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What You Didn't Know About Your Favorite Neoboards!

by indulgences


I was browsing through the Neoboards one day when I realized that Battledomers didn't necessarily have the best battle pets, and that gallery owners didn't necessarily have the best galleries. Intrigued, I decided to study each Neoboard and figure out all the things you might not know about your favorite Neoboards!

The Battledome Neoboard:

What you didn't know is that Battledomers have the best galleries, worth hundreds of millions of Neopoints! The reason for this is because they're excellent hoarders of expensive Battledome equipment. Thyoras Tear, Super Attack Pea, Moehog Skull, Bony Grarrl Club... they're all featured in their galleries, sometimes in multiples!

You'd think the Battledome Neoboard would own the fiercest, most highly trained battle pets, but the exact opposite is true! In the 6 months that I've been stalking this Neoboard (and salivating over their rare weapons), I'd say that a little less than half of the total Battledome Neoboard regulars have battle pets with 500 hit points or less. Many of the Battledomers are starting over after having (foolishly, by their own accounts) self-frozen their old accounts.

Also, if you have an expensive item that you're trying to sell, and you aren't getting any replies on the Trading/Auctions Neoboard, go to the Battledome Neoboard. It's full of rich Battledomers who like to buy items and then resell them later for profit.

The Avatars/NeoSignatures Neoboard:

What you didn't know about avatar collectors is that they're unusually generous and kind! Every day, I see people selling their junk items for 1 Neopoint per lot on the Trading Post, trying to help people get the Rubbish avatar.

There are also people trying to help other people get the SDB Pack Rat avatar, willingly selling hundreds of items from their own Safety Deposit Boxes to others for just 1 Neopoint per lot on the Trading Post.

The Customisation Neoboard:

The users here have the best user lookups! I guess that makes sense! Being artistic and passionate enough to fully customize their Neopets with beautiful wearables, both Neopoint and Neocash alike, it does make sense that they'd follow through with their artistic bent and craft beautiful user lookups as well!

And even when their user lookups were premades rather than personally made, they were still so beautiful that I ended up bookmarking 5 different user lookup premade sites, planning to replace one of my side account user lookups with a brand new one, preferably something with cherry blossoms. Thank you, Customisation Neoboard, for being so lovely, creative and enthusiastic!

The Games Neoboard:

The Gamers are so quick to catch cheaters! Within seconds of a weird high score ending up on a game's high score table (a score that should be impossible to accomplish), the users swarm the Games Neoboard and quickly band together to report the cheater. I think this is rather cool! I wish there was some way to reward such upright and conscientious Neopians.

You'd think that with such a slow-moving Neoboard (only a handful of topics get bumped over and over again, such as the Kadoatery feeding thread and the Food Club thread), reporting cheaters would take a while, but the exact opposite is true! The cheaters vanish within mere minutes!

The Help Neoboard:

Interestingly enough, the Help Neoboard is the only Neoboard where one can receive coding advice! People have been wanting a coding Neoboard for years, but for some reason, the Neopets Team has held back on creating one.

It would be nice to have a haven on the Neoboards where one could demonstrate a piece of coding, perhaps by posting the coding on one part of the Neoboard while the effect shows up on a different part. That would be so useful!

The Ideas/Suggestions Neoboard:

What you didn't know about the Ideas Neoboard is that TONS of users here have Premium! I was rather surprised by how many people had the maximum of 5 pets. I guess that makes sense... Having invested so much money in a yearly membership, they're more apt to contribute their opinions and have their voices heard in how this site can be improved. Hence, their prolific posts on the Ideas Neoboard!

I'm glad that they've written so many interesting ideas on this Neoboard! To be honest, the Ideas Neoboard is the most interesting Neoboard on Neopets. I remember reading a fascinating thread about how there should be Onion Neopets, and a few months later, boom! Onion Chias were born! How awesome!

The NC Mall Neoboard:

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone on this Neoboard is rich in real life! Many people are like me, and have only the NC wearables that were given away for free by TNT, either through site events or by gift bag giveaways at the Mall. The awesome part is that these items rose in value over the years, so that I now have some rare items with some definite trading potential. Thank you, TNT, for such amazing NC giveaways!

The Neohomes Neoboard:

What you didn't know about the Neohomes Neoboard is that not all of the threads are about Neohomes v2! There are still some devotees of the old Neohomes, who continue to buy old Neohome items (that aren't even compatible with v2) in order to decorate their old-fashioned Neohomes. It's a labor of love! They'll never win any awards from their efforts, since the Neohomes Spotlight only focuses on Neohomes v2, but they still love to decorate their old Neohomes nonetheless! I admire their dedication!

The Neopian Pound Neoboard:

You'd think the Neopian Pound Neoboard would be full of selfish, grasping Neopians who are eager to heartlessly trade away their pets for "better" pets, but that's not true! On every page of the Pound Neoboard, there's always at least one person who wants to give away a painted pet for free!

They're called zappers and pounders, and they adopt pets from the Pound (sometimes well named, sometimes badly named), zap them until they become interesting colors, and then give them away. I do the same! I zap pets on my side accounts, then give them away. I've given away 60 pets so far, and I'm proud of the number!


Visit the Neoboards and check out the users there! Chances are, they'll surprise you with their wit, creativity and passion! No one person is one thing, and we all have multiple hobbies on this site. As with the Battledomers, who inspired this article, you never know if a person with a weak battle pet might have a gallery worth hundreds of millions of Neopoints!

Thank you for reading this article, my dear Neopians! May you always be fascinated by your fellow Neopians, and admire them as well!

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