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Reasons Why Kacheeks are Awesome: The Facts

by blue_eagle16


Also by j_bop_24

During the month of Sleeping is the time of celebration for the new year and trying to sleep off from the food and the partying from ringing in the new year and Day of Giving. It's the month of Sleeping simply because all of Neopia needs time to sleep and get ready for the new year. During this month we have some pet days: Aisha Day, Gnorbu Shearing Day, Elephante Day. But possibly the most important pet day is Kacheek Day. Kacheek is celebrated on January 29th every year.

Now you are probably asking yourself, 'Why is Kacheek Day more important than the other ones during this month?' That is what we are here for, we did the research, asked around Neopia and gathered as much information that we could on Kacheeks and what we uncovered shows that Kacheek are one of the best, possibly the best in all of Neopia.

Kacheeks were one of the first original 14 pets that were discovered when Neopia was first founded. They were originally called Badeeks. No one knows why they were originally called Badeeks and then later changed to Kacheeks; maybe when they were first discovered people got the name wrong and either the Kacheeks did not want to hurt their feelings by letting them know they had it wrong or maybe they did not know that the name was originally wrong until they discovered it and 'politely' told them it was wrong so it could be corrected. Mistakes do happen. The game Badeek Seek was renamed Kacheek Seek, (it is rumored that is how Kacheeks discovered that their name was wrong but no proof has been found).

In March 2010, it was recorded that there was over 15.8 million Kacheeks created in Neopia. There is not any current information about this but that was 3 years ago, so at that time it was the second popular pet of all the current 54 pets that are around today. Which that means that the number is a lot higher, but they are ranked second, which shows just how popular they are and how Neopians want them.

As of January of last year they can be painted 49 different colors and counting! Generally on the day of a neopet TNT releases new colours to paint that particular pet; hopefully this year it will be awesome colors. It is being wished/hoped that an 8-bit color will be available for them as it would be cool and if not 8-bit hopefully an Get Off My Lawn one will be instead. If not, then there is always next year!

Speaking of colours, when TNT created the Robot colour, which is only available through the Lab Ray, you can also zap a Kacheek Robot from an item called 'One-Use Robotification Zappermajig'. This item was a prize awarded from the Return of Dr. Sloth Plot in 2008. It cannot be traded or sold and as the name says it is one time use. But mainly the Robot colour is available through the Lab Ray. Kacheeks were the first exclusive pet to be painted (well, in this case zapped) this awesome sweet new colour. When you look at all the colours the Kacheeks can be painted, they are amongst the best ones and look awesome. You cannot deny it. (Go look at a Plushie Kacheek and then tell me that you would not want to cuddle that?)

If you created a pet that is not a Kacheek and later down the road you decided that you want a Kacheek and you are out of room, do not worry! You have options. There are 13 different Morphing Potion and 1 Transmogrification Potion. Also too, if you do not have the neopoints for that option there is another choice; you can find someone who has a Battledome item called 'Kacheek Flour'. This item is used specifically in the Battledome and what it does is once thrown onto your pet it turns your pet into a Blue Kacheek. It's a good option for someone who does not want to spend neopoints on a Morphing Potion. There is also the choice of taking one of you current pets and take it to the Pound, but here we don't encourage that.

Since the redraw happened awhile back and the release of wearable clothing, Kacheeks have become extremely desirable because they are the easiest pet to dress up! You can spend tons and tons of hours in the NC Mall having your beloved Kacheek try on clothes such as shirts, pants, shoes, dresses, wigs, accessories and all sorts of cool things. And the possibilities are endless for dressing them up; you can take the royalboy clothing and put them on a Kacheek that you painted Plushie (extra adorable if you ask this writer). But remember that you would have to paint your Kacheek royal first before you could paint him plushie. You do not want to waste those neopoints!

Last but not least we cannot forget to mention the famous Kacheeks of Neopia; there are a few of them:

1.) Alton of Meridell: who runs the game Potato Counter.

2.) Babolino: was the Left Forward for Faerieland's Yooyuball team between 2006 and 2010.

3.) The Blue Kacheek Group, band based group.

4.) Eliv Thade (We all know who he is). He is a famous word scrambler.

5.) Florin: (also known as The Farmer) is a Yellow Kacheek, and one of the 12 Heroes of Altador.

6.) Montecito: He has been the Right Defender for Brightvale's Yooyuball team since 2006 and is now the new Team Captain in 2012.

7.) Nilo is a Yellow Kacheek who guides users through the Neopets Tutorial. He explains the basics about the site's interface and introduces shopping, neocash, customisation and caring for a Neopet.

Nilo is the first Neopet that a new user to Neopets encounters. It was TNT's decision to have the first pet that someone sees upon entering this site be a Kacheek. It possibly means that TNT secretly loves Kacheeks and wants the world to know; well, not really. I guess if it is a secret then this might be wrong, but the chances of that are like the chances that Sloth likes cheese sticks. But then again, who does not like cheese sticks?

All in all the information we have proved shows that Kacheeks are one of the best, if not the best Neopet of all of Neopia. Overall Kacheeks are the easiest and best to dress up with, one of the original fourteen, second popular pet in all of Neopia and there is a chance that TNT secretly loves them. On January 29th the world of Neopia will celebrate Kacheek Day, the day that they were introduced/discovered into the world of Neopia. There is an extra pip into everyone's step that day simply because deep down everyone loves Kacheeks and you cannot deny it. If you can look into a Kacheeks eyes and tell them you do not like them, then prepare to get a Kacheek Flour sack thrown at you then. And watch out it's a big bag of flour, it hurts.

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