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Eating Vegan in Neopia

by ratty170170


Neopia is a vast place, its inhabitants living different lifestyles and holding various dietary requirements, from Kyrii who under no circumstances eat apples to Quiggles who detest Cream. There are those who don't wish to include produce from another pet in their diet, and they are called Vegans. Someone following a Vegan diet would abstain from eating meat, milk, eggs, honey. Another aspect of a vegan lifestyle is the avoidance of leather, wool, fur and feathers; no Gnorbu Wool Jumpers or Fur Lined Boots in the closet of these pets.

You wouldn't catch a vegan eating a Blumaroo Tail Salad Extravaganza, or even a free Omelette. "So what do they eat?!" I hear you cry. Well, the health food sector in Neopia is huge, filled with organic fruits and vegetables that can be used in a multitude of dishes. Take Broccoli for example, with three varieties: Cosmic, Ergy and Earth Faerie. It can be purchased in a sandwich with mustard, covered in sprinkles or stuffed in a jacket potato.

Nuts, grains and legumes are a great source of protein. Why not start your day by mixing a spoonful of Organic Cashew Butter into your Oatmeal, enjoy a plate of Brown Rice with Sutek Beans for lunch, then a slice of Lentil Pie for dinner? Between meal snacks could be Peanut Berry or Almond and Cranberry Trail Mix.

Now you know what vegans eat; where do they buy it?

The Neopian Bazaar

The Health Food shop is a great place for vegans to visit. The friendly Quiggle shopkeeper is happy to assist you in your purchases of everything from Beetroot to Watercress, Granola Bars and Lentil Cookies to Peaches and Cherries. This is the place to stock up on Sliced Tofu, and Iron Supplements if you feel you need them.

You may think Hubert's Hot Dogs is a no go zone, but he caters to the vegetarian market and can offer buns filled with Peas, Baby Cabbages, Lentil and Beans, Bananas, Apples and Carrots to name a few.

Smoothies are a quick and tasty way to get vital vitamins and minerals, without all the chewing! There are an amazing array available to choose from, Asparagus Protein, Kalery (A blend of Kale and Celery), Wheatgrass Fruit, Spirulina and Bean Smoothies to name a few.

The Bakery isn't the best place for vegans, most items containing eggs or dairy. However I did manage to find Asparagus and Leek Sandwiches, Banana Cookies and a delectable Fruit Muffin. Those with a sweet tooth will be happy to hear they can purchase a number of dark chocolate items from the Chocolate Factory.

Exploring Neopia

When travelling further afield than Neopia Central don't be worried that you can't find anything. Here's a round up of what's good in a selection of lands.

While soaking up the sun in Altador, pick at a plate of olives, hummus and pita. For a larger meal you could try the wonderful lentil soup which is traditionally served in a decorative bowl, and if you ask nicely the chefs will put together a grilled veggie platter for you. Be aware that the Altadorians are fond of honey and cheeses, so check your olives and salads for lurking feta!

Faerieland shops are filled with sweet treats with wings attached, but if you look a little further you may discover vegetarian delights created in Illusens's honour, including the Illusen Day Hot Dog and Leaf Burrito.

Maraqua offers you a number of salads made with kelp and the novelty that is Seaweed Bacon, but we advise against the artificially flavoured Beef Coral. If you are lucky enough to get a table at the elite underwater restaurant 'Kelp', the chefs can prepare at least two vegan options for each course, a sample meal being; Kelp Gazpacho as an appetizer, followed by the Spicy Radish Salad and to finish off the Peachpa and Stramberry Shell Sorbet.

Relatively newly discovered, Moltara has a distinctive Hot Onion Salad, Steamed Veggie Salad or even a Seared Turnip Steak for you to try. To cool you down they offer unique sparkling carrot and sweet potato juices.

Mystery Island offers an enormous range of fruits for visitors to try including Blurfs, Elppas, Flarbles, Ombus Fruit and Stramberries.

Shenkuu is well known for its vegan friendly exotic foods, providing an assortment of rolls, dumplings, noodles and kimchee all at a reasonable price. Watch out for some fish based dishes.

Situated in the Lost Desert, Qasala is not the most accommodating place for vegans to travel, but they do provide a Sand Fruit Salad and if you can handle the spicy flavour of the Queela Fruit you can enjoy it on a kabob or in a dip.

The City of Sakhmet offers a few more ingredients such an Ummagines, Bagguss and Tchea Fruit, but again there is more sand on the menu in the shape of Sand Apple, Sand Squash, and Sand Tofu, which the natives claim is tastier than the real thing.

In the colder climes of Terror Mountain the ground is frozen solid, making it near impossible to grow vegetables, so instead they form snow into the shape of foods, meaning the Snow Valley Steak is suitable for vegans. Snow versions probably don't contain as many vitamins as their real forms.

Tyrannia is thought of as a land of meat eaters, and while that may be true for the majority, many Chombies live there who will be happy to share their diet of leafy greens with you. Nibble on cacti Blossom and Leaves, and add some Hot Burnumups to Fern Salads for an extra kick.


If you like lashings of milk on your cereal, Kau Kau Farms offer a soy version. (It's up to you if you want to support their working practices).

Instead of your usual morning Caramel Latte opt for a Dairy Free Latte, or the spicier Soy Chai Latte, also available iced.

In place of fattening ice cream enjoy a fruit sorbet to cleanse your palate.

Vegan Cheese has been created so you can make all your favourite cheesy meals yourself.

It is possible to fry, bake or grill tofu in a number of dishes to substitute meats.

Veggie Chicken is available from the Cooking Pot, but it means mixing real chicken with asparagus.

I hope my article will guide you when eating vegan in Neopia, and educate those who had no idea vegan foods existed!

As a last tip, if you have vegan guests coming round set out some cute petpet platters, choose from Harris, Poppit, Snorkle or Kookith.

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