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What's Your Favorite Way Of Helping Others?

by indulgences


You love this site, I love this site, everyone loves this site! New users rapidly become addicted to the pets, to customization, and to site events like the Altador Cup and Daily Dare. But there are also those generous and selfless users who make this site a brighter place for everyone else! These are the people who give virtual birthday items to friends, do other people's Faerie quest searches on their own Super Shop Wizards, and help other users with advice on restocking.

My personal favorite way to help people is by giving away zapped pets on my side accounts! I recently hit a new high of 7 pets donated during the month of April. (My previous high was 4 pets in July of last year.) I also donate everything from my dailies to the Money Tree! I wish I could say it was purely out of generosity, but the fact is, I hate pricing my shop and I would rather donate the items to the Money Tree than price them at 1-5 Neopoints in my shop. Besides, I figure there are some really poor Neopians who are grateful for all of the Omelettes I've donated to the Tree! I must have donated thousands by now!

Some people are so generous about searching the Shop Wizard for other people's Faerie quests that not only do they post the available shops, but they also just buy the item and send it to the person in need. I do the same! When the item is less than 1000 Neopoints, I simply buy it and send it to the person who needs it. I figure that even though they might receive multiples from other users, they could always sell my donation for some much-needed cash. Everyone wins!

I asked the Help Neoboard what their favorite way of helping others was on this site. I got many interesting replies! One person proudly declared that he gave away 40 Piles Of Dung to people trying for the Rubbish avatar. That sounds fun! I think that from now on, I'll collect masses of cheap items, keep them in my Safety Deposit Box, and give them out randomly to people who still need the Rubbish avatar -- a sort of Secret Santa project, if you will!

Some users are so generous on this site that they actually buy out people's shops, even though some of the items might be expensive. I remember waking up one morning and checking on my Shop. To my surprise, my entire Shop stock was wiped clean! A single user had decided to be super sweet and buy out everything in my Shop! To that person, I say, Thanks! You totally rock!

Some users often notice that people might be missing something from their gallery, and send the item right along to them. I find that to be a truly selfless and generous act! Those missing items are usually very cost prohibitive, and the people who buy them just to send them to people who need them is extraordinarily kind!

Other users on this site are so generous that they lend items worth millions and millions of Neopoints for free! The Bony Grarrl Club, Faerie Queen Doll, Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG), and Super Attack Pea items are the most coveted avatar items that exist, and it's rare to be lent such precious and rare items. However, I was lent all three items several months ago for free on the Avatar Neoboard, and I'm still grateful to the lenders who trusted me enough to lend me their pricey items!

I'm also grateful to the lenders who lent me rare avatar pets. I will always treasure my Mootix, Draik and Krawk avatars, so thank you lenders for having faith in me and trusting me with your valuable pets! May you have much luck finding other worthy people to lend your beautiful pets to!

There are many experts on this site, whether they're Stock Market geniuses, restocking mavens, or customization gurus. Coding is a hugely popular aspect of Neopets, too. Almost everyone on the Help Neoboard claimed that giving advice is the most rewarding part of Neopets, whether it's helping a newbie get started or helping a fellow coding enthusiast how to get their pet lookups juuust right!

Many people have wishlists full of the Neopoint and Neocash items they covet the most. I'm always happy to peruse the wishlists of my Neofriends and send them a dream item over the holidays, like Valentine's Day. I can imagine the big smile stretching over their faces when they log into their accounts in the morning and find an expensive gift from me...and it makes me smile in return!

Many users also take responsibility over various aspects of the site! For instance, I had the opportunity to meet several users who maintain threads for days and days, like the timekeeping Kadoatie feeders, or the Snowager stalkers. Other people post the Daily Puzzle answer on the Help Neoboard every day, while still others maintain Food Club threads on the Games Neoboard. I admire these users very much! I personally don't have the time to maintain a thread over the course of days and days, but kudos to everyone who does!

So many people I encountered while writing this article had stories to tell of other users' generosity. One person was gifted 600,000 Neopoints, while another remembered being given a Baby Paint Brush. One user was gifted a Draik. A Draik! Wow! And finally, one person, who happened to be an adult woman, once spent hours and hours on the site being given coding advice by, as it later turned out, a 12 year old boy. She was so surprised by his intelligence when she found out how old he was!

What I admire most about Neopians is the generosity of spirit that is in every user. Not every online gaming site can attest to the goodness and kindness of its users, never mind their intelligence and creativeness. Neopians are not greedy. They are Battledome fighters, advice givers, and gaming aficionados. They only love Neopoints as far as they can accomplish goals with them, like training their pets, or earning avatars and trophies. Neopians are goal-oriented, passionate, and fond of chatting and making friends. I admire every player on this site, and for good reason!

Thanks for reading my article, my fellow Neopians! May you encounter only the kindest and most giving people on Neopets!

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