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All About Your Chocolate Petpet

by blessed_faerie


Since the petpet lab ray was introduced several years ago, Neopia has seen some strange little creatures emerging from the petpet laboratory doors. Chocolate petpets are the sweetest of those odd creatures who have only very recently entered the world of Neopia. Currently, there are 32 species of petpet that come in a special chocolate form. If you're lucky, the petpet lab ray might zap your Neopet's petpet into one of these sugary critters. There is no "Chocolate Paint Brush", so the only way to obtain these special petpets is through a lucky zap from the petpet lab ray.

Chocolate petpets are not only made up of solid chocolate. They consist of other delicious toppings including sprinkles, whipped cream, wafers, candy corn, and cherries. The 32 petpets that are currently available in the chocolate color are: Acko, Babaa, Babyca, Bartamus, Bearog, Blobikins, Blurgah, Candychan, Dofrey, Doglefox, Grackle Bug, Harris, Intesteen, Kookith, Magmut, Mazzew, Meepit, Momba, Mortog, Pile of Soot, Powtry, Quilin, Rock, Sklyde, Slorg, Snowbunny, Spardel, Spyder, Symol, Turmac, Warf, and Xampher. Since they are only zappable and not paintable, you better cross your fingers the next time you head to the petpet laboratory and use the ray.

Note: To gain access to the petpet lab ray, you first need to collect all Secret Laboratory Map pieces and gain access to the regular lab ray. Then, you can collect Petpet Laboratory Map pieces and open up the petpet lab ray. You cannot gain access to the petpet lab ray without first having access to the regular lab ray.

Although chocolate petpets are very similar to other petpets, they do require some special care for their protection. Below, you'll find a variety of care recommendations that will keep your chocolate petpet happy, healthy, and delicious.


You need to pay special attention to the weather when vacationing with a chocolate petpet. They are easily affected by the weather--extreme heat can melt them into a poor, bubbling puddle of chocolate syrup. It is not a good idea to take your chocolate petpet to a place with a warm climate, like the Lost Desert, Qasala, or Mystery Island. Instead, try locations with a more moderate climate, such as Kiko Lake, Shenkuu, or Tyrannia. Chocolate petpets also do just fine in cold climates, so a wintery vacation to Terror Mountain is possible. If you're worried about the temperature change, bring along a Green Petpet Sleeping Bag to help keep your chocolate petpet's temperature consistent.


Although petpetpets are cute and fun, they get hungry! The last thing you want is for a petpetpet to gnaw on your chocolate petpet in a fit of hunger. Most petpets thrive with a petpetpet to keep them company, but chocolate petpets may be the exception. If you decide to attach a petpetpet to your chocolate petpet, make sure to introduce them first and set clear boundaries. The petpetpet needs to know that the chocolate petpet is NOT for eating. Avoid giving your chocolate petpet a Blechy as its petpetpet--Blechys eat everything in sight! Also avoid attaching a Flankin. They are coated in fire and have the potential to cause some melting problems for chocolate petpets. If you are planning on giving a petpetpet to your chocolate petpet, go with something tinier and less hungry, like a Fleaf, Skritch, or Moffit. For more petpetpet information, pick of a copy of Professor Hugo Fairweathers Guide to Petpetpets.


Yummy... chocolate! We all get chocolate cravings from time to time. You're probably craving chocolate right now simply from reading this article. It is important to try to control these cravings so you don't accidentally eat your Neopet's petpet in a chocolate-craving induced frenzy. If you're having trouble controlling your cravings, try to keep some chocolate in your inventory. You and your Neopets can snack on that if you get hungry for chocolate, keeping your chocolate petpet safe and sound. Having a chocolate petpet is the perfect excuse to take regular trips to the Chocolate Shop and stock up on sugary treats.

General Care

For the most part, chocolate petpets are just like other petpets when it comes to eating, sleeping, and grooming. However, there are a few general care tips that can make your chocolate petpet's life even happier. Try using a Cedar Filled Petpet Bed to insulate your petpet and keep them cool overnight so you don't wake up to a sticky mess of melted chocolate all over your Neohome. This basic petpet bed works even better for chocolate petpets than a more expensive luxurious bed. Make sure you purchase a petpet bath tub so you can wash off the dust that may get stuck to your chocolate petpet. The cheapest bath tub option is the basic White Petpet Bath Tub, which costs only 200 neopoints and works very well. Chocolate petpets will eat most anything, but skip the Chokato Petpet Food. A Chokato is tropical fruit that is a mix of chocolate and tomato. Chocolate petpets generally do not like eating foods with chocolate inside. Like other petpets, it is important that chocolate petpets also have water and toys available to them. If you're not sure how to care for your petpets, there are plenty of books available that outline basic care strategies. Some great titles include Guide to Petpets, Guide to Wild Petpets, Cooking for your Petpet, and Petpet Biology.


Chocolate petpets are very delicate! If removed from your Neopet, they will melt away and transform into the species and color they were originally (before being zapped by the petpet lab ray.) You must handle them carefully unless you want to lose your unique chocolate petpet. The same rule applies to all petpets that are the result of using the petpet lab ray, but chocolate petpets are especially sensitive. You should also avoid trying to wake Turmaculus if you don't want to lose your petpet. Turmaculus will eat all types of petpet, but chocolate petpets are especially tasty to him.

If the petpet lab ray has given you a chocolate petpet, you're very lucky! Following the tips and guidelines above will ensure your petpet lives a life full of happiness and health, so you can enjoy him or her for many years to come. Have fun showing your petpet off to your friends and neighbors, who will most certainly be jealous of such a sweet creature.

Tomorrow, the 8th of the month of Relaxing, is Petpet Appreciation Day. Make the most of this holiday by doing some extra nice for your petpets. Happy Petpet Appreciation Day!

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