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The Two King Plumpies

by tabascosoup


"He'll stay in that corner for hours!" a little blue Kacheek groaned. This is Jimmy, a little Kacheek living in a tiny tower in Meridell. Jimmy finally got a Petpet called a Plumpy. The Plumpy had stayed in the corner and didn't move. Maybe he's hungry? Jimmy thought. Jimmy tried to coax the Plumpy out as best as he could. He tried offering him various expensive cheeses; fruits that he got from his aunt in Mystery Island for Gadgadsbogen, he even offered it an Everlasting Apple and he didn't even budge. He sat down on a wooden green stool and had his paws on his face, looking purely distressed at this situation.

      This creature needs to back off a bit. He's blocking that window! I need my sun! The Plumpy thought, securing himself down in the corner. This is Skarl, a Plumpy who simply doesn't enjoy a normal Plumpy life. Skarl wanted to be treated like he is a king; and he wants it to be that way for the rest of his life.

      You see, Skarl used to hide with his brothers and sisters in King Skarl's secret bacon storage. His three brothers and two sisters would eat bacon to their hearts' content, and hear through the bacon storage walls and hear amateurs try to make the king laugh. They would also hear the King's Court discussing important things that a king should know, like how to properly teach your citizens how to brush your teeth, or the Altador Cup. They acted like they were royals themselves. One day, King Skarl went into the bacon storage and discovered the six chubby stowaways with bits of bacon all over their faces. King Skarl screamed and sent for the guards to chase the stowaways out. The guards chased after him and the five other siblings. He escaped and arrived unexpectedly on the doorstep of this young Kacheek. He was truly happy to finally get a Petpet of his own, and he spent so much time trying to please the picky, chubby Plumpy.

      Jimmy finally managed to feed this fussy pet. He passed him a piece of Bacon Omelette. Skarl swallowed it in tiny gulps, getting grease all over his fur. The front door swung open with a loud creak. A tiny bright white Weewoo with a small green and pale yellow handkerchief across its neck had started to stride inside, looking proud and confident. It had a letter in its beak, addressed to Jimmy. Jimmy pulled the notice out of its bill, and watched waddle out the door.

      Jimmy scanned through the letter. When he stopped, he skipped over to Skarl and daintily tried to lift him off of the ground. "Fluffy! (Creative name, Skarl thought with sarcasm) Guess what? My cousin Batty from Brightvale is going on vacation tomorrow! Her Plumpy Nemo is going to come over here tomorrow! YOU'RE GONNA HAVE A PLAYDATE!" Jimmy cheered brightly, trying to spin Skarl around in circles.

      As long as that Nemo character doesn't think he's the big guy here, I'm fine. As long as he doesn't think he's the king, I've got a feeling we'll have a lovely time, Skarl thought, ignoring his feet dragging below him.


      Batty the Korbat had pulled out her issue of Mystery Island Monthly and sat on a plush chair by her fireplace. Her suitcases were awaiting her by the door. Her Plumpy Nemo had finished his 221th helping of bacon today.

      He knew his name wasn't really Nemo. It's what the Neopets call their pets. He knew his name was Hagan. He preferred to act like a king in a peaceful, wise country. Why? Hagan used to live in the Brightvale Castle, home of the wise King Hagan. He used to be one of the servant's pets. One day, he was accidentally misplaced at a huge door with the worlds KEEP OUT. He pushed the door open and went inside thee room. He closed the door and turned to the dark chamber. He saw a light. The fireplace was warm and glowing. There were numerous bookshelves, filled with books, books, and even more books. Little did he know, it was really the King's private library, not to be used by anyone but himself, but he forgot to lock the door. The Plumpy named himself Hagan, and started to find a hiding hole, just in case. Hagan the Plumpy found several holes in the floor that were covered with large, rainbow rugs and blankets. He would eat crumbs that the king left, and whenever the King would come in the private library, he would dive into the hole as fast as he could. Hagan the Plumpy would crouch and listen in awe as the King read his book aloud to himself. The Plumpy would listen to every little date and fact the King would recite. One day, the King pulled out a ladder to try to pull out a book on the history of Lutari Island.

      He placed the ladder on a rug and WHOOPS! The rugs were flipped away to reveal a tiny, gaping hole in the wood paneled floor, with a Plumpy crouching underneath. King Hagan had summoned a repairman to repair the floors, and a servant to pick up the Plumpy.

      The servant picked up the struggling Plumpy and walked to a village square. The servant remembered he had tickets to the Altador Cup and dropped the Plumpy at a random doorstep in the village square. A young red Korbat named Batty was about to leave her house for a morning stroll when she saw the yowling Plumpy on her doorstep. She picked up the Plumpy and fed it bacon and named it Nemo. Now, she got a ticket to the Altador Cup and had to go. She got the mail Weewoo and put a letter to give to her younger cousin, Jimmy. The next day, Jimmy told her about his Plumpy named Fluffy and said she can drop Nemo off at his house.

      "Nemo, please behave yourself over at Jimmy's. Okay?" Batty instructed. Batty pulled out her bike with a Plumpy carrier, dropped Nemo in the carrier and rode her bike to Meridell.

      Hagan the Plumpy sat in the carrier contently. As long as Fluffy behaves himself, I'll adjust nicely. And, if he lets me be king of the house, I'll be fine as well.

      Batty dropped Nemo off at Jimmy's tower home in Meridell, and sped off to Altador. As soon as Skarl heard the door slam, he moved out of his corner and bolted to the door. Hagan stood still. Jimmy stood at the front door, grinning ear to ear. Jimmy shouted, "I'll go get bacon treats for you guys. Be right back!"

      Hagan and Skarl stood still on the wood paneled floor. Skarl had preened himself and purred in Plumpish (the language for Plumpies), "Well? Aren't you going to bow down to your rightful king, Skarl the Plumpy?"

      Hagan had stood back, looking totally disgusted. "You're no king, you charlatan! I'm your rightful king, not a pompous Plumpy imitating a king!" Hagan hissed.

      Skarl had began to growl loudly. Hagan growled louder. Skarl pulled out a toy paper cracker crown and placed it on his chubby head. Hagan had picked up a toy crown with jewels and shoved it on his head. They both shouted, "I'M THE KING HERE AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!" Skarl had retreated to another side of the room. Hagan did likewise. Skarl had found the Symols that lived in the garden and made an army and servants. Hagan had climbed to the top of the house (the guard tower) and found a large group of Spyvens flying. He caught their attention and found an army and servants as well. Skarl and Hagan both wanted to be king. The armies had fought each other by playing Yooyuball with marbles instead of Yooyus. Skarl and Hagan fought each other by simply picking up a Petpet toy and began to play some weird game with it. (Think of volleyball.) It lasted for fifteen minutes.

      Jimmy came home and shouted, "I'M HOME!" Jimmy stopped in his tracks. He gasped. He saw Symols and Spyvens playing with his lucky set of expensive marbles. He also saw Fluffy and Nemo clawing each other and reaching for a toy.

      Jimmy immediately sent a Weewoo with a letter to Batty telling her what happened. He separated the two disgruntled Plumpies. He shooed the dozen Spyvens away, and shooed the Symols out to the backyard. Batty came immediately and picked up Nemo. Batty shook her head sadly and punished Nemo with no hot chocolate for a week. Batty apologized and pulled her bike with the Plumpy carrier out and sped away. Jimmy began to clean up the messy house, while Fluffy (or Skarl) waddled to the corner and slept.

      Isn't it strange that even Plumpies with the name Skarl and Hagan argue just like the real two kings?

The End

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