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Don't be a Plumpy this New Year!

by jamesv1


It's that time of year again.

From the week that kicks off with Neopets birthday, right through the month of giving where gingerbread and candy canes are all the rage, all the way into the new year with hors d'oeuvres-a-plenty, Neopia has celebrated and celebrated... and celebrated. If your pet has eaten way more cake, cookies and bacon than ten Plumpys, then this article is for you.

It's not hard to spot when you're pets have overdone it during the festive season. They're tired, irritable and a little chubbier than before. They don't have to stay that way though! These tips will help your pets (and you) get back into shape and ready face the New Year looking fine.

There are three key elements which need to be followed in order to achieve success. No crazy fads, no tricks, these tips are designed to be easy for all pets, large or small, to follow to a healthy new life!

1) Get outside and go somewhere new!

No pet really enjoys being cooped up inside, especially if exercise for them means running on a treadmill. Take your pets somewhere new, somewhere different and explore Neopia! Visiting new places and spending your day exploring the lands can have great health benefits for your pets. Some suggestions of where to visit include:

Blessed with being founded in such a picturesque spot, Kiko Lake is an ideal place to get out and be active with your pets! Try a hike through the wooded mountains, take a swim in the clear waters of the lake, or rent a canoe and go for a paddle. Exercise doesn't have to be a chore, so why not make it fun! Kiko Lake is great for all pets, not just flying or swimming ones. The clean air does wonders for your entire Neopian family, making it an ideal place to get back in shape.

Kreludor is another fun spot to get out and about. It might sound a little odd, but the lack of gravity makes for fun times for all your pets. Though those Grundos have a distinct advantage on the surface of this moon, you'll find most other species have a little trouble getting their bearings here. Though this makes for highly amusing scenes when your Eyrie tries to fly out of frustration and simply end up floating around aimlessly, it's actually a really great spot to run around and play a game of ultimate Frisbee, minus the gravity of course. Much like swimming, it reduces the pressure on your pets joints, so it's great for the older members of your family (or just those who enjoy dancing and can't injure themselves because of an upcoming recital; I'm looking at you Quiggles). Kreludor is an interesting place to get fit.

Another idea is to create your own race around Neopia! A twist on the traditional faerie quest and Halloween goodie bag quests, this is a simple, but fun way to encourage all your pets to exercise and have fun too! Create a series of clues that revolve around the different lands, but through in some fun fitness challenges to get their hearts racing. A game of Gormball, a trip into the faerie caverns, and maybe even a game of Yooyuball to really get them working! Reward the winner with a healthy incentive, such as a new canoe or ball, and all the runners up with one too (but I'd make the winners extra snazzy. It's never fun waiting your pets squabble over who's new ball is the bounciest!)

No matter what you decide to do, try and aim for a good 30 minutes of exercise for each pet, every day. Check the weather before you go anywhere though! It's never fun playing underwater basketball when it's raining in Maraqua...

2) Clean out that cupboard!

A healthy pet needs healthy eating options. Though they all enjoy their popcorn, chips and Neocola, it's important to set limits on how much they can have, and how often! Get rid of any junk food, and replace it with some of these healthy options!

Anything from the organic foods shop will be great for your pet. Organic foods don't use any nasty chemicals and haven't undergone any processing, making them as great as when they were picked at Meridell farms. Plus, with frequent restocking, you're guaranteed to get fresh food!

Organic food can be a bit pricey, so for those looking to save their money, keep and eye out for dishes rich in vegetables and fruit, and free from salt and sugar! Some options include Super Veggie Baguette, Spring Salad Hot Dog and Vegetarian Pizza. Yes, your pet can have pizza and hot dogs if you buy them the right type. These are all fine examples of delicious foods overflowing with healthy goodness! You just need to remember, whatever your pet eats must be in moderation. It's fine to have a piece of cake on somebody's birthday, but it's not fine to have a piece for breakfast every day!

Lastly on the topic of food, make sure your pets are eating a balanced meals three times a day: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. There is no point in trying to be a healthy you if your breakfast is a bowl of sugar, lunch is a salad and dinner is fried and salty! If you're pets are eating right, they'll be happy for life!

3) Attitude is everything!

You can't make changes for the better if you and your pets aren't in the right state of mind to make them. The festive season makes all pets forget the troubles of the last year and let themselves go a little. Usually, they don't notice until after the damage has been done, even if you tried to tell them earlier. This is why it's essential to have a best attitude all year round.

Eating healthy and getting outside and being active shouldn't be difficult for any Neopet. After all, that is what all Neopets did originally. Every now and again it's okay to indulge on a special occasion, or take the day off because you may have plans or the weather isn't fantastic. Remind your pets that it's okay for them to be comfortable in their own skin and feathers. Not every pet can be a super fit machine. But that doesn't mean that they shouldn't live their life to the fullest, and a life filled with gluttony isn't the way to get it!

Hopefully you and your pet have been inspired to get out there and make a change! It's not that hard to get in shape and be happy and healthy! Just slight changes in your pet's everyday life will be the best thing you've ever done for them, and they'll be thanking you for it until the Kaus come home!

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