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Meet the Faerie Abilities

by _mariokart_


Many, many years ago, when the Battledome was first created, Faeries granted well trained pets certain abilities (depending on how advanced they were) and they became quite popular to use. As the years continued, it became mandatory to have certain abilities in order to aid in winning battledome challenges. These older abilities were unchanged for many years; however, until the Battledome was removed from Neopia.

When the new Battledome was introduced to Neopia at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013, it was only appropriate for the Faeries to do their part as well and re-vamp their abilities. Over the many years of training, pets have far surpassed their useful abilities and it was only right to challenge everyone once again.

When the new Faerie abilities were introduced, everyone was hectic, had tons of questions and was unsure of many things. Word spread quickly and even Neopians who were gone for a while returned. Since there are a variety of faeries, different blessings required and multiple potions to work with, here is a little more information about each of the faeries! I go into detail about each of their roles while training abilities. Before we meet them, though, let me just shortly explain the retired, inactive Fading Faerie Bottles & how they work.

Fading Bottled Faeries:

These were around Neopia for over a decade until recently when they became retired and power fading. These bottles can no longer grant blessings for your pet; however, you are able to combine these bottles to create a Weak Bottled Faerie at random.

In order to do that, you must visit the cooking pot and mix three different Fading Bottled Faeries together. Here is an example:

Fading Bottled Dark Faerie Image + Fading Bottled Fire Faerie Image + Fading Bottled Water Faerie Image = Weak Bottled Earth Faerie

Just remember that it does not matter which three faeries you pick, as long as they are different. There are no combinations to creating a certain Weak Bottled Faerie as the result from the cooking pot is random.

Let's meet the Faeries...

The Air Faerie

The Air Faerie is used the least in Aethia's Ability Academy so you may not need to obtain too many of these.

Fading Bottled Air Faerie

(0 Blessings)

Weak Bottled Air Faerie

(1-2 Air Blessings)

Max Blessings: 42

Abilities Involved: Meditate, Meh, Throw Pillows, Float & Tempest.

The Dark Faerie

Out of all the elemental faeries, this seemed to always be the favorite from the majority of the people; however, similar to Air Faerie, not many abilities require Dark. There are a few decent abilities (more than Air), but not too many.

Fading Bottled Dark Faerie

(0 Blessings)

Weak Bottled Dark Faerie

(1-2 Blessings)

Max Blessings: 191 Blessings

Abilities Involved: Shade, Irritable Minions, Shroud, Warlock's Rage, Drain Life & Meepit Stampede.

The Earth Faerie

You may not be bothering the Earth Faerie in the beginning, but as you progress, you will be a frequent visitor! Very few abilities request her help initially; however, she is required for the entire Level 500 Tier which totals 180 blessings alone.

Fading Bottled Earth Faerie

(0 Blessings)

Weak Bottled Earth Faerie

(1-2 Blessings)

Max Blessings: 275 Blessings

Abilities Involved: Bandage, Shhhhhhhhh..., Shroud, Burrow, Tempest, Healing Fire, Meepit Stampede, Summon Monoceraptor & Esophagor Stench.

The Fire Faerie

There are very few abilities which require fire blessings but the total is so high because two abilities require a large amount.

Fading Bottled Fire Faerie

(0 Blessings)

Weak Bottled Fire Faerie

(1-2 Blessings)

Max Blessings: 255 Blessings

Abilities Involved: Cranky, Sear, Shroud, Warlock's Rage, Healing Fire, Rally Cry & Summon Monoceraptor.

The Light Faerie

Probably the most popular faerie for the abilities. There are multiple powerful abilities which require a fair amount of light blessings. When abilities were first re-introduced, the weak bottles skyrocketed in price. The one positive aspect is she is not required in the Level 500 Tier.

Fading Bottled Light Faerie

(0 Blessings)

Weak Bottled Light Faerie

(1-2 Blessings)

Max Blessings: 208 Blessings

Abilities Involved: Positive Thinking, Lens Flare (Powerful), Float, Burrow, Snowager's Breath, Rejuvenate (Powerful) & Reflect.

The Water Faerie

You will be a frequent visitor of the Water Faerie throughout training since she has the highest amount of blessings required by the abilities. It is up to you if you wish to obtain her abilities, but she is involved in many of them.

Fading Bottled Water Faerie

(0 Blessings)

Weak Bottled Water Faerie

(1-2 Blessings)

Max Blessings: 341 Blessings

Abilities Involved: An Icicle, Float, Snowager's Breath, Rejuvenate, Drain Life, Adrenaline Rush & Esophagor Stench.

The Battle Faerie

Unidentifiable Weak Bottled Faerie

(1-2 Random Blessings)

Max Blessings: N/A

Abilities Involved: N/A

Special Note: This faerie bottle has the ability to bless your pet with 1-2 of any random faerie. It could be two of the same faerie, two different faeries or just one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I bless my pet?

There are a variety of methods to obtain these faeries - Three most popular ways are:

1. Mix any three different Fading Bottled Faeries together in the Cooking Pot to receive a random Weak Bottled Faerie (Tier 1).

2. Randomly awarded from winning challengers in The Battledome.

3. Restock at the Magic Shop.

Once you have the faeries, use them to "bless" your specific Neopet. Please remember that Fading Bottled Faeries do not bless your pet anymore.

What happened to our old abilities?

They are no longer active or useful. You are unable to use them in the new battledome nor do they transfer over to help with the new abilities - You must start new.

Do Faerie Blessings Disappear?

Yes, they do - Any blessings required for an ability learned will be removed from the total amount that you have.

Can I use all these abilities or just a certain amount?

You are able to use one ability from each Level Tier at a time in battle (which gives you a total of ten different abilities to use at max level).

Will you be able to keep the abilities forever?

You can keep them as long as you wish using them over and over. This changes if you decide to switch to another ability in the same level tier. For example, if you switch from Lens Flare to Throw Pillow, you will have to re-learn Lens Flare with Faerie Blessings. A positive note is that it will cost you half of the amount then the original.

Please check out the entire Faerie Ability Guide here with all updated, specific ability information:


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