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Breakfast! Y15 Valentine's Day Edition

by mojoschweni


Ah, Valentine's Day. Whether or not you've got that special someone in your life, it's a wonderful time to remind your pets, family and neofriends of your love and affection. What better way to start off their day than with a delicious breakfast? Neopia offers a plethora of heart-y breakfast foods (see what I did there?); it's just a matter of finding them amidst all the pink and glitter.

I'm Mojo, a firm believer that breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. How some Neopians survive without it, I'll never know... There are recipes for every occasion, apropos for any day of the week. But Valentine's Day isn't just any day! Here are eight plates I'd suggest for any loved one in your life on this special occasion.

Smiley Pancakes

Item Description: "Buttermilk pancakes topped with a pat of butter, two fried eggs, and a strip of bacon."

D'aww, aren't these cute. My own Neopets made these for me on Mother's Day of last year! They really are so simple, and even the youngest of your family can help out in the kitchen with these. The crispy bacon and oozing yellow yolk of the eggs paired with the original buttermilk pancakes makes for a classic combination. Who wouldn't be smiley after eating these? :)

Grilled Islandberry Slices

Item Description: "Slices of Islandberry grilled until crispy."

A rather unconventional breakfast item, I know. Served with some light greens and a honey vinaigrette, this dish is perfect for those people who don't like traditional breakfast items, but also don't want to go hungry every morning without eating anything. Or those who are dieting! On my last trip to Mystery Island, these were all the rage. The outer skin of the fruit is perfectly charred, and inside lies a sweet, juicy surprise. As an added bonus, the islandberry colors complement the holiday quite well, don't you think?

Strawberry Milkshake

Item Description: "A tasty Kau Kau Farm Milkshake can be a filling addition to any meal."

If you want to go with sweet and simple this Valentine's Day, this shake's a winner! Smooth and creamy throughout, I always make this for the pickier pets of the family. Even their "refined tastes" won't find anything to complain about with this drink. Adding your own favorites is always a nice way to put your own spin on things – whipping cream, crushed cookie bits, whole strawberries, and other fruits are good toppings!

Heart Latte

Item Description: "Coffee that looks good tastes better, right?"

On a chilly morning in the Month of Awakening, it's ironically difficult for many of us to get out of bed when it's so darn cold outside. However, when the sweet aroma of a freshly brewed latte begins to waft upstairs, I'm out of bed right away! The caramel undertones of the espresso complementing the rich, hazelnut flavorings of this hot beverage will really warm you to the tips of your toes. Although the latte art involved in the swirling heart design looks difficult to replicate, it's actually quite simple. A beautiful and delicious coffee for everyone to enjoy.

Valentines Muffin

Item Description: "Chocolate, strawberries and fresh vanilla icing make this a treat your loved one will adore."

It doesn't appear very healthy, I know. (And yes, it's a muffin that has icing... Do not ask questions, I say!) But put your reservations aside for a moment. Valentine's Day is a day to enjoy dessert too, after all! The recipe is easy enough for any at-home-baker, and you could even substitute some vanilla if chocolate for breakfast isn't your thing. Drizzle the icing over top (confectioner's sugar, cream cheese, and water will do in a pinch) and add some fresh sliced strawberries for the final touch. A+ for presentation, I say! And it's certainly a winner in the taste department.

Plate of Bacon

Item Description: "Now that is a lot of bacon. This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y14."

Bacon. How easy is this?! It's sure to be a hit with any guests you'll be having over this Valentine's, and there's simply SO much of it that they'll be able to eat to their heart's content and still have leftovers for Plumpy. Just the smell of crisp, sizzling bacon makes me drool. What an easy crowd pleaser! And you can use some of the extra bacon for Smiley Pancakes, as seen above.

Deluxe Heart Waffle

Item Description: "The deluxe waffle is covered in ice cream, syrup, and whipped cream!"

One can never truly enjoy a holiday without an appropriately-themed waffle to share with family and friends. And this one's a doozie! Just reading the description you'll be sure to notice this is for those Neopian sweet tooths (teeth?) out there. It's a traditional heart waffle plus anything else you could imagine. I sometimes add chocolate syrup, strawberries, or assorted nuts into the mix if I'm feeling adventurous. And yes, in case you were wondering, those are bright blue sparklers on top. It's so crazy you've just got to try it!

Pomegranate Doughnut

Item Description: "A freshly baked doughnut smothered with Pomegranate icing and fresh Pomegranate seeds."

Mmm, this is probably one of my favorite options for Valentine's Day breakfast, I must admit. Using fresh pomegranate really does make the difference – although they're not usually in season, I assure you it's worth it! The sweet + tart double-sidedness of the fruit really goes well with a simple doughnut as the base. And the seeds are the best part, juicy and bursting with flavor in every bite. Fun fact: Pomegranates have a fabulous ability to aid memory retention, so it's a good option for those studying or trying to remember lots of facts. Bet you didn't know that!

That's that! Eight foods to surprise your loved ones with this Valentine's Day, and get them going on the right foot with a scrum-diddly-umptious breakfast before the sun's up. That's true love, if you ask me! Until next time... Happy breakfasting, Neopia!

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