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5 Ways To Use Your Fountain Faerie Quest

by river_valley37


She lazes around her Fountain all day, waiting for a kind Neopian to come by. When they do, she asks them to find her the item she has lost. Delight spreads across the lucky Neopian's face as they race off for the item. She smiles to herself and continues to bathe blissfully. I am, of course, talking about Naia, the Fountain Faerie, and her elusive quests.

Naia's Fountain Faerie Quests, or FFQs, are a coveted random event in Neopia. If completed, Naia will kindly allow you and your pet to enter her Fountain and bathe in its magical waters, painting your pet almost any colour you could wish for. Players dream about a visit from Naia, as her quests are extremely rare. The majority of Neopians will go years without a FFQ, often they may never receive a single one. But if you are one of the lucky few, and were paid a visit from Naia, then this article is for you.

So finally, you have received and completed a Fountain Faerie Quest. Might I take this opportunity to say: congratulations! Most Neopians dream to be in your situation. You went through an assortment of emotions- shock, denial, extreme excitement, and now possibly puzzlement. You've hoped and wished for this day to come ever since the beginning of your Neopets career. But now that you have received your Quest, you're thinking, 'What do I do with it?' This could possibly be the only FFQ you ever receive; you don't want to waste it. Luckily for you, there are many options to look at when using your quest.

1. Create your dream pet

This is the obvious choice, and the one most people go for. With a FFQ, you can paint your pet any colour you like, regardless of price- with the exceptions of 8-Bit, Ice, Magma, MSP, Robot, Royal, Sponge, Quiguki and Usuki. So that elegant Faerie Lenny, gorgeous Maraquan Shoyru, cute-as-a-button Plushie Kacheek- any could be yours by taking your pet along for a splash in the Rainbow Fountain. Just make sure they are the correct species, first! Naia can grant colour changes, but not species.

2. Trade it off

So say your dream pet is a Faerie Draik or Royal Xweetok- something that cannot be achieved by simply taking a splash in the Rainbow Fountain. Simple! Fountain Faerie Quests are allowed to be traded. This does not mean there are ways to 'give' a quest to another player, but you can paint a pet for someone. For example, if you head on over to the Pound Chat boards, you may see players with boards such as 'FFQ custom UFT'. They are most likely seeking Draiks, Krawks, Royals, or names (real names, real words, 3 letter-names, etc), to exchange their quest for- something they can't get by using their own quest. How it works is, once a trade is agreed, the player will send the other player with the FFQ their pet via the Transfer system (or may choose one for them to adopt from the Pound). This player will paint the pet with the colour the owner wishes. Finally, the pet is sent back in exchange for another pet- in this example it may be a Faerie Draik. Essentially, the Draik is traded for a complete custom paint job on their pet, which means they are granted their dream pet and/or are saved from an expensive paint job. This is how some users get their fantasy pets if they are not lucky enough to have had their own visit from Naia.

FFQs are also often traded for Royal customs. This is great for players that have a FFQ, but their dream pet is a Royal, a colour they cannot get from a FFQ. Players swap pets and paint each others, then swap back again. FFQs are sometimes 'added' to a pet to increase its trading value, often in cases of basic pets with Battledome stats or special names.

3. Save it

Often, people don't realise their Fountain Faerie Quest won't expire any time soon. Naia will patiently wait until you decide what you want to do with your quest. This is great for people that don't want to trade it off, but there is no colour that really catches their eye at the moment. If that's you, don't be afraid to save your Quest. This may be the only one you ever get- don't waste it for the sake of it. Two new colour/pet combos are released each Pet Day. With there currently being 54 pet species, this means 108 new colour combos are released each year, not including miscellaneous ones being released on random days, and brand new colours appearing several times a year. You could fall in love with one of these colours, and regret using your one and only FFQ on a pet you ended up trading off because you weren't too fond of it.

4. Get the avatar

Serious avatar-collectors wish for a Fountain Quest, not to achieve their dream pet, but to get the avatar. Although I can't reveal the exact solution in this article, a certain "Buzzin'" avatar is gained by painting a certain species with a Fountain Faerie Quest. If you have no dream pets, and enjoy collecting avatars, why not use your quest for this purpose instead? Remember, you may only ever receive one FFQ- so this may be your only chance to get the avatar.

5. Gift it

So perhaps you have completed your family- achieved all your dream pets, traded off all your lab rats, filled up your accounts. You'd like to do something good in the Neopian population. Well, gifting a FFQ is a wonderfully generous thing to do. There are many players out there that struggle to earn NP, and aren't lucky enough to be granted a visit to the Fountain to achieve their dream pet. Maybe one of your friends has had a fantasy pet ever since they began Neopets, or another has their birthday coming up. Wouldn't it be wonderful, if you could create a pet, paint it in their dream colour, and gift it to an unexpecting soul? Imagine the look on their face, when they log in to find their ultimate dream waiting for them (You'll have to, since you won't be able to see them). And you never know, it could give you amazing Neopets Karma!

N.B: Please refrain from announcing to the world you are gifting your quest. Events like this could be called contests, and will get your account in trouble.

So there you have it- 5 unique ways to use your Fountain Faerie Quest. I hope this article was of some use! Enjoy your quest, lucky Neopian.

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