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Quintessential Quiggles

by quiggles_r_kewl_1


As we celebrate Quiggle Day, I thought it would be interesting to take an in depth look at the Quiggle species. Quiggles were originally known as Frogstomps and were introduced to Neopia on the 18th Day of Eating, Year 2. Just a few months later the Frogstomp evolved into the Quiggle. Quiggles are fun-loving and goofy aquatic Neopets that live near ponds and swamps. They are brave, adventurous creatures and are always looking for the next fun thing to do. Quiggles have long and flexible limbs making them excellent swimmers and jumpers. Their long, sticky tongues are perfect to catch bugs for dinner but they also enjoy eating lots of healthy vegetables as well. One type of food they do stay away from though is anything that contains cream since they are very allergic to it and will get the neezles if they do eat it. Quiggles also love to play with these adorable little dolls they created known as Quigukis for hours on end.

The Quiggle is my personal favourite Neopet as you can probably tell by my username! I feel that Quiggles are underrated and unappreciated by many Neopians. There are actually many famous Quiggles on Neopets and now I will list the top 10 most notable Quiggles! Hopefully this article will open everyone's eyes to the greatness that is the Quiggle!


Quinton is a green Quiggle who runs the health food shop in the Neopian Bazaar, which is located just northwest of Neopia Central. Not only is Quinton a health food nut himself, but it was always his goal to get his fellow Neopians to eat healthier and more nutritious foods. He really takes his job to heart as he personally grows the majority of the delicious vegetables he sells from his own garden. It isn't work to him though, he loves gardening! Quinton is also one of the bravest Quiggles around and will do anything he can to add more kinds of healthy foods to his shop. One day a travelling salesman named Dervinn tried to sell Quinton some exotic foods and Quinton thought it would be better to be self reliant and find his own exotic foods. So, Quinton sent out on a journey to find the rarest health food of them all- the golden carrot! Dervinn told Quinton he once found some golden carrots east of Kiko Lake, so Quinton headed out on what would be a dangerous mission. Along the way he was almost eaten by a Jetsam and survived a rock slide, but eventually he found the precious golden carrots to bring back to his store. Quinton is definitely one of the most dedicated Quiggles I've ever known.

Quaglor the Intrepid

Quaglor the Intrepid is the Quiggle featured in the game Faerie Caves II- Fyora's Quest. His job is to navigate through numerous caverns and tunnels to capture treasure, all while dodging numerous hazards such as spikes and dynamite along the way! He is another extremely brave Quiggle who risks his life much like Quinton, except Quaglor is doing it for the selfish reason of becoming rich. Still, one must respect that kind of bravery even if the motivation behind it is greed.


Leeroy is an enthusiastic Quiggle who runs the game Coconut Shy in the Deserted Fairground in Haunted Woods. He is a very odd looking Quiggle with missing teeth, uncombed black hair and warts on his face. He also wears dishevelled clothing consisting of a grey, sleeveless shirt and brown slacks with red stripes on it. He is excellent at suckering in Neopians to spend their hard earned neopoints to play his Coconut Shy game. Personally I think the game is rigged, but maybe I'm just bitter because I never win. He is good on his word though because if you do knock down a coconut you get 10,000 neopoints, which is pretty awesome if you can do it that is!

Wheel of Monotony Quiggle

This Tyrannian Quiggle, whose name still remains a secret, runs the Wheel of Monotony. The Wheel of Monotony, which is located on the Tyrannian Plateau in Tyrannia, is the most infuriating wheel on Neopets. It can spin for over eight hours! The Quiggle doesn't mind waiting, though. He is very patient and doesn't get bored easily. He actually loves to stare at the wheel as it spins around and around and he loves to joke with you and basically make fun of you as you wait for it to stop spinning. How cruel is that?!

Flycatcher Quiggle

This pink Quiggle is the star of the game Flycatcher. This Quiggle is eager and ready to eat as many flies, bees, and lilies as possible using his super long tongue. This Quiggle has a bottomless pit for a stomach and yet never gains any weight, which I am super jealous about it. I think the secret is that the Quiggle moves around so fast catching the bugs that all its fat just burns right off!

Gourmet Food Club Maitre D

This Quiggle is the Maitre D, otherwise known as the head waiter, at the infamous Gourmet Food Club. He has a very refined appearance wearing a tuxedo with a bow tie and having a long, thin moustache with neatly combed, black hair. One must look their best while serving Neopets the rarest delicacies of Neopia! Only foods that are rarity 90-100 are served at the Gourmet Food Club, so have lots of neopoints in your wallet if you want to dine here!

Quiggle Warlord

The Quiggle Warlord is a challenger you can unlock in the battledome if you defeat any other Quiggle in the battledome. The Quiggle Warlord is no average Quiggle though. He is the toughest Quiggle on Neopets and welcomes all to enter into the Ugga Dome with him for a fight! He is a really tough opponent who has 69 hit points on easy, 104 hit points on medium and 121 hit points on hard mode. His weapons include the Quiggle Warlord Axe, Quiggle Warlord Helm, Quiggle Warlord Shield and Quiggle Warlord Blade. Even if you manage to defeat him in the battledome you will never defeat his spirits; he will just dust himself off and will be ready for the next fight!

Ealyn Hawkshanks

Ealyn Hawkshanks is a left forward for Krawk Island's Yooyuball team that competes in the Altador Cup each year! His strengths include running plays, passing, and craftiness. His weaknesses are scoring and size. To me his strengths far outweigh his weaknesses though. He was even nominated back in the very first Altador Cup in Year 8 for best passer and best sportsmanship! He also is a champion having won Altador Cup IV playing for Krawk Island in Year 11!


Morris is a young, heroic Quiggle knight who was featured in the Champions of Meridell and Battle of Meridell plots. Morris and his friends Lisha, Kayla, and Boris ended up travelling back in time due to a mishap with Lisha's wand while they were trying to find Lisha's brother Jeran. Morris and his friends ended up trying to protect Meridell against Lord Darigan and Lord Kass.

Old Man Withers

This old, grumpy Quiggle was involved in the Altador plot. He was the president of numerous Altadorian clubs such as the basket weaving, herbalism, mining, engineering, alchemy, and dance clubs. He also ended up being the Astronomy Club president disguised as a Blumaroo. His disguise was eventually discovered and he was fired as president.

Honourable Mentions

So as you can see there are a lot of famous Quiggles in Neopets history! I feel like I should also list some honourable mentions as well.

Xanstalon: He was an evil Quiggle who was involved in an April fools prank back in Year 6. The prank consisted of a fictional story where the home of the quigukis called Quigara was under attack by Xanstalon and a group of Quiguki warriors managed to defeat him and save their land.

Borri: He was a magical wizard who runs the Neopian Adventure Generator.

Leirobas: He is a character in Neoquest. He lives on the edge of Swamp City and collects fluids from various creatures in order to cast spells.

Stock Market Quiggle: He helps oversee the stock market and helps you find stocks you want to buy.

As you can see there are quite a few famous Quiggles in Neopia! I hope this article has given you a new appreciation for the Quiggle! Happy Quiggle Day, everyone!

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