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How to Properly Gift to your Valentine

by trubiekatie


There's that one-day, each month of Awakening, where Neopians across the globe gather to share their love. For a small band of misfits, it's just another day in a lonely life. For those not sulking to Jhudora or some other evil creature, they are enjoying the wonderful Valentines Day. Personally, I like the holiday because it means a lot of free chocolate and flowers!

But, do you know what you're actually getting your valentine? Sometimes gifts aren't exactly perceived in the way you want them to. Before you run off to the Chocolate Factory or the Gift Shop, you should read this guide so as to avoid any socially awkward meepit moments this Valentines day. Here is a short list on what your gift really means to your receiver and how to better change that message.

Original Gift: A Heartfelt Valentine Card

Suggested Gift: Homemade Valentines Day Card

Cost of New Gift: 15,000 NP

Maybe the inside is heartfelt, but buying a card sure isn't! Your Valentine may have been so uninterested they never even bothered reading all those cheesy Neopet puns you thought up! Since the message can be the same no matter the card, opt instead for a homemade one. This shows much more effort on your part and your Valentine is sure to appreciate that extra bit of effort!

Original Gift: Scented Valentine Paper

Suggested Gift: Valentine Centerpiece

Cost of New Gift: 3,000 NP

Where is the heartfelt message? Where is that sign of effort? Just because it smells really nice doesn't mean this gift is going to go over particularly well! The paper can't really be used for any sort of practical reason, so now the gift is wasted and the receiver upset. If you're going to buy this gift, at least write some sort of sentimental message, draw a picture or play a game. I would recommend instead the Valentine Centerpiece. It may smell equally as good as the paper, or perhaps better, and it's visually more presentable.

Original Gift: Sloth Valentine Hand Soap

Suggested Gift: Pink Elephante Hand Soap

Cost of New Gift: 25,000 NP

You just told your Valentine their hands smell and that they remind you of Sloth. There could possibly be nothing more insulting. You were probably better off not getting anything! If your Valentine really does want some hand soap, opt instead for the Pink Elephante Hand Soap, which is still that Valentines pink, but not as creepy as Sloth!

Original Gift: Valentine Rose Bouquet

Suggested Gift: Blooming Flower Hearts

Cost of New Gift: 2 caps

How typical, you bought your Valentine flowers. While pretty, these are pretty boring and show you couldn't think of anything. What if instead, you gave your Valentine Blooming Flower Hearts? You could place it in their garden and just watch it blossom! This is a bit more nontraditional, but definitely a step up from the packaged bouquets.

Valentines Day Ring

Original Gift: Valentines Day Ring

Suggested Gift: Silver Heart Charm Bracelet

Cost of New Gift: 30,000 NP

I hope your bank account is still intact if you splurged on something like this! Any receiver would be thrilled to get this from their Valentine this year. Even though you will be the hero of the day, it costs an arm and a leg to get one, not to mention that you could do a nice alternative without being too over the top. If jewellery is your calling, try the Silver Heart Charm Bracelet. It has the Valentines theme, it's silver, but is much cheaper.

Original Gift: Valentine Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

Suggested Gift: Love Shake Chocolate

Cost of New Gift: 2,000 NP

Well, at least it tastes good. Chocolate is a very generic and boring gift on Valentines Day because it's expected. This particular box of chocolates could not be any more cheesy, with its heart shape design and rose decorations. You probably forgot to buy a gift, didn't you? Good thing I have a chocolate solution! Try the Love Shake Chocolate! It's shareable, red and pink colours, with a delicious frosting topping. It's a bit more gourmet than this cheap box of chocolates.

Original Gift: Valentine Quiggle Plushie

Suggested Gift: Valentines Kacheek Plushie

Cost of New Gift: 175,000 NP

If your receiver isn't colour blind, they probably are now! Despite being soft, it could be one of the most hideous Valentines plushies one could give. You told your Valentine that they remind you of brightly coloured frogs, which likely won't go over well. This sort of gift never gets used again either! The quick fix is a different plushie, like the Valentines Kacheek Plushie. It's much cuter and more colour appropriate than this sad Quiggle.

Original Gift: King Altador Valentine Bobblehead

Suggested Gift: Usul Valentine Gift Bag

Cost of New Gift: 285,000 NP

This is a classic mistake that people do: giving your Valentine something that you actually wanted for yourself. Something like this may have the tag line 'Valentine', but your Valentine isn't the one with the Altador themed gallery, remember? I recommend instead opting for the Usul Valentine Gift Bag. This is a much more neutral gift that is sure to please!

Original Gift: Kacheek Valentine Stapler

Suggested Gift: Handmade Valentine Arrows Garland

Cost of New Gift: 150 NC

Again, another common gift giving problem. The buyer selects something that actually is cute, forgetting what its purpose is. This Kacheek stapler is adorable, but you just gave your Valentine a stapler.... While still practical, your Valentine probably won't be too impressed that they received a stapler as a token of your love. Instead, give the Handmade Valentine Arrows Garland. Not only can you make this yourself, but also your Valentine can hang it for everyone to see in his or her Neohome! It's a much cuter and more practical gift to give.

Now, I can't guarantee you will always sway your Valentine, but these are some definite improvements in the gifts you were going to give. Be creative! Valentines want to see you tried; so even making these baby steps is a step in the right direction! You may want to hurry though – the more people that read this guide, the more it becomes unoriginal!

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