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A Guide for the Clueless Wannabe Kadoatie Feeder

by blubblub317


MAIN SHOPS - Located around the Main Shops area in Neopia Central is the Kadoatery, a noisy place filled with weeping Kadoaties who are left behind by their owners while they are on holiday. It certainly doesn’t take long for them to get lonely in those cages, so of course, they need something that make them happy while waiting for their owner to return. That’s where you come in.

If you’re a person who holds a golden heart, or just wants a spiffy trophy and recognition, then feeding a Kadoatie should make you feel quite joyful yourself. But unfortunately feeding one of those whiny Kadoaties is an incredibly tough task. That’s where I come in. Having fed more then seventy-five Kadoaties and counting, I know a thing or two about feeding these creatures. I also know that many, many questions are littered to Kadoatie feeder’s inboxes around the globe. So, two weeks ago, I decided that it’d be a great idea to write a Kadoatie feeding guide for all you wannabe feeders out there without having to do the old fashioned-way of neomailing a feeder. So without having to say any more gibber and jabber, let’s move on and start stuffing those Kads until they’re as fat as King Skarl (I mean until you can actually feed one)!

What to Do BEFORE Feeding a Kadoatie

The first thing that you’re going to do is open three windows: the shop wizard, the Kadoatery, and your Safety Deposit Box. Many people don’t have too many items in their SBD, so this is only optional. You’ll want to make sure that you choose the option ‘identical to my phrase’, and click on the box where you’ll be copy and pasting the name of the item that you’ll be feeding the Kad (short for Kadoatie). You also might want to refresh the Shop Wizard a few times, so that the time is correct (sometimes it’s off by one or two seconds). What I like to do is keep my page to the Shop Wizard until the second reaches :59. Then, I quickly click back to the Kadoatery and refresh.

Knowing When to Refresh at the Kadoatery

For many people, it’s quite confusing knowing when to refresh at the Kadoatery. Most think that you have to refresh endlessly until the free Kadoaties come up, but this is luckily not the case. The restock happens right on the minute, no exceptions made. Just make sure that you don’t refresh exactly on the minute because the Kadoatery page could mess up, and show none of the hungry Kads (it’s happened to me quite a few times before).

To find out at what time the Kadoatery actually refreshes, all you simply have to do is go to the Neoboards, click on Games, and find the Kadoatery board. The Kadoatery board is filled with dozens of Kad feeders out there, just like you! As well, the times of restocks are listed there, which is very handy to me and most likely you. Another note: you should always start refreshing thirty minutes after the last restock occurred, so you know you’ll have a chance to catch the new restock.

If you’re still having difficulty with refreshing on time, let me explain more clearly. If someone says the restock is at :53 (fifty-three minutes past the hour), then you would refresh exactly when it hits that minute (well, not exactly, because of you know why). If it doesn’t refresh, wait for the next minute to arrive, and repeat. Continue to do this, until the restock comes up!

What The Heck Are Main Restocks and Mini Restocks?

You might have heard about main restocks and mini restocks during your feeding adventures. This is question that stumps many people’s mind. It’s relatively simple, but it got me confused when I first heard about it, so don’t worry. A main restock is when the majority of the Kadoaties will be asking for food when the restock occurs. However, there might be one or two that haven’t refreshed. These Kadoaties participate in what people call mini restocks. A mini restock is when someone feeds a Kadoatie who usually wants an expensive item a minute or more after the main happened. The mini and main will eventually merge together, resulting in a complete main restock.

What to Do When the Restock Finally Happens

Most inexperienced Kadoatie feeders have no clue or are much too nervous when the restock happens to actually feed the Kadoatie. Others are way too slow, and can never be quick enough. Luckily, there are not one but three methods that you can use to feed a Kadoatie.

Shop Wizard Feeding: A Shop Wizard feeding is when you don’t hold the item that the Kadoatie asks for, so you have to dash off to the Shop Wizard to buy it before any else can feed the Kad. The way that I feed the Kadoatie is if I find I don’t have something it wants, I immediately copy the food it asks for and paste it in the Shop Wizard tool bar. I search, click on the shop as quick as possible, purchase the item, click back on the Kadoatie, and hopefully I’ll have fed it. This usually works about 60% of the time, and this helped me feed an average of five Kadoaties per day.

Inventory Feeding: Though inventory feeding is much more simpler then Shop Wizard Feeding, you have to be lucky for it to actually happen. What I used to do is stock forty-eight common items that the Kadoaties usually asked for in my inventory, and hopefully I’d be lucky. If you happen to see a food that a Kadoatie wants and it’s in your inventory, just click on it! It’s as easy as that! Unfortunately, there are a few times where you might not be quick enough and someone else will already have clicked it before you. If this happens, don’t sweat it. The opportunity will arise again soon or later.

SDB Feeding: Safety Deposit Box feeding is the most uncommon out of the three types of feeding. Some feeders like to stock a lot of foods in their Safety Deposit Feeding, which gives them a big chance of having the food that the Kadoatie wants, but these feeders usually also forget that they have these foods. You can try this type of feeding out for yourself to see if you like it or not, but my personal opinion is that it’s not the best way. You copy and paste the name of the food in the Safety Deposit Box search bar, and take the item out so it’s in your inventory. However, if you have the item in your Safety Deposit Box and it’s cheap, odds are that other feeders will have it as well and could have it in their inventory, resulting in a more rapid feed.

Aftermath of Feeding a Kadoatie

If you’ve finally managed to feed one of these picky creatures, then I happily congratulate you! It certainly is a tough feat to manage the first time around. You should no have a spiffy new bronze Kadoatie trophy in your userlookup, and don’t be surprised if you’re bombarded with questions and Neofriend requests from wannabe feeders (but hopefully they’ll have read this guide before doing that). If you want to feed more Kadoaties, this is what you can expect in the future:

-Ten feeds will get you an even very spiffy silver Kadoatie trophy

-Twenty-five causes that silver trophy to turn into an uber-spiffy gold one!

-An finally, the spiffiest of them is all is the Kadoatie-Mew avatar, which you receive by feeding a grand amount of seventy-five Kads! If you’re going for the avatar, I wish you lots of luck, for I know first-hand how difficult it is to manage this.

Final Words: Don’t Be Nervous and Have Fun!

Don’t be nervous and have fun are my final words of wisdom to you. There’s really nothing to be nervous about when feeding a Kadoatie. It’s only an Internet creature and you have to remember that when you’re not nervous, you’ll usually achieve the challenge of feeding a Kadoatie. And also remember to have fun! If you get stressed out and can’t handle it anymore, take a break from the Kadoatery, and come back in an hour, a day, or even a week! Remember that this is just a game, and that many other feeders out there are trying to feed Kadoaties just like you. You can’t always win, but know that you can win at times.

I hope this article has enlightened your mind on the fun game that is of feeding a Kadoatie, the Kadoatery itself, and that your knowledge about it has expanded widely (and that maybe you won’t ask Neomail too many questions to feeders, hehe). I wish the best luck to all who are trying their best, and I hope to hear about your success stories of feeding the famous Kadoatie!

Author’s Note: I had lots of fun writing this Kadoatie feeding guide, and I hoped you appreciate it if you’re having difficulty feeding one. As always, comments are much appreciated. Thank you!

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