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Do Good: Ways to Spread the Love

by voyager27


It was recently the Month of Awakening, in more ways than one. Not only is getting out of bed, to be greeted by frosty air, ultimately a strain for many of us, but it's a perfect time to be awakened in another way. It's your opportunity to remember your fellow Kau and help a Mynci out.

Let me just start by saying that sometimes, it's not enough to just be nice. Being nice is enough, the bare minimum, but if you REALLY want to light up someone's life, it's all about the random act of kindness, or RAOK, for short.

This article will cover the importance of RAOKs, as well as ideas for your own RAOK, and how to pick the recipient of your act.

Of course RAOKs are important because they spread happiness. Especially during the wintertime, people easily get irritable, tired, and down in the dumps. RAOKs are like breaths of fresh air that usher in the warmth of upcoming spring cheer. Plus, the recipient will be overwhelmed with the fact that someone is looking out for them. Not only do RAOKs strengthen communities, but they help create new relationships between strangers. Clearly, RAOKs are vital to maintaining positivity!

This doesn't mean that developing a way to help someone isn't difficult. Some acts may seem too small, and others far too grand. You don't want to put yourself in jeopardy with an act too grand! However, don't fear! I think I've found five cool ways to be randomly kind!

1) Random 1 NP Auction

For this one, simply find a pretty rare item –preferably worth more than 5000NP, and put it up for auction for 1NP. Imagine the surprise of that lucky person who gets that cool collectible for a fraction of the price – all because you have a big heart!

2) Be a Know-it-All for a Day!

This idea could be kind of fun! If you have a lot of experience with Neopets, or are good at finding answers, this might be the one for you! Go to the Neoboards and spend some time replying to posts in the Help section, or make Newbies feel welcome in that tab. Either way, your help will be appreciated by many people, plus you will help out more than one person without spending any NP! This idea is perfect for people strapped for cash, but that still want to help out somehow!

3) The Magic Money Tree

Clean the junk out of your inventory by donating the items, but slip in a rare find to excite the players down at the Money Tree! Or, if you don't want to a new item to donate, look through the clothes in your closet or the furniture in your storage shed for a good gift.

4) Love, Anonymous

Well, you won't be completely anonymous, but it'll be quite a surprise! Go to the Neoboards, and choose the Customization, Shop Ads, or Trading Post tabs. Once in one of these, look for any posts of people seeking certain items. If it's not too outrageous, find it yourself and send it to them. Or, if the item's quite rare or expensive, send them something valuable to ease the strain on their bank account. Of course, I recommend trying to find a newer Neopian to do this for, since they would be that much more appreciative.

5) Artistic Touch

If you like the artsy parts of Neopia like I do, then this idea might be most interesting to you. Especially over the Neoboards, people are seeking for feedback on their latest poem, customization, or painting. Check out the Art, Avatars/Signatures, Customization, Neohomes, Neopian Writers, or Spotlights and Galleries boards and give your opinion to those who want it. Remember to be truthful and fair. Don't be rude or harsh, or the whole idea of doing something kind will be for nothing! Also be sure to vote in the various contests around Neopia. Sometimes, giving people some attention makes them very happy!

Now that you have a few ideas to start with, it's important that you know who needs the RAOK the most. Of course, Newbies are the best recipients for RAOKs. But keep in mind, if you send a Newbie a large gift, tell them of its value so they don't mistakenly think it's junk. Tell them of its uses and what you would do with it. They'll appreciate that you didn't let them put that rare collectible in their shop for only a few NP.

Other good targets can be found on the Neoboards. If the person seems to be upset or not having the best day, use the RAOK to cheer them up. Maybe there's a Neofriend in your list that's going through a tough time right now, or one you haven't talked to in a while. Maybe you could give that new member of your guild a warm welcome – the possibilities are endless!

Also, keep in mind that if you are gifting something valuable to someone, don't be too surprised if you find it in their shop a few minutes later. Many players are goal-oriented, and your gift better suits them as NP in their pocket. Think of it as a sponsor to their cause.

Opening up your heart can open a lot of doors for you. Maybe it'll make you a new friend. Maybe you'll be rewarded (but hey, there's no guarantee). Rest assured you will feel great after helping someone out just to be a good member of the Neopets community!

Once you complete your RAOK, be sure to reward yourself with a small treat, whether it be a few more minutes of playing than usual, or buying that cool pair of sunglasses you've had your eye on.

Remember, the point of RAOKs is to make a stranger happy. It can be little or large, but the size doesn't matter as long as it comes from your heart. Spread the love all around Neopia all year long, and let that karma rain down on you!

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