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Hot Dog Hero – Be the Hero of Your Own Hot Dog Stand

by dawwetje


This game is centered around Hubert. And although Hubert really doesn't need an introduction, let me give it to you anyway. Hubert is the owner of the famous hot dog stand in the Neopian Bazaar. He sells delicious hot dogs that attract Neopians from all over the globe. Unfortunately, this also means he attracts enemies that are out to steal his delicious hot dogs. It is your duty in this game to make sure the hot dogs reach the customers. At your disposal are three types of condiments, ketchup, mustard, and mayo. Use these condiments to lead the hot dog to the order slip and to the exit in 10 exciting levels with all kinds of action on the way.

How to play the game

Use your condiments to make a path from your starting point to move the hot dog to the order slip and then to the exit. To draw a path, click the mouse and hold it until you're satisfied with the path you drew. The three types of condiments all have different characteristics. If you use ketchup to draw a path, then it acts as a normal ledge. You can stand on it and that's about it. The mustard bottle has a different quality. Drawing a path with this condiment and then jumping on it, makes the ledge act as a ramp. Very useful to move quickly around the level and getting to those higher placed bonuses. The mayo makes you stick to your path. You can walk under the path, and you will stick to the ledge. How neat is that? On your way to bring the hot dog to safety, you will encounter some enemies. You can shoot these using pickles for ammo. Just press the space bar and it will shoot off a pickle. Most of the enemies use a predictable path in the gaming field, but some don't. The Barbat, for instance. Therefore it's wise to kill this enemy, while avoiding the others.


During game play you can earn four different bonuses. These are condiment refills, star bonuses, extra pickles and extra lives. Condiment refills are bottles of ketchup, mayo or mustard and refills that condiment quite nicely, giving you a higher condiment conservation bonus at the end of each level. Star bonuses add points to your score if you pick them up. Depending on the number on your bonus star they give 100, 200 or 300 points. The extra pickle bonus does what you think it does. It gives you extra pickles to use as ammo to take out the bad guys. It's a nice bonus, especially if you want to kill every opponent you face. And last but not least, the extra life bonus. If you see a hot dog lying around, pick it up and earn yourself an extra life.

Advanced Tips:

You can earn yourself a lot of points with the time bonus that is given after every level. You will also get bonus points for the remaining sauce you don't use. It is therefore important to complete the level as quickly as possible with as much sauce left over as you can. In order to obtain the trophy for this game, you would need to only rely on using the mustard sauce (single handedly the most useful sauce compared to the other two) because of its jumping qualities.

Aim to use as little mustard as possible to obtain more sauce conservation bonus. Typically 1% for each usage which is the size of a dot, this requires good timing and accuracy so your hero can jump on the dot. This is quite tricky, cause you have to use the mouse and the keyboard at the same time.

Aim to get all the bonus stars in each of every one of the 10 levels before obtaining the Door Key. Study the layout of each level with continuous practice so you have an idea where the bonus stars are located. If you can manage to get all the star bonuses in each level, that means 6,000 points added to your score for little effort.

Don't bother collecting the extra lives, shoot enemies (unless they are blocking you from obtaining the key or the star bonuses) or pickle ammo if they would cost you valuable speed bonus points. Shooting enemies does give you nice points though. Burt if it causes you to slow down considerably, then don't shoot the enemies. The time bonus for completing the level quickly is more important.

Always take down the flea looking enemy, the Barbat. All other enemies travel in a predictable path, but this enemy doesn't. Making it easy for that enemy to sneak up on you and take you out. Kill this enemy as soon as you see it.

It is sometimes better to lose your life especially if the starting point of the level (in which you restart the game) is very close to the exit door and you can easily maximize a high speed bonus score. Well this tip speaks for itself. Since the main focus of this game is to complete the level completely, sacrificing a life can sometimes be more beneficial.

Also important to succeed at this game is being ambidextrous. In order to have a fast game play it is very important that you can use the mouse and the arrow keys and or space bar at the same time. I am sure you can imagine how this speeds up the game. Good luck practicing this, since there aren't that many truly ambidextrous people around.

With enough practice you can be as very swift in clearing each and every level which would ultimately allow you to get 30k+ scores for that game.

I hope this guide can help you master this game and in the end get that shiny gold trophy for this game. Memorize the levels, always use mustard, and practice with using the mouse and the keyboard at the same time. Only if you take the tips provided in this article into account will you be able to have a shot at the top 17 of the high score table. Good luck!

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