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Top Ten Plushie Foods

by pebblesnbambam1


Are you a fan of food? Do you like those sweet cuddly toys known as plushies? Well then, this list is just what you have been waiting for! As a collector of plushies, I have come across quite a few adorable plushies over the years. No plushies have quite made me squee with joy as much as food shaped plushies. Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of cute plushies out there. You may be asking yourself, what makes plushie foods so special? For me, there's something that is so cuddly about seeing my favorite foods in plushie form. Don't get me wrong, some of these food items you wouldn't catch any of my neopets or me ever eating, but that's what makes having them in plushie form so perfect. We don't have to eat them! Food shaped plushies may not be your favorite plushies, but I'm sure after reading this list you will agree that they do have a sort of charming appeal about them. Thus, below you will find ten of my favorite plushie foods that I'm sure you will enjoy as much as I do.

Warning: These plushies do not taste as good as they look. I would suggest you avoid reading this article when you or your pets are hungry.

10. Fish Pop Plushie

"So realistic you might be tempted to suck on it."

This charming fish-shaped plushie may not look all that delicious, but it certainly looks like the real thing. Whether you're a fan of fish pops or not, you have to admit this plushie is absolutely adorable. However, I must admit I'm glad this is just a plushie and not the real thing. Somehow hugging a real fish pop with its fishy smell does not sound as nice as hugging a loveable little plushie.

Approximate cost: 400 NP

9. Super Soft Orange Plushie

"This orange doesnt have much juice in it, but it is very soft."

Not to be confused with its not-as-soft cousin the Orange Plushie, the Super Soft Orange Plushie is one of the softest plushies around. Not only does this plushie make a perfect pillow, but it also makes me crave some freshly squeezed orange juice.

Approximate cost: 20,000 NP

8. Carrot Plushie

"Cuddling up with real carrots is cold comfort - try this plushie instead."

This delightful little plushie is a perfect representation of a carrot in plushie form. The perfect companion for any Cybunny or lover of carrots, this plushie is sure to be of great enjoyment for all. Although it may not improve anyone's eyesight anytime soon, it still looks pretty good to me!

Approximate cost: 2,400 NP

7. Cheeseburger Plushie

"So tasty looking, you might just eat it while you sleep!"

What could be better than a juicy, succulent cheeseburger? A plushiefied cheeseburger, that's what! Now you can enjoy this wonderful treat without worrying about any of the calories! Burger lovers everywhere will love this fluffy treat. And now you can hug your favorite food without worrying about getting ketchup and any other toppings on your shirt! It's a win-win!

Approximate cost: 3,000 NP

6. Plushie Cherries

"A pair of bright red cherry plushies that are as fun to play with as they would have been to eat."

What a wonderful summertime delicacy cherries make. And this plushie is perfect for anyone who's a fan of this delicious fruit. Not only do they look good on display, but I'm sure they will bring hours of fun to your neopets. However, be warned, they might make you want to eat some cherries... or possibly lots of cherries.

Approximate cost: 2,900 NP

5. Raspberry Plushie

"This raspberry looks a little soft..."

Another adorable fruit shaped plushie; the Raspberry Plushie is definitely not one to miss. This delightful plushie is sure to bring a smile to raspberry and fruit lovers everywhere. It is super soft and great for those Neopians who enjoy having a fuzzy friend by their side when they go to bed.

Approximate cost: Fluctuates

4. Chokato Plushie

"How could any real Chokato fan be without this cute plushie?"

The Chokato Plushie not only looks delectable, but also looks extremely accurate to a real Chokato. This plushie is also the perfect shape to make a very comfortable chair. The Chokato Plushie is a great addition to any Neopian's collection and is sure to bring an abundance of joy.

Approximate cost: Fluctuates

3. Pink Cupcake Plushie

"So squishibly soft you want to eat it!"

Have you ever wanted to eat a cupcake, but knew you shouldn't? Well consider that problem solved with this yummy looking plushie. The Pink Cupcake Plushie would also make the perfect present for any neofriend. Almost everyone loves cupcakes and the details on this plushie, including the cute little heart on the top, just add to its appeal.

Approximate cost: 200,000-300,000 NP

2. Deviled Steak Plushie

"This plushie doesnt look too friendly..."

This spooky food based plushie retains its spookiness, but also has an unusual appeal. While Deviled Steak may not be known for being cute and cuddly, somehow making it a plushie has made it have an odd charm. Although the actual item may not be one most Neopians would want to try, the benefit of having the Deviled Steak Plushie is being able to enjoy its cute appearance without having to eat it.

Approximate cost: 150,000 NP

1. Magical Ghost Marshmallows Plushie

"These yummy looking plushies are not really edible, but they are quite cuddly."

This rare plushie is so adorable I just can't help but want to give it a hug. The Magical Ghost Marshmallows Plushie is certainly cuddly looking, but it also looks absolutely scrumptious. With its friendly smile and fluffy appearance, it's hard to resist this plushie's allure. However, with how rare and expensive it is, I am content with admiring this loveable plushie from afar.

Approximate cost: 16,000,000 NP

I hope reading this article hasn't made you too hungry because I definitely am after writing it! If you were thinking of creating a new gallery theme, or were just looking for some cute new items to buy, then I hope this article has brought you newfound inspiration. So next time you're looking to buy a new plushie to cuddle with consider picking up a plushie food!

Thank you for reading! :)

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