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Interview with the Post Office Shopkeeper

by _white_spirit_


Also by iluvmeezerkatz

Over the years, many stamps have been released in Neopia, making them truly collectable works of art. They are famous for their simple yet artistic design, with many different shapes and colors (and prices!).

This week, we had the privilege of interviewing the one who is responsible for many Neopian collectors' joy, the Post Office Shopkeeper!

So tell us, how long have you owned the Post Office?

I have been its owner ever since it was created way back in Year 3. You see, I had wanted a business of my own for a long time and establishing my own post office where I could invent new stamps and receive customers from all over Neopia, just seemed wonderful to me. Plus, at the time when I had this idea, there weren't any shops specialized in stamps, which made growing and expanding my business so much easier. Sure, I had to do lots of work with Lawyerbot legalizing my place at the beginning, but in the end I didn't regret it at all. I live for this and I couldn't be happier doing anything else.

Which stamps are your favorites?

That is a tough question, as I like every stamp I have made so far. From the oldest to the newest, from the classiest to the misprinted, from A to Z, every stamp being printed and placed in albums is a great achievement for me.

What type of clients usually visits your shop?

Stamp collectors and people wanting to send neomails are the most common. Lots of restockers visit me every day, as well.

Do you like working with Neopian restockers?

Sure, why not? Restockers are the ones who keep my shop active most of the times and help spread my merchandise to other lands. It's true that they can be rather rude sometimes, but without their unconditional support, my business would most likely fail terribly. I remember one day having loads of good merchandise to stock and having all these restockers shoving and pushing and cutting in line. I didn't know what to do or how to keep order in my shop! You had to be there to believe the mayhem. But at least they have some appreciation for my stamps.

Where do you get ideas for new stamps?

Many people ask me that, but I don't think there is a true inspiration for my stamps. Most of the times I just create new ones based on special events that are occurring or occurred in Neopia. Other times, it's just something I enjoy, like a sun rise in the Lost Desert or a nice waterfall in Shenkuu. And of course, there are those retired ones which I created long ago in collaboration with contests like the Better Than You or the Lenny Conundrum. I just try to innovate every time I'm creating my stamps.

Speaking of high-end stamps, what is your opinion about them?

Well, I think that, for some people, paying millions (sometimes hundreds of millions) of neopoints for a stamp is absolutely meaningless. On the other hand, I find it amazing that some stamp collectors are fearlessly willing to pay that fortune just to complete their albums. It really depends on the point of view, I think. The feeling that I get when I see a person paying all those neopoints and completing the album they had been working on for so long is really, really great. Therefore, I can't say I am against or in favor of those retired stamps. They are very rare, very old too and they have been used all these years without being replaced in the economy. I've seen people saving their money to buy them, so why is it so impossible for other people to save their money too? They just have to want it, and to work earnestly. With a bit of luck and a lot of effort it will be theirs.

Is there any chance of selling those stamps again in the future?

In my shop, I really doubt it. The factories my partners and I hired to produce those stamps no longer exist, and only they could print them. It was a temporary situation. It doesn't mean young stamp collectors should lose their hope, though! Some resellers kept their stamps until now because they knew people would like to buy them one day. And Dr. Sloth has already proved to have access to some of those rarer stamps too (although I have no idea how many stamps of those he has).

Have you ever had rude customers visiting your shop?

Fortunately, no. Besides some little accidents with people pushing and cutting and line, like I said previously, not many rude Neopians visit my shop. It's a safe and quiet place and there are always nice people to keep you company.

Are there any specific stamps Neopians look for when they visit your Post Office?

That's an interesting question. I usually stock my shop with simple and cheap stamps, because I know those have a great demand and everyone can afford. Then, throughout the day, I try to sell some rarer stamps, in the 2,500 NP - 5,000 NP range. Those are slightly more expensive than the others but still very common. They sell like hot bread, but I cannot stock them every time I want because investing in them is expensive.

What about the extremely rare stamps (not high-end ones)?

Those are even more expensive to make and they never come at bunches. They usually have lots of details, ink of the highest quality and that's why their price is above the average. I have many people interested in those too, especially stamp collectors with some experience or restockers who wish to profit by reselling them. Either way, I try to please every client I have and every time I have the opportunity, I put one rare stamp for sale. Those can cost above 10,000 NP in my shop.

What are the rarest, non-retired, stamps right now?

I have been working in the post office for so long that I am afraid I can't answer your question accurately. But my guess goes for Sticky Snowflake Stamp, Battle Slices Stamp and basically all the others tagged at r99. People drool when they see those for sale but they don't lose time and buy them immediately. Ironically, collectors seem to have gained interested by misprinted stamps as well. Those usually go for 50,000 NP.

We are running out of time now. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Yes. If you allow me, I would like to thank all my sponsors and partners for their patience with me and all my faithful clients for their loyalty and friendship. Without their unconditional support, I would have never gone this far with my stamps.

Thank you for your time and answers.

Unfortunately we don't have time for more, but who knows, one day we will have the luck of another chat with this iconic Neopian worker. We hope you have enjoyed reading this interview and we wish you luck at collecting some beautiful stamps. :)

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