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The Great Key Quest Quiz

by salorich


Do you like Key Quest? Wait, what? You win gold keys regularly?! Well, that's good... but how much do you really know about it? Grab a piece of paper and a pen and let's put your knowledge and experience to the test! When you're done with the questions, scroll to the bottom to find the answers along with some extra information - no cheating, though!

1. What does the Giant Rock Mote do?

a) Changes the player's direction

b) Makes the player unable to collect items

c) Makes the player skip a turn

d) Nothing...

2. Fire, Earth, Water, Light, Dark... Which alignment hasn't been mentioned?

a) Wind

b) Air

c) Mist

d) There isn't another one!

3. Which one of these is not a mini-game?

a) Berry Blaster

b) Petpet Pond

c) Pet Pamper

d) Fruit Picker

4. What does the tile in the image above do?

a) Lets you roll again

b) Gives you a power-up

c) Gives you a super power-up

d) Gives you Neopoints

5. What does the "An Unlikely Hero" charm do?

a) Lets you jump to a key square of your choice

b) Keeps your keys safe for two turns

c) Allows you to move forward three extra spaces

d) It doesn't do any of these...

6. Which of these places give you 200 NP when you land on a certain tile?

a) Healing Springs

b) Soup Kitchen

c) Wishing Well

d) Any of the above!

7. How do you get new Key Quest tokens?

a) NC Mall

b) Codes from real life Neopets Plushies

c) Games/events on Neopets.com

d) Any of the above!

8. Which of these is not a house you can choose at the start?

a) Haunted Woods

b) Mystery Island

c) Neopia Central

d) Faerieland

9. How many mini-games are there in total?

a) Eight

b) Ten

c) Twelve

d) Fourteen

10. Which of the following is considered as cheating?

a) Not rolling the dice when you can't collect items so that your turn is skipped. It's tactical, right?

b) Taking someone's keys with a Super Key Grabber power-up just before they win. Haha!!

c) Putting a pile of dung in the key door so the other person can't win. Eww... but that will show them!

d) Stealing someone's Rainbow Sticky Hand with your Rainbow Sticky Hand. It's like they never got the power-up in the first place!

~ ~ ~

The answers

1. c) Makes the player skip a turn

The Giant Mote is much like the Quicksand power-up - it causes the player's turn to be skipped. The only problem is that you have to be clever with where you roll it. It rolls over fifteen tiles in the direction that you choose, so you need to make sure that you use it at a time where it will hit at least one other player. Didn't recognise this power-up? That's probably because it's only available in 3 or 4 player games!

2. b) Air

The Air tile is light blue with a white cloud. If your token has an Air alignment and you land on this tile, you will receive a super power-up and a charm card. It can give you a major advantage in the game! If you would like to see what alignment your tokens are, just head on over to your Key Quest Collector's Case and click on your token.

3. c) Pet Pamper

The game is actually called Petpet Pamper. Oopsie. In this game, you have to hose off the mud from a VERY dirty Meowclops. Hint: Don't move the hose all over the screen. Stick to one dirty spot and wait until it is completely clean, then move on to another. The other player(s) could catch up to you if you don't get rid of it all!

4. d) Gives you NP

Landing on this tile gives you 200 NP from one of four places (see Q6 below). Unlike the gold circle tiles, you can't collect Neopoints from just passing over it.

5. b) Keeps your keys safe for two turns

Armin the Small - a lovely little Bori - comes and protects your keys for the next two turns. When you get this charm card, no other player can change or steal any of your keys. It can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing!

6. a) Healing Springs

When you land on the tile in the earlier image, one of four places is selected randomly to give you 200 NP. These places are: Healing Springs, Money Tree, Coltzan's Shrine, and Edna's Tower.

7. d) Any of the above!

Yes, all of the options in this question allow you get a new token. Unfortunately, real life plushies have been retired. The only way you can buy tokens is through the NC Mall. It's worth noting that new tokens are released on each Pet Day, so keep an eye out for your favourites!

8. b) Mystery Island

The other house - the beige coloured one - is "Lost Desert".

9. c) Twelve

Yes, there are twelve mini-games! It's easy to forget there are this many. Would you like me to list them? No? Well, I'm going to anyway. *Takes a deep breath* Flower Frenzy, Berry Blaster, Fruit Picker, Petpet Pamper, Orbliteration, Shenkuu Showers, Petpetpet Snare, Petpet Pond, Neogarden Grow, Spyder Scare, Ghastly Guzzler, and Nova Matcher! *Breathes*

10. a) Not rolling the dice when you can't collect items so that your turn is skipped. It's tactical, right?

VERY wrong! It is not tactical. This is cheating and it is a reportable offence. The b, c, and d options are completely fine because you are using the power-ups in the way that they were intended to be used. You are supposed to steal keys and power-ups and block the other user from winning! But what you are NOT supposed to do is deliberately skip your turn or leave the game. These are two things that could get your account frozen for cheating.

~ ~ ~

How well did you do?


N00b. Have you even played Key Quest?


Meh, you did OK...


You must be pretty good at this game!


Whoa, EXPERT!!! People better watch out for you!

Note: This quiz is only for fun. It doesn't matter if you didn't get many answers right because you don't need to know this stuff to be able to play. Power-ups and other important things are explained to you in-game. As for the tactical things, you'll pick them up as you go along! :)

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