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Everything You Need for the Month of Sleeping

by mespirit24


After a long month of celebrating, all you want to do is hit the hay. Well, that's what the month of sleeping is all about! A whole month of sleeping! Lying in bed all day long, every day, without a care in the world (except for worrying about oversleeping and missing Jhudora's Day!).

Now, that doesn't mean you don't have to prepare for it. You need the perfect equipment if you're going to sleep a full month without breaks. Luckily, I've written out a whole list of everything you'll need this month. Better get shopping!

1) Babaa Pillow – A pillow is the most essential thing for any sleep. How do you even sleep without a pillow? It keeps your head comfortable and keeps away neck pains. This one in particular is extra soft and comfy. Made from the fluffiest wool in Neopia, if it were in a pillow competition, this one would win, hands down! Note: no babaas were harmed in the process of making this pillow.

2) Sleepy Neopet Blanket – You can not sleep through a whole month without a blanket to keep you warm! Especially when the temperature is below 5 degrees! Some people may tell you to use the Heated Blanket since it is heated, but that's just rubbish! The Sleepy Neopet Blanket is just as warm and allows you to move a lot easier. It's also a lot prettier than the Heated Blanket.

3) Purple Cybunny Pyjamas – You can't wear your clothes to sleep, silly! (You don't want drool all over your favourite T-shirt.) Pyjamas will keep you warm throughout the night. Purple Cybunny Pyjamas also have a (fake) fur trim, to keep your neck warm, unlike all the other pyjamas. Another pro, you can pretend you're a Cybunny in this! Unless you really are a Cybunny.

4) Don't Bother Me Earmuffs – Not everyone will be sleeping this month, and if you live in the city, there's going to be a lot of noise, what with all those Neopians returning from their exotic vacation spots. That's why earmuffs are a must. With these, you won't be able to hear anything. I don't even think you'll be able to hear your alarm clock when it's time to wake up! Wait... that's not a good thing...

5) Turkey Dinner – Think about all that weight you'll be losing without eating an entire month! So, unless you stuff yourselves before you sleep, you're going to look like a toothpick when you wake up. The turkey dinner is exactly what you need. It includes a whole turkey (that could feed a family of 4), peas, corn, and carrots. You won't be the same weight as when you were before you slept, but at least you won't be as thin as a stick! (You might want to brush your teeth before you go to bed... )

6) Sleepy Time – Can't fall asleep, no matter how many Babaas you count? This book will help! Written by the worst authors of our time, it's filled with incredibly dull stories that will bore you to sleep. Just a single chapter will put you to sleep! An example from the book: The pet said to his petpet, " Remember to brush your teeth and floss daily, eat your vegetables, throw out the trash, blah blah blah." ... -snore-

7) Pretty Sleep Mask – This beautiful mask pulls your bed-time outfit together perfectly! Not only is it good looking, it actually helps you fall asleep by keeping you from looking at something and getting distracted! It also keeps away annoying little kids who love to prank. Trust me, you'll need this. Unless you want to wake up to a face covered with make-up and a little market moustache above your mouth.

8) Usul Alarm Clock – Jhudora Day is four days after the month of Sleeping is over. That's why you'll need an alarm clock. Over sleeping could lead to some misfortunate event happening. You want this one in particular because it has such a cute face! So even if you do sleep past Jhudora Day, at least you'll get to see a smile before Jhudora comes after you!

9) Faerie Yooyu Plushie – Many people are afraid of the dark. It's totally normal! You don't know what could be lurking in the shadows... This Faerie Yooyu will keep the dark away! Its bright blue eyes will keep a look out for anything, and when it spots something, it'll attack! Well, not really. But, it'll make you feel all safe, just by cuddling up with it.

10) Air Faerie Canopy Bed – Though this is arguable, the Air Faerie Canopy bed is the softest around. It's made from actual clouds (from an actual Air Faerie!), and what could be softer or fluffier than that? The design of this bed is very charming and royalty-like! And, priced at only 1432 NP, it's very affordable!

11) Traps – Unlike the Snowager, you can't blow a freezing blast of air at anyone who dares to disturb you. So, you're going to need to lay out a LOT of traps. I recommend the Super Sticky Balthazar Trap and the Smug Bug Net Trap. The sticky trap can hold down a Balthazar, so I'm pretty sure it should be able to hold a Neopet. It should be placed near every door, so anyone who comes in will be stuck. The Smug Bug Net Trap can be placed anywhere, but isn't as reliable since it could easily break. That's where a wind up toy will come in handy. If all else fails, you can get your scaredy- cat petpet to wind up a bunch of toys and send them to the intruder. They'll be out your door before you can say, "I got you!" My recommendation is the Roaring Wind Up Grarrl.

That's everything you'll need for the month of Sleeping. Anything else are just extras and can be left out. Enjoy your sleep and see you in the month of Awakening! Then you'll have to figure out how to get back into shape!

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