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25 Fun Ways to Celebrate Sloth Day

by tyuio_k50


We all know Sloth Day, perhaps the most wonderful Day of the year. Unfortunately, most of Neopia has a hard time finding a good way to celebrate this wondrous event.

Fear not, here you'll find a compiled list of all sorts of Sloth-filled activities, tricks & more you can do this Sloth Day. Make sure to let everyone know your cause when doing these activities, and remember to bow down to Sloth at the end of your day.

Now before we get started, keep in mind that not everything listed here is dangerous. Yes, I know, being a Sloth follower you enjoy such events. No need to worry, you can always cause a dangerous situation by bringing an angry Gelert along.

So, without further ado, let's begin!


1. TP the TP

Little known fact: Dr. Sloth dislikes Neoboard terms. You can show your Sloth spirit by TPing the Trading Post!

2. Play Dar-BLAT!!!

Dr. Sloth loves to see things other than himself get splatted.

3. Give the Space Faerie a bad Hairdo

The Space Faerie really loves her hair. Dr. Sloth really hates the Space Faerie. It's a good combination.

4. Wear a Chia Suit

Lupes will chase you down, hoping that you are their favorite snack, only to be disappointed. Evil snickering and cackling is advised.


5. Make Dr. Sloth Dolls

Imagine the shrieks of horror when a little Usul finds a Sloth Doll in her toy bin! The very thought should bring a smile to your face.

6. Play Sloth-themed games!

Between games like "Sloth says", "Tag, you're dead!" and the classic game of "Starve-Or-Bow Down", you (and your friends!) are sure to have hours of sheer pain!

7. Mutant Pets are fun

Who doesn't love a Three eyed Kau? A JubJub with tentacles? A Mynci with Horns? Oh boy, I sure do! You'll certainly get in the spirit with these festive pet colours!

8. Pour Mutant Potions on the Giant Omelette

Oh look, a cute Cybunny. *POOF* It's a Mutant Tonu. The more Mutants, the better.

9. Bloat your pets

The fuller they are, the harder it would be to run (Or fly) away from Sloth-Clone Robots.

10. Annoy Illusen

Dr. Sloth insists he was Green first, and she was merely copying his style. Make her wait extra long before finishing her quests, step on bushes, do quests for her sister, the angrier she becomes, the more you'll please Sloth, and the happier of a Sloth Day you'll have.

You've upset me

11. Buy Sloth Merchandise

A Sloth Hat? An Ultra Super-Deluxe Sloth Dining set? A "My First Death Ray" Play-set? Get as much as you can; it helps raise the festiveness!

12. Pretend you're flying a Sloth Ship

Ahh, circling Neopia, wreaking havoc on its citizens with stink bombs and itching powder...

13. Sing a Sloth Song

Sing a song fitting to your leader. You can sing anything about him, like how great he is, or how smart he is, or even how charmingly handsome he is. Just make to sure to be honest in your song, because he might scan you mind someday to check your loyalty.

"Oh SLOOTTTTHHHHH! You are Green, and, um, Smelly! Oh SLLOOTTTTHHHHH!"

14. Create a Sloth Guild

Plan evil schemes, practice your cackling, and worship Sloth, all with fellow followers.

15. Put a Devilpuss in the Rainbow Pool

Now this is just fun. It's a known fact that the common Devilpuss hates water, and placing one into a body of H2O could be disastrous. By doing so, you will prevent other pets from painting themselves new colours, and then you could convince them to try Mutant instead.


16. Pretend to be a scary monster

Dress up in Sharp Fangs, put on some creepy claws are scare your friends into thinking it's the end. Why? 'Cause that's what Sloth would do.

17. Buy 10,000 Piles of Dung

Place each Pile of Dung around Faerieland. This will cause 0.27% of Faerieland's Tourist population to consider visiting the Virtupets Space Station instead. Sounds fun!

18. Plan a Sloth Party

Pretend it's a Birthday Party. Invite 20 people (have them bring gifts & food of course), let them all show up, then tell them the Party's canceled & then dump shampoo on them. In effect, you would have ruined 20 evenings, gotten 20 gifts & 20 meals, and you get a good 20 minutes of laughing while their eyes burn. 20% of all earnings go to Sloth. Rinse & Repeat.

19. Put a fake prize in the Symol Hole

Watch the excited owners watch their Petpet come out with an object, only to discover that it's a Sloth Card that rudely insults their outfit. Get creative with fake prizes.

***HINT*** This is a good example of a fake prize

20. Replace a JubJub's Soap with Fur Volumizer

Laugh at the JubJub when it comes out as an oversized puff ball; this will help increase the bad mood for the day.

21. Put a plate of Disturbing Gelatin in front of Neopian Shops

This will cause customers not to enter the store because it's too disturbing. Convince the owners that Sloth has cursed their store and the only way to get their customers back would be to dress up in a Sloth Suit and dance in the streets of Neopia.

22. Think Green

Sloth is green, correct? Paint your Neighbors Neohome Green, your Slippers Green, even the roads green! Make to place tons of Sloth stickers on everything you paint.

23. Give your friends a Bland Fish

They will come to your house to ask why, and you will let them inside and persuade them to the ways of Sloth.

24. Create a Sloth Shrine

Put it in Front of Coltzan's Shrine. Visitors will be confused and instead will be attacked by a Sloth Clone.

25. Get Creative

There are so many terrible, Sloth Filled things you could do for Sloth Day! So leave Banana Peels outside, put up Sloth Posters, get everybody in a bad mood.


Do all of that, and you're sure to have the best Sloth Day ever! Sloth will be pleased, you will be pleased, and victims may be pleases, too.

So have a good Sloth Day, and remember, everyone who refuses to surrender will be vaporized.


This article was brought to you by Dr. Sloth!

Dr. Sloth, evil-doer of today, leader of tomorrow.

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