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Are You All You Can Be?

by kissamus


After years of playing Neopets can you honestly say you're an active and experienced neoplayer? Dare yourself to become neogreat! Learn how to become all you can be.


Hi! I'm Lia and I'm here to give you some advice on how to become the finest version of yourself as a Neopets Player. Let's start with your account; it should be an extension of you. What I mean is your account must have certain characteristics equal to your neo personality and likings. You can show off your neofamily, your closest neofriends, favorite pets, avatar goals, favorite games, etc. Just let the visitor know a little something about your Neopian Persona.

Don't forget, as a neopets experienced player you must know and try to understand all neorules, respect all players and enjoy an honest stay in our delightful game.

Next, I'll try to enlighten you on a couple of advices to hopefully better your Neopets experience.

We all need incentive, right? Well, here is yours. Wheeeee!

Manage your Neotime

So you don't have twenty hours every day to spend on Neopets, big deal. Don't make that an excuse. Of course great achievements take time, but just work with what you have!

First things first, make a list of neogoals. Start with the easy ones first and work your way down to the hard and mean ones. As soon as you start crossing objectives out, you'll feel you're starting to achieve something and you'll gain that motivation or incentive I told you about sooner.



The key to successfully make NP is.... well, there isn't one. There are so many ways to gain NP on Neopets it's ridiculous. You only have to find out what's the right way for you. If you enjoy playing games, then play! There are a lot of guides on how to make certain amounts of NP every day.

If you're fast, Restock, Snipe and/or cash in the Employment Agency. If you're patient, invest in the Stock Market! Just know you need a decent amount of NP in the bank. What for? To collect daily interest, spend in investment opportunities, such as stocks, etc, train your BD pet and my personal favorite: to stare at.


In order to have that perfect account you need a BD pet and a BD set. As far as BD pets go, a combination of HP + STR + DEF = 150 is good to start with. If you don't want to begin from scratch search the Pound board, there are a lot of pets with good stats UFT that you can keep and train manually. No, the laboratory is NOT the best way to train a pet daily; and yes, I've tried it. There are a lot of guides about pet training, so if you're clueless look them up.

As far as a good BD set goes that's really up to you and your finances. If you have the means, invest on a GOOD set, with the kind of weapons which don't inflate or have massive price reductions over time. But if not, don't worry about it. Buy a MEDIUM set and replace weapons as time goes and your finances enlarge. Just don't spend it all on one weapon!


If you don't have a couple of rows filled with trophies already, I suggest you start with it!

In the previous months a lot of easy trophies guides have been emerging. As the title suggested those are the easiest ones, which you can get almost effortless. After that, you need to focus on the games you play relatively well and get those trophies too. This may be time consuming but that shiny trophy is worth it. Again, if you're clueless, talk to friends, search the boards or go for games that aren't the most played every day. I know it may be easier to gain trophies at reset day, but don't wait around for it. Practice as much as you can; so if some reason you miss out on reset day, you can get the trophy anyway. My personal suggestion is to not settle for the Bronze trophy. If you're getting good at that particular game, go for the Silver, or dare I say, the GOLD one. Practice makes perfect!

Stamps and Collectable Cards

We all dream of filling out that Stamp Album but, unfortunately that's not for everyone. So, do your best to reach a number that is comfortable and affordable for you. Start with 50 or maybe 100 and go from there. Again, you don't need to get them all, but a nice number of Stamps is crucial.

People don't give as much attention to Collectable Cards as they should. They're pretty neat and not that hard to collect. So again, do your best to collect a good amount of each.


The most important thing is to only keep ONE pet on your main account. This pet, of course, is your BD pet which will be trained every day with dubloons or codestones, and the help of our friend the Mystery Island Kitchen Flotsam. Yes, it can be pricy, and yes, he does not give out stats as much as he should. *shakes fist* But you need him, so do the 10 quests he asks for daily. Having only one pet there will sharpen those faeries aim, thus no more: OH NO, SHE GOT THE WRONG PET AGAIN! That will boost up your pet's stats nicely.

If you're mad about only having one pet on your main account, don't be! Hahah

You can own side accounts and store your equally loved cuties there. Just don't forget to learn about side account do's and don'ts, if you haven't already, of course.

Do you have your dream pet already? If not, get him or her and show it! It doesn't have to be a Krawk or a Draik, you know, the most common. But it does have to be YOUR dream pet or at least second choice. Now that TNT has allowed pet trades, you can reach your goal of bringing that lovely unconverted pet home with you, easily too. If you have been dreaming of creating your own dreamy then go ahead! Don't forget to customize them to enhance their natural beauty.

Remember, well maintained, trained and active pets is also a sigh of being 'neo active'.

Avatars and Site Themes

I really don't want to dwell on these two items, since it's pretty obvious you need to do your best to get all you avatars and site themes you don't have already. A GOOD avatar count is most-valuable. My advice is to focus on a couple of avatars at the time, and go for them. Always remember the seasonal ones, and search as many guides as possible. This counts for just about everything; don't just settle for one guide, as you might miss out on precious tips.

And now, for Site Themes. Most of them are seasonal and only available on certain time frames, so don't miss out on them, because you'll regret it. *coughs*


You're on the roll by now; you gain a good quantity of NP every day which care for stocks, training, Neolodge, etc. BUT, you need to protect your hard work. Don't forget the PIN, changing your password regularly, deleting cookies ever so often and don't give out personal information! This is extremely important. If your account gets frozen, you must send a form to prove it's yours. SO, don't give that information lightly to anyone! Be safe.

Themed Gallery

Since we're talking about maximizing your account perfection, you need a gallery. Don't worry, though! You don't necessarily need to spend millions to make your gallery perfect. Just think of a witty and creative theme and you should be fine. To choose the perfect collection or theme for your gallery can take years. So does the gallery itself, so be sure that the collection you chose is the right for YOU! Not because the items are pretty and you have the extra NP, nor to imitate someone else's idea. Your gallery should hold your favorite items, and since there are thousands of items available, you should pick a theme. Don't make that a really hard one that consumes a lot of your neo-time, since you need to also focus on other aspects of your account. Just make the gallery affordable and easy for you to build on.


If you have a good amount of Avatars, Site Themes, Trophies, Stamps, Collectable Cards and BD stats, you're all set at becoming the perfect neoplayer.

My ultimate advice is: be active!

  • Read the news every day.
  • Get as many avatars, site themes and trophies as you can. And then some!
  • Participate in Plots, Daily Dare, Altador Cups, Games Master Challenge, surf the Boards, join an active Guild.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas with neofriends.
  • Please don't forget the most vital aspect on Neopets: Have fun!
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