both at the same time. I have two monitors, so I have my spreadsheet on one monitor and the shops on the other.

Now you are ready to restock! Go through each shop and see what they have to sell. You can look at your list easily and quickly to check the prices for items instead of searching the shop wizard. Buy items that you can at least double your neopoints out of. Write down the highest price you paid for the item and how many you bought.


Depending on the item, you can usually haggle to about 50-100 neopoints lower than the asking price. If you are doing more expensive items, this window is even higher. But if its an item that's like 250 Neopoints or so, offer 100 less neopoints than the asking price. This will lower the price a bit. The shopkeeper will usually reject the first offer, but will decrease his asking price a bit. For the second round, go for his asking price. If you offer something too low for an item, the shopkeeper will not decrease their price at all. You need to play around with it a bit to see how much lower you can get the item for. Make sure you click on the Neopet they tell you to, or you will not get to haggle at all. And make sure you don't let your fingers slip and offer like 1000 for an item with an asking price of 100, they will demand you pay them 1000 neopoints. If this happens to you, I recommend leaving that shop for a bit and restock somewhere else for a bit.

Reselling those Items

When you are definitely done for the day, do NOT put those items in your shop until a few days later, since people will be listing their items very cheap the first few days. Put them in your SDB for a week.

TIP: From the 3rd to the 10th of every month, the prices on the shop wizard are generally lower than they usually are. This is a good time to buy items to restock your shop with later or for your personal collections, wearables, etc.

After the 10th, when you are pricing your items, open up your spreadsheet and put down "sell price" in a new column. You should use the shop wizard to price your items, do not depend on the prices you got from the 1st of the month. Those prices are just an estimate so you don't end up losing neopoints.

Then, after that column, put in a profit column. Subtract your sell price from your highest buy price. This will give you an estimated profit for each item, which you can use next month when you are deciding what to buy on half price day.

You can also have another column, I call it %. Divide your profit from your highest buy price. This will give you a percentage of how much profit you made from that item. To begin with, you should try and get 100% for each item, which is doubling your neopoints.

I only take 1 of each item out of my SDB and put it in my shop at a time. This is more work, but it helps diversify my shop. If you put 10 of the same item in your shop at once, your name will only show up on the shop wizard in one search. BUT if you put 1 of 10 different items, your name will show up on 10 different searches, so people have a better chance of visiting your shop. I try to restock my shop once a day using this method.

You should also record your Sales History, so you can track what is selling and what is not. You can do this by Copying and Pasting your Sales History into a document every day before you clear it.

Restocking at the Igloo Garage Sale and Almost Abandoned Attic

Estimated Time: Varies, 1-4 hours possibly

Estimated Neopoints: Depends on what you buy and on luck

Igloo Garage Sale

The Igloo Garage Sale is a great place to buy items. There are restrictions on how long you can buy something after you bought one thing. There is also a restriction of buying 10 items a day from the Garage Sale. This makes it fair and for slower computers and beginner restockers. I try to buy items that are at least 300% profit. Books and wearables are usually a great items to buy. But, make sure to check the shop wizard before you buy if you are uncertain of the item price.

Almost Abandoned Attic

The Almost Abandoned Attic is similar to the Igloo Garage Sale, but is available only to users whose accounts are over 3 years. There is a limit of 5 items per day, and you also have to wait to buy after you bought something. Sunnyneo has an Attic Timer at /~attictimer which tells you when the next possible restock is. I use a stop watch to alert me a few seconds before the next possible restock. As with the Igloo Garage Sale, try to search the shop wizard if you are unaware of the item price.

Make a spreadsheet for Igloo Garage Sale items and Almost Abandoned Attic items, write down the item and the price you paid for it and the SW price. Make a column for profit and another column for %. (Subtract sell price from buy price for profit and divide Profit from buy price for your %).

Stock Market

  • Estimated Time: 5 minutes a day
  • Estimated Neopoints: 45,000 NP profit per 1000 shares if you buy at 15 and sell at 16

You should try to invest 15,000 Neopoints EVERYDAY since you are only allowed to buy 1,000 shares a day. Check the first set to see how to make that 15,000 quickly.

Personally, I only ever buy a stock if it's at 15, to maximize profits. I know others like to invest at 15-20, but I do not like this strategy. I like to diversify my portfolio as much as possible. Whatever you do, do NOT buy shares that are above 20. I know that when a stock gets to 200 or so, it looks so tempting to buy it, but it is a mistake for beginners. I know I made this mistake when I was younger, and lost about 300K.

TIP: If you participate in the Obelisk's skirmishes and your faction wins, you have a chance at getting the Cheaper By The Dozen Boon. This allows you to invest stocks that are at 10 per share for a week. Keep a look out for this boon. When you have it active, you should only invest in shares that are 10-14.

After you invest, you need to wait until they reach at least 60 per share. Then you can sell all the shares you have. This will give you a profit of 45,000 Neopoints per 1,000 shares, or 300%.

A more advanced strategy is to sell at 60, but keep a few thousand shares in there to see if it goes up any further. Personally, I always keep 2,000 shares in every stock in case they ever go really big, like 300+.

Food Club

  • Estimated time: 10 minutes a day
  • Estimated Neopoints: Depends on your Account Age

I recommend copying Hugo's bets every day. He usually updates his page sometime in the morning, and you need to have the bets in there by 1-2pm NST. If you do not like Hugo's bets, you can find someone else's or make your own. I do not recommend making your own, though, since Hugo has a really amazing system.

You can bet 50+2 times your account age in days. For me, I can bet over 9,000 for each bet, costing about for 90K a day, and I can earn about 30K-1mil a day. But, sometimes I do not win anything. There have been several times I've won 1 million just from 1 bet thanks to Hugo.

Quite honestly, I only started betting on Food Club a few months ago, and man I wish I started earlier. I was afraid of losing neopoints, since I am not a gambler. If you also feel this way, my advice to you is that if you follow Hugo's bets, you will end up making a profit. Try it for a week or so and see what happens. Food Club is a great way to earn lots of neopoints with very little effort and time.

If your main account is not an aged one, I still recommend playing Food Club and copying Hugo's bets. While you will not earn as many neopoints, you can still make a decent profit.

Well, there you have it! Let's go start putting these strategies into action and earn some Neopoints!

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