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Creative Ways To Use Your FFQs!

by indulgences


I received my fourth Fountain Faerie Quest, or FFQ as it is commonly known, a few days ago while visiting the Healing Springs. I was so ecstatic! I started wriggling in my chair and hollering, "Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo!" No matter that it was my fourth FFQ and not my first -- I was as thrilled as any newbie! The item that she asked for was only 8,000 Neopoints, too, the cheapest FFQ I've ever gotten!

I had a dilemma, though. I already had all of my permanent pets (except for my dream unconverted pets). I didn't want to use the FFQ on myself, and I didn't want to trade it for another pet. What should I do?

So I started brainstorming creative ways to get rid of my FFQ. Eventually I struck an impasse, and I couldn't think anymore. Needing help and some good advice, I wandered over to the Help Neoboard and asked them for their unconventional opinions as to what I should do with this precious FFQ.

Here follow their insightful suggestions!

1. Gift a friend his/her dream pet.

Most people suggested that I use the FFQ to create one of my Neofriends' dream pets. I smacked my forehead in exasperation, incredulous that I hadn't thought of that before. Giving a dream pet to a deserving Neofriend would be so much fun! I can just imagine the big smile on my favorite Neofriend's face when she logs in one morning to find that I've gifted her her dream pet!

2. Paint an outrageous color to make people laugh.

People made ironic suggestions too, such as painting a pet named "HappyPet" into Grey, or painting a pet named "VisiblePet" into Camouflage. I thought these were really fun and creative ideas! And I'm sure there are lots of people on the Pound Neoboard who would appreciate pets like this. Neopians are clever people and they usually pick up irony very quickly. I would love to gift an ironic pet to someone who wants and deserves it!

3. Paint an outrageous color to make people angry.

One person declared that I should paint a pet from Red to Green, just for the shock value of spending an FFQ on something so trivial. I started giggling and couldn't stop! How EVIL would it be if I adopted a Rainbow Shoyru from the Pound and painted the poor thing Blue??? What a horrible, yet amusing waste of a perfectly good FFQ!

4. Gift a random person his/her dream pet.

Being satisfied with my permanent pets, and not looking to trade for any more, giving the FFQ to someone worthy on the Pound Neoboard seemed like a good idea. I'd already created and given away a Plushie Buzz earlier this year, granting myself the Buzzin' avatar while at the same time granting someone a free Plushie Buzz. Maybe I could use my FFQ to again paint a free pet for someone who deserved it!

5. Save it.

Multitudes of people claimed I should save the FFQ, in case I fall in love with a future color and want to paint a pet. I smacked my head in exasperation yet again, annoyed that saving the FFQ hadn't occurred to me. For now, this is my option of choice... I'm saving the FFQ in case a cool new color, like a Stealth Draik, comes into being!

Others claimed that I should save the FFQ in case I get an unwelcome visit from Boochi. (Boochi is a character that can possibly zap your active pet into Baby.) My active pet is just a Secret Laboratory Ray lab rat that I'm zapping for Battledome stats, so I don't care if Boochi zaps him, but I thank all of the people who recommended that I regard the FFQ as "Boochi insurance"! It's one of the best ideas I've heard!

6. Create a pet that's helpful to Neopia.

I was stunned by this brilliant idea that someone posted on my thread. What would be better than creating a pet that's helpful to the Neopian population? I could create a Halloween Lupe and give it away to a pet lender on the Avatar Neoboard who would lend it out for the avatar it gives. I could create a Coconut JubJub and lend it out myself. I could even create a Pea Chia for those people who are trying to get lent Super Attack Pea for the avatar! What an inspired idea this is!

7. Get free clothes.

This was another brilliant idea that made me slack-jawed with awe. What better way to spend a FFQ than to get free Paint Brush clothes? For instance, I currently have a Green Zafara as my favorite pet. What if I adopted a badly named Zafara from the Pound, painted it Desert, then pounded it without its Desert Clothes? A whole new wardrobe (the Desert Zafara clothes) for my Green Zafara without spending a single Neopoint! How innovative and fun!

8. Never use it.

I have to admit, I get a thrill when I visit the Rainbow Fountain and the Fountain Faerie eagerly waves me to her beautiful multicolored waterfall instead of turning me away. Oh, the painting possibilities! And how wondrous it is to see that I have access to the most selective locale in all of Neopia!

This is why I'm almost tempted to never use my FFQ, just because it's so rare and I want to savor the feeling of exclusivity I get when I drop by the Rainbow Fountain and the Fountain Faerie wholeheartedly welcomes me!

In conclusion:

Writing this article opened my eyes to the many creative possibilities there are for using FFQs! With the help of my innovative pals on the Help Neoboard, I've written this article in the hopes that people won't feel limited anymore by their FFQs, choosing instead to use their FFQs in productive and inventive ways. The Help Neoboard certainly helped ME to see my FFQ in a new light!

Thanks for reading my article, my fellow Neopians, and may you be gifted with many FFQs for years to come!

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