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Five Interesting Places to Read in Neopia

by mi_trtl962


Are you an avid reader? Are you tired of always sitting in your Neohome when you want to read? Do you often find yourself stumbling upon the traveling library, with nowhere to enjoy the books at? Well this is the guide for you!

Many of the top readers in Neopia have been reading in the same spots since they first laid eyes on a book and they are ready for a change. Sometimes, simply moving to the garden is not enough. Reading in a variety of locations allows you to undergo a new experience in your surroundings and there is a place for all types of readers! Below are some interesting spots to consider the next time you decide to read:

Snowager's Cave

For the more bold folks, the Snowager's Cave is a surprisingly great location to curl up with a good book at. You will be impressed at how quiet the cave is when the Snowager is sleeping. Sure, many Neopians will enter attempting to steal treasure every once in a while, and sure, he may blast them, but beyond that, you cannot hear a thing. You may even get a piece of treasure yourself! Sheltered from the snow outside it is already quieter in the ice caves so the Snowager's cave provides extra protection from outside sound. But beware, if you enter at the wrong hour, you may find yourself running out faster than you thought possible. So, if you're not a Christmas or Snow pet, bundle up in your warmest clothes and set out to Terror Mountain! ...If you dare.

Meri Acres Farm

For the more restless bunch of readers, Meri Acres Farm is the ideal place to crack open a book while also being able to enjoy other activities. Located in Meridell, this area has some of the greenest, grassy spots to read on, not to mention a river that flows right through it! If you can only sit through one chapter at a time, Meri Acres Farm also has countless activities of interest from the Rubbish Dump to Potato Counter to even Extreme Potato Counter if you're up for it! Choosing to read here will guarantee that you will not be bored for even a minute and your mind can wander as freely as it wishes!

The Mystery Island Mystic's Hut

For those who like to predict the happenings in books, the Mystery Island Mystic's Hut is the perfect spot to channel those thoughts. When you find your way to Mystery Island, you may feel a different aura as you enter the hut. If you are open to new experiences, as you read your book there, you may begin to realize how much more accurately you are predicting the endings to the stories. Of course, you may risk having your fortune told day after day whether you want it or not, but it doesn't hurt to have a sneak peak into your future. The Mystery Island Mystic's Hut is a special place for those readers who feel they may have a connection to the Mystic, but it is open to all who are curious.

The Haunted House

For those who like the classic scary novels, there is no better place to read than the Haunted House. There is no worse feeling than when the pet next to you is giggling about a funny book and ruins the scary parts of your own haunted book. This house will guarantee you no smiles and laughter from those who pass through it, setting the best possible scene for your book. Remember to look over your shoulder when you read in the Haunted House, though, because you never know who or what may pop out of the shadows. Also, it may be advised to bring a friend along, preferably one of your bravest ones. Regardless, the next time you choose to pull out that scary novel, go no further than the Haunted House!

Magical BookShop

For the more conventional readers, the area around the Magical Bookshop is a very convenient location to settle down at. Shaped like a book, the shop is very hard to miss in the heart of Neopia Central. The Bookshop is the ideal location for those of you who are quick readers, as well. When you finish that one novel, you can walk no more than a few steps into the shop to pick up the next one on your list. A definite plus is the fact that the Magical Bookshop is located beside a forest allowing you to have your pick at the best tree to sit under. All in all, for those who do not want to venture into the more exotic places, the Book Shop is the perfect location to read.

Bonus Reading Tip:

In some extreme circumstances that you may not be able to leave your Neohome (such as having the Sneezles, inclement weather, Dr. Sloth has returned, etc.), there is one more thing you can do to spice up your reading experience. Have you ever strolled through the NC Mall and seen the special contacts, glasses, and goggles that it offers? Why yes, that is your next best alternative to venturing out into Neopia! Putting on the aforementioned eye gear can help you see your books in a way you probably would have never before imagined! Sunglasses are no longer there only to protect you from the sun and contacts are no longer simply for changing your eye color, they are for allowing you to see your book differently, giving the words a truly new meaning!

So, the next time you find yourself in a reading slump, refer to this guide to help you find a new spot to be inspired at. Reading somewhere outside of your usual place may allow you to discover new things about your book that you wouldn't have been able to in that old Chia print chair. Who knows, maybe you'll even come across some new locations on your own! Either way, you can now change your reading experience for the better. Happy reading!

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