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King for a Day

by mespirit24


"I don't want to go to pre-school, Mommy! Pre-school doesn't have my special chair and the carpets aren't fluffy! They're scratchy!" complained little Nicki, the baby Aisha. She was not accustomed to going to school after two weeks of winter break.

      Nicki's mom let out a big sigh. "You have to go to pre-school. It'll help you get ready for elementary school, which is harder than pre-school! And the carpet isn't scratchy; you're just not used to sitting on it, that's all."

      "It's not that bad, Nicki. They have swirly slides and lots of blocks!" her friend, Mia, attempted to cheer Nicki up. The baby Yurble was the type of person who was always cheery.

      All Nicki said was "Humph!"

      Soon, they arrived at the Neopia Central Pre-School. Kids were already saying good-bye to their parents, and heading inside.

      Nicki turned to her mom and said, "Bye, Mommy! You'll be here at 1, right? Right? RIGHT?" For a baby neopet, she was very worry filled.

      "I'll be here at 1, sweetie. Have a good day at pre-school!" she shouted as she headed home.

      "Easy for her to say. She doesn't have to go to school," Nicki sighed.

      "Let's go inside, okay, Nicki? I think it's going to rain," Mia predicted.

      The two ran inside as quickly as possible, and sure enough it started to rain.

      Nicki turned to Mia and asked, "Are you a psychic?" with a suspicious look in her eyes.

      "No-" Suddenly, the teacher, a middle-aged Ixi, appeared.

      "Mia. Nicki. You two are late! Why don't you hang up your coats and come join the circle?"

      "Okay, Ms. Keenan," Mia and Nicki said simultaneously. They headed over to their spot in the circle.

      "Good morning, class!"

      "Good morning, Ms. Keenan!" the class said.

      "Do you know what day it is today?" asked the teacher.

      An Elephante near the back shouted, "I know what day it is! I know what day it is, Ms. Keenan!"

      "Eddy, remember to raise your hand when you would like to speak. Tell us what day it is, Eddy."

      "It's Elephante Day!" he cried.

      Half the class wondered aloud, "What's Elephante Day?"

      The teacher smiled and explained, "Elephante Day is just a day celebrating Elephantes. We have one Elephante in this class... Eddy! So you should treat him better today. Like a king."

      She was just kidding, but the class didn't know and thought the teacher was serious.

      At recess time, after the snacks, the students all gathered around Eddy. They seemed to be... bowing down to him? Mia and Nicki, who had been helping the teacher clean up, had no idea what was going on.

      They asked a Kacheek named Cindy what was going on.

      "Oh, Miss. Keenan said we have to treat Eddy like a king today, you know, because it's Elephante Day? And he said that he's has a royal announcement to make, so we're here to listen."

      Mia and Nicki stared at each other with a curious look on their faces. Then, they turned to Eddy and paid close attention to his speech, like they had been taught to do to any person who was speaking. They noticed he was wearing a Candy Corn Crown.

      "Okay, loyal servants! I am your king, King Eddy the Awesome. You must obey all my orders and following my laws. Anyone who doesn't will be punished!" Eddy decreed. He turned to his best friend, Tyson, and said, "You will be my captain. The leader of my knights." Tyson smiled and nodded, clearly happy with being picked for the most important job.

      Eddy continued to give the baby neopets jobs. Mia was the advisor and Nicki was a knight.

      "My first order! Build me a castle for me to live in. Build it with the finest blocks and make it really big!" ordered King Eddy the Awesome. He went to the big teacher chair and lounged as the Babies scurried about to build a big castle.

      They used Meridell Castle Building Blocks to make it. It was rather simple, really. All they had to do was follow the instructions on the box and pile according to it. No need to design it, everything was there for them.

      Eddy stood up from where he was sitting and examined the castle. He walked up and down the length of the castle. Everyone, including Mia and Nicki, were worried the King would not be satisfied with it.

      Finally, he nodded. "This castle is okay, I guess. A little sloppy on this side though." He pointed at the left side. Mia immediately turned red. She had worked her hardest on that side along with Cindy.

      "Could someone move the Blue Velvet Chair in here?" he asked. A Blumaroo hurriedly carried the heavy chair inside.

      "Okay, my next order! Bake me some chocolate chip cookies! With some Peanuts added in!" King Eddy the Awesome sat on the Blue Velvet Chair and was about to start napping when he noticed half of his servants were still staring at him. "What? What are you looking at?"

      Nicki stepped up, said in a timid voice, "Your Highness, you have not yet ordered US to do anything." She quickly backed into her spot.

      "Uh, right. You guys can sit around until I need. And talk."

      Several seconds later, King Eddy was fast asleep. Right as he let out his first snore, a couple of pre-schoolers gathered together in a huddle. Not wanting to be left out, Mia and Nicki hurried to them. They had a map laid out in front of them. It seemed to be a map of the classroom!

      A baby Shoyru, named Aaron, started speaking, with a look of determination in his eyes. "Welcome to the Rebellion! King Eddy is a terrible ruler. All he does is order us around. Bring me this and bring me that! I'm sick of it. We need to take him down! Agreed?" Everyone in the circle, except Nicki, nodded.

      "Okay, so we're going to attack the castle from here with all the bouncy balls we have." He turned to a baby Skeith. "You, send your team over here, and push down the castle when I signal you." The Skeith nodded and headed to the back of the castle, with a Grarrl.

      Aaron focused his attention to a pair of baby Peophins. "You two, throw these Brightvale Altador Cup Flying Discs at the front." He now turned to Mia and Nicki, and nodded to the two guards by the king's side. "Distract them somehow. Got it?"

      Mia nodded, but Nicki turned away. "I'm not going to let you dethrone King Eddy. I'm going to get the other knights to fight!" The little Aisha ran to warn the other soldiers and supporters of King Eddy.

      Aaron did not look worried, though Mia was. He turned to her and said, "Forget about the distraction. It's time to fight!"

      By now, most of the pre-schoolers were on the "battle field". The kids who were loyal to King Eddy were attempting to defend his castle, and the Rebellion members were trying to destroy the castle. King Eddy himself was sound asleep in his castle, dreaming of Peanut and Chocolate Slushies.

      Aaron cried, "THIS IS THE SIGNAL!" The blocks began to rain down. All the knights ran to support the castle, basically leaving the castle unguarded. The Rebellion smiled a triumphant smile, thinking they had won.

      Little did they know that Nicki, who had run to warn them, had also devised a plan to fight the Rebellion. Only some of the knights had left to fight. Some stayed behind to wait for the right moment to ambush the Rebellion.

      Nicki, looked up from her hiding space behind the Pink Aisha Bookshelf, and whispered, "Now!" The ambush team hurled themselves at the Rebellion. The other knights had managed to get the castle to be stable again, and they too, joined in.

      Soon, it was evident that the Rebellion were outnumbered. They had lost.

      Mia looked over at Aaron, who had a defeated expression on his face. "We surrender!" she declared.

      The captain, Tyson, woke Eddy up with a little poke.

      "Hmm... what? What? I was having such a nice dre-" He stopped when he saw that everyone was staring at him. After his eyes took in the mess on the floors, the half collapsed castle, and the Rebellion, he asked, "What happened?"

      "A rebellious group of servants tried to dethrone you. Luckily, Nicki had a great plan and we managed to stop them," reported Tyson.

      "Is that so? Well, put the rebellious people in the dungeon. And give Nicki a medal or something. I need to take another nap."

      After the king went to sleep, Tyson awarded Nicki with a Golden Medallion. The Rebellion was taken to the "dungeon" (the time out pen).

      "So how was your day today?" Nicki's mom asked as they walked home. "I hope it wasn't too bad?"

      "It was awesome! We had an Elephante for a king, got to build a castle and fight off a rebellion!" Nicki said excitedly.

      Her mom laughed. "Sounds like you had a lot of fun! How was your day, Mia?"

      "Oh, I was in a rebellion and then I got arrested, and put in a dungeon," she giggled. "I can't wait for it to be Yurble Day! Then I get to be queen!"

The End

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