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Cybunny Carnival: 10 Playful Cybunny Inspired Items

by chomby_fanatic2


The annual Cybunny Carnival is just around the corner and all the bunnies (Cybunnies and snowbunnies included) are hopping around in a joyous mood in celebration of all the fun festivities Cybunny Carnival has to offer. The big question for all Cybunny owners is what sort of present my beloved Cybunny will love to receive. Here in this article I would break down the ten lovable items your Cybunny would certainly enjoy playing with or simply adore.

Meerca Magician Hat:

Your Cybunnies are major fans when it comes to all things magic and its very art, considering how gullible they are when it comes to falling for the old rabbit in the hat trick again and again. So why not purchase this fine magician's hat and let your pet try their luck at pulling out their very own snowbunny from the hat but be careful to not leave your Cybunny with the hat for too long, otherwise they might get carried away and as a consequence you will have a horde of bunnies to nurse and babysit.

Cybunny Bouncy Ball:

Maybe what your Cybunny really needs is a simplistic toy which provides them with endless amounts of fun on end; this simple (and limited edition) ball provides just the kind of entertainment your Cybunny needs. They will be rolling the ball around for hours on end admiring the beautiful imagery of the hearts and the customized Cybunny face imprinted on the ball. Make sure you don't accidentally trip over or get hit in the head by the ball unless you want to end up having a nasty bump on your head.

Carrot Growing:

Perhaps a new hobby you can introduce and teach to your adorable Cybunny is how to grow your own carrots in your very own neohome. This book shows a step by step guide on how to grow and harvest your own organic carrots in your garden and it will save you a massive bundle of neopoints for having to go to the health food shop every time your Cybunny demands nothing but a nutritious and healthy meal for him/her and yet also demand for additional sweets and chocolate after a big meal.

Gourmet Club Bowls Background:

Your Cybunny would like to play a relaxing game of Gourmet Club Bowls, the beauty of this game is making sure you dodge those annoying banana peels and symol holes while bowling close to the jack (see it's a relaxing game, after all). Even if your amateur bowling skills can't compare with your Cybunny's masterful level of bowling, at least you can gorge yourself with some of the most delicious gourmet food on the buffet table after the match.

Chocolate Snowbunny:

Well, we all know Easter was over weeks ago and your Cybunny may feel really lonely longing for the fun activities that particular holiday had to offer. This beautiful chocolate snowbunny would serve as both a perfect petpet companion for your Cybunny and also as a nostalgic reminder about the enjoyment of Easter.

Not only is this chocolate snowbunny both a visual feast to the eyes but Cybunnies would literally drool at the site of its coated milk chocolate exterior. Just hope your Cybunny doesn't take a huge bite out of him or else you might have to waste your precious neopoints on buying yourself an ordinary snowbunny instead as a safety precaution.

Bionic Cybunny Cranium Cover:

This menacing wearable item will not only make show a different darker side to your Cybunny's typical friendly demeanor but it will also help ensure no random stranger would ever dare to pat your Cybunny again and thereby avoiding the frequent situation whereby everywhere you go, the nearest Neopian would just start patting away once they set eyes on your Cybunny because everyone loves Cybunnies after all.

Carrot Cupcake:

No Cybunny Carnival is complete without the offering of the traditional cupcakes for all Cybunnies to munch merrily on. With so many Neopian cupcake items available in the Neopian market, why is the Carrot Cupcake the best cupcake to buy for your Cybunny?

Not only does this cupcake have a beautiful reddish pink icing on top but the unique decorative aspect of the cupcake are those two carrots sticking out at opposite ends of the cupcake. If your Cybunny see this, they will be feel heartwarming feelings as those little touches on the cupcakes go a long way in demonstrating your fond love for your very own Cybunny.

Orange Poppies Foreground:

Cybunnies simply love open surroundings and are always curious in exploring the territory around them especially since they have a habit for sniffing flowers on more than one occasion. This idyllic foreground provides the ideal opportunity for you and your Cybunny to bond over the gorgeous environment around both of you.

These orange poppies will provide the perfect opportunity for you and your Cybunny to hop around and pluck out the orange poppies from the ground, just make sure you still have enough orange poppies to use for your foreground as a customizable item otherwise the foreground might as well be called empty poppies foreground instead.

Pastel Pogo Stick:

These pesky bunnies have a natural preference to show-off their innate talent to hop as high as they can (as opposed to walking or running). So why not buy this pogo stick to help facilitate their need for jumping as high they possibly can. A word of caution for this item is to make sure your Cybunny plays the pogo stick indoors otherwise they might jump too high inside your neohome and crash into the ceiling.

Clear Cybunny Biscuit Jar:

You seem to be having trouble keeping the large supply of cookies and yummy biscuits in your safety deposit box as Cybunnies after all have a sweet tooth for candies and chocolate. Why not go and purchase yourself this pretty crystal Cybunny shaped biscuit jar and perhaps your Cybunny would no longer spread so many crumbs all over your precious safety deposit box, attracting all the ants and meepits as a result.

The jar is very fragile though so you better make sure you keep your jar safeguarded so as to prevent both the glass and cookies from smashing to smithereens especially if your trickster Cybunny pet decides to stealthily steal a cookie from the cookie jar.

As I conclude this article, I hope I presented enough present suggestions so you could make a more informed decision on the lovely present you could buy for your Cybunny and Happy Cybunny Day, everyone.

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