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Planning the Perfect Birthday

by infantdaydream


*taps microphone* This is on, right? Good. Now as all of you know, owners are in charge of making at least one day a year absolutely SPECTACULAR. Yes, I do mean birthdays. And if you're like me, you'll be starting to plan now (even though Deirdrev's birthday isn't until June...) because let's be honest, planning parties is stressful and neopoints can be hard to come by these days. BUT FEAR NOT, fellow Neopians! I am here to make sure everything is perfect for your precious darling's day. This guide will aid you in the chaos and allow you to get the most you can out of your neopoints.


For me, the planning stage starts at about this time of year. Why so early? An extravagant day can become costly very quickly, so I start figuring out what to buy now. And if you're interested in booking Yes Boy Ice-Cream for the party, you may want to start a little earlier... Once you've figured out your party ideas, start heading over to the games room. Even playing just a few games of Kass Basher, Fashion Fever, and Meerca Chase a day will help fund your cause. If you have a few birthdays close together, you may want to consider doing a combined birthday.


Does your baby Bruce have his eye on a new kite? Or maybe your pet isn't sure what he wants. Here are a few ideas to consider when buying gifts for your pet. Keep in mind that you don't have to spend millions of neopoints to make the day special. Gifts are nice, but there are plenty of other things you can do to make the day great.

Color Change

If your Chia's been dying to become an asparagus, or your Lupe has wanted to become a prince, what better time of year to change their color? Chia pops and paintbrushes can be on the pricey side, so some extra saving (or selling of all those stamps in your safety deposit box) may be necessary. Short on neopoints? Even giving your pet a break from the lab ray can boost his mood for the day if you can't afford to change his color just yet. Or you can buy a much less expensive plushie version for him to play with until you can get the real deal.


Petpets are a neopet's best friend, and with hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of options to chose from, you'll be sure to find the perfect one. If your pet already has a partner in crime, why not change it's color at the petpet puddle? And that zombie Meepit the petpet lab ray turned your Altachuck into? Your pet will thank you just for getting rid of that.


A brand new dress for your favorite princess or the newest apron for your little chef can make the day that much brighter. And unlike petpets or paintbrushes, customization options can be found at any price and there are great options in both neopoint and neocash price ranges. Keep in mind that a Pink 9th Birthday Cake Hat may not be the best option for your elderly pet; they can get a bit touchy about their age sometimes.


Let's be honest here, no matter what birthday your pet is celebrating they're going to want something to play with. Whether it's a rattle for your baby or a nice puzzle for your grumpy old Ogrin, a game or toy will be something they can entertain themselves with for hours even after their birthday (not to mention keep them out of your hair while your trying to clean up the party and pay the bills.) And like customization, there are toys for any price range. Just steer clear of the dailies prizes. Toys from the Mysterious Blue Grundo Plushie are nice, but where exactly did they come from?


Birthdays aren't just about presents and parties. Instead of holding a big bash you may want to take your pets somewhere fun! Rent a room at the Neolodge in Faerieland and explore the caves. Or maybe relax on the beaches of Mystery Island for the day while your pets play volleyball. If that seems too far away you can always take your neopets for a ride on the carousel at Roo Island and spend the day in the shops. Think outside the box for things you can do, even if it's just spending the day at the park.


To cake or not to cake? To bake or to buy? To eat in or to eat out? The questions may seem endless. When asking these questions, remember that the most important person you need to consider is your pet. What is his favorite meal? You may not have to journey all the way up the mountains of Shenkuu if his favorite food is your homemade grilled cheese sandwiches. Whatever you do make it special. Maybe buy a Chia Cake for dessert or have the whole family dress up for dinner at Kelp. Even if you don't have millions of neopoints to spend on an evening out, you can still have a good time.

Get The Family Involved

Wherever you go and whatever you do make sure to get your other pets involved as well. Ask them to help you decorate your neohome with streamers and balloons or to ice the cake. Have them make cards for the birthday boy or girl and let them help pick out presents. Remember that their input is just as important as your own and that they'll give you a few extra hands around the house when everything needs to be cleaned up. ;)

Planning the perfect birthday can be hard to do, but hopefully this guide has given you some ideas to keep you out of a rut. Even if you don't have tons of money to spend, you can still let your pets know that you care by doing a few special things on their day. With that I bid you good luck, fellow party planners and birthday organizers! And know that your neopet will appreciate whatever effort you put forth to make their birthday a little bit more exciting.

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