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The Mysterious Obelisk: Theories

by fantasyeyesuk


Dubbed by Neopians as 'The Mysterious Obelisk', this strange spire appeared in the outskirts of Tyrannia after a series of earthquakes shook the world on the eleventh day of Awakening. But what is this strange obelisk? What does it do, and why has it suddenly appeared on the outskirts of Tyrannia? Speculation is rife, and several groups have already laid claim to the obelisk. Tensions are growing, and Neopia is holding its breath, waiting to see what will happen as time goes on. Many of the groups who are interested in claiming the obelisk for themselves aren't interested in what it does, they simply see it as a means to gain power. The everyday Neopian, though, is intrigued, and many theories are circulating the globe.

The Mysterious Obelisk Investigation Committee are hesitant to release statements discussing the matter, as they don't want to provoke further tensions in the Neopian community. They have said little about the obelisk, but tensions are already growing, and Neopets and owners alike are cooking up stories as they try to make sense of the Mysterious Obelisk.

The Order of Red Erisim, a group of wizards, believe that the obelisk contains a large amount of magical power. This is probably the most likely theory, judging by the ray of light that resonates from the obelisk on daily basis. Indeed, when the earthquakes started, they were accompanied by blinding flashes of light, prompting many Neopians to wear sunglasses for protection. The Order of Red Erisim believes this is a sure sign that the obelisk is magical. But what kind of magic could the obelisk hold, and what is its purpose?

Well, the term obelisk refers to a monument whose shape is inspired by the way that sun rays descend downwards. So, obelisks have come to symbolize the power of the sun. Some have suggested that, for this reason, the Mysterious Obelisk is dangerous and should be feared. "People shouldn't be trying to get their hands on it!" says Jimmy, an Elderly Ogrin who now lives in fear of the obelisk. "It's storing up energy from the sun, ready to blow us all to smithereens! Now that it's finished cookin' down there in the ground, it's ready to blow! I've built me a safe house, and I'll be usin' it!"

Of course, Jimmy's belief is quite an extreme one and shouldn't be taken too seriously, as The Mysterious Obelisk Investigation Committee have assured the world that there is no danger as of yet. Presenting this idea to Neopets like Jimmy, though, just results in more catastrophe theories. "Yet," he points out, "no danger yet! I'll be in me safe house when the time comes; you should all do the same!"

Some positive Neopians have slammed Jimmy's idea, and claim that whatever is in the obelisk could benefit Neopia as a whole. Some believe that eventually it will become like Coltzan's Shrine, a place that Neopets can visit to receive daily blessings. However, Coltzan's Shrine is different. When King Coltzan III died, he wished to have his crown placed in a shrine so that he could provide blessings to Neopia. Coltzan's spirit now watches over the shrine and awards these blessings. The Mysterious Obelisk, however, was not built by anyone in Neopia that we know of. It has dumbfounded us all, and since we know so little about it, it's doubtful that it has anything to do with kind spirit's and good tidings.

Many benevolent faeries have encouraged other Neopians to look on the bright side. Even Queen Fyora has had her say! "Do not be afraid," she told Faerieland yesterday, "Just because we know little about this obelisk does not mean we need to fear it. As long as we protect it from malevolent groups and ensure it is placed in the right hands, we have nothing to be concerned about." Her words were met with polite clapping from the other faeries, and Illusen sent her agreement, too. Jhudora, the dark faerie, refused to comment.

So, Faerieland is behaving quite practically, and are positive about the Mysterious Obelisk. Others, not so much.

It has been pointed out that there are symbols engraved on the sides of the Mysterious Obelisk. There is even a door-shaped engraving at the front, that many Neopians are intrigued by. Perhaps we should be more concerned with what lies beyond that door. "The door, and those symbols, could be sealing something inside," said a member of the digging team, who helped uncover the obelisk. "Trouble is, nobody knows how to open the door, or even if we can!"

Could whatever is sealed inside be causing the strange light source? If so, it's understandable why folk like Jimmy might be living in fear. We fear the unknown, and there could be anything inside The Mysterious Obelisk. There could be something that might harm our world if we unleash it. Who knows? If the obelisk falls into the wrong hands, whatever lies inside might be released. And although the area surrounding the obelisk is now sealed off, it's highly doubtful that those ropes will stop anyone who really wants to get their hands on it.

It's not all doom and gloom, though! There are some more light-hearted theories about The Mysterious Obelisk. Some believe it is an alien device. This theory has its flaws, because if the obelisk was, as some suggest, buried underground before the earthquakes began, how could it possibly have come from outer space? Alien lovers stand by their belief in this theory, though, and some even come to worship the Mysterious Obelisk from afar, eager to meet a new species of Neopet that might have come from the cosmos.

A fun-loving Snarkie, on the other hand, predicted, "The obelisk's rays will bring the giant omelette to life!" If all of the darker, more sinister theories mentioned above frighten you so much that you don't want to leave your Neohome, remember Snarkie's humorous words, and picture the giant omelette with fangs, rampaging across Tyrannia.

It works for me.

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