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Smiliest Petpets

by water_park1993


Also by ruben160

Every Neopian knows that a happy Neopet is only complete when it has a perfect petpet to accompany it. But there are a bunch of them out there, looking for a welcoming home and a warm hug. So we decided to create a list with the top 10 smiliest petpets that exist in the whole of Neopia that have the cutest smile around. We'd like to say that it was quite hard to find and actually decide on only 10 because there were so many great and irresistible petpets. We hope you also share most of our decisions!

10. Feepit

These blue and white critters are said to be named after the sounds they make as they call to each other in the snow, or so their description says! Their smile, even if it is subtle, can be seen from afar and it is quite charming. They used to be an Advent Calendar prize but now they can be bought from shops too. They love cold and snowy environments, especially Terror Mountain but a cold sea can be soothing too. They like to hide in small holes and play pranks on other petpets; but mostly they play their favorite game when they find the right opponent. A game of Meepit vs Feepit is known to cause Feepits to never give up from a battle.

9. Meepit

When you see a pair of big staring eyes, you know that most likely it would be a Meepit. They are named that way mainly because of the pink colour and the sound they make around Haunted Woods. They use their smile to confuse people thinking they are peaceful petpets but at the end they are the masterminds behind lots of evil plans. However, they still are petpets - that lots of people want! They are most commonly found around Haunted Woods, in the petpet shop. One other of their abilities is that they hide anywhere so they are pretty good at it. They also take part in the Meepit vs Feepit game so you know well - when you get a Meepit, never have a Feepit near cause there will be trouble!

8. Kadoatie

Surely this list wouldn't be complete without Kadoaties. Indeed they are pretty rare, but normally you can find them venturing around Neopia Central. And you may be wondering; but they don't seem to smile, right? You got it quite wrong. There is a place where they are on holiday, called "The Kadoatery" where they ask both for cheap and way over expensive food. And as soon as they get their paws on the desired food, they use their smile to thank you. Anyway, they are the only petpets that have such a special place where owners could take care of them. They are clever, but they don't like the dark so if you want to have one remember to let the lights on or you would never sleep at night again. For some they are known as commanders because if you don't do what they want, you will probably end up surrounded by attacking Kadoaties.

7. Babyca

A small petpet that resembles a Meerca with such a cute little smile on its face! This playful petpet uses its smile to attract other petpets in order to play games and pass its time. Using its three tails, it is very skilled in passing from tree to tree and grabbing items that are hard to reach. You wouldn't want to be in the way of a Babyca's tail because even though it looks innocent, it hits really hard. Their other quality is their speed, in comparison to their size. They can run really fast and can cause some troubles if one runs in your feet.

6. Weeble

Probably one of the most widely known petpets since lots of people got it at the start of their Neopets history. We wouldn't let it out of this list because it might not be as important. When we first got on Neopets and we saw this petpet, we thought more of it as a petpet with a big shining and happy smile than a petpet that is made out of cardboard, so this list is perfect to give it a rightful place and recognition for people that sometimes don't remember it. Weeble is known for its pink colour and that it can't be painted but it is up for lots of fun with your pet; especially if it likes a friend that is always up for a play.

5. Bowla

This sky-blue petpet looks exactly like a bow that one would put on a gift box or would wear on a suit. Its small head is located in the middle and its small smile catches your attention. Although it looks small and innocent, by absorbing water it can grow up to ten times its size and then squirt the water all around so be careful! It likes to live in ponds and sea but it wouldn't mind the land either. It is usually found in flocks in the sea.

4. Turnali

What's cutest than a one-eyed cat-like petpet? Actually Turnali's head is all an eye with a huge smile on it - the eye, that is. Having the best eyesight in the night but the worst in the mornings, it is best to keep it shaded during the day. It loves to go for a walk around Haunted Woods during the night and although it is a Spooky petpet, it hates to pull any pranks or scare other Neopians. On the contrary, it loves to purr and play with yarn balls all night long.

3. Splyke

We are getting closer to our top petpet. But before that, we can't miss Splyke. Like their description says, we don't even know why they seem to always be shocked or smiling at something. Their huge mouth is always startled or happy, looking at food or games! They are pretty common around Neopia and one of the calmest petpets because they don't like to make very loud sounds, so you could get some good night's sleep while owning one of them! Always take care not to step on it, only wearing songs because its spiky head will pierce you and its smile will probably change into a set of angry teeth.

2. Bat Boy

It's a Vampire. It's a baby. It has the cutest smile. It wears a red cloak! It deserved a spot here - mainly for the third reason that we provided, you might say. Once again, if your pet doesn't like Spooky petpets it would probably be better not get one this to look after. They are one of the less known petpets but still quite expensive to get hold of since they aren't easily found around Neopia. They used to be available in the Haunted Woods but now they are sparse, looking innocent while they are smiling all the time. Always take caution not to get bitten from them!

1. Flishy

So, ladies and gentlemen, it is time that we revealed to you our one and only number one smiliest petpet of the whole of Neopia! Here we have a petpet that we don't have much information available. It is one of the happiest petpets around, not only because of its continuous smile, but also because of those squinting eyes and those rosy cheeks constantly making it even cuter looking. Some people say that they even make your Neopets happier just by playing with them and they might bring great luck to the owners. They are known for being mostly blue, with some white. And as a tip, we suggest not looking at it much because it might cause you uncontrollable smiling and we have to get serious about this article! But since we did spend much time looking at it, we have discovered that first hand!

Here, dear readers of our article, we have reached the end of what might seem a smile parade of cute little petpets, or a smile competition for the best face. But always bear in mind that these petpets were chosen subjectively based on our decisions and likeness. This list will be different for each Neopian and we appreciate that. We hope you had a good laugh looking at these petpets and remember to smile to brighten your every day!

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