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The Oldest (Baby) Sister: Part Two

by anj6193


The snow wasn't as thick in Neopia Central as it was back in Altador. We stood in front of the Rainbow Pool, watching the other pets being painted into different colors. Some were being painted Eventide while others were becoming Royal. I sighed, and looked at my Mom.

      "Is something the matter?" she asked.

      "I'm just scared." I answered. "My body is being changed... it isn't like last time when I just got a new outfit. Will... will it hurt?"

      Mom hugged me. "It shouldn't; it should just be a tingling sensation for a few seconds and it will be all over." She kissed me lightly. "Now, are you ready?"

      I looked around again, and I nodded. Mom set her bag down (they had the blankets in it), and knelt down to my height. Slowly, she held her hand out to me, and I released my death grip on the brush. She told me to close my eyes, and I obeyed. I felt the cold paint get slathered on my body like thick cream. She warned me that my face was now painted and that I can't open my eyes. Strangely, the paint was warm and kept me warm as Mom painted me. Once I was covered completely, she told me to hold my breath. I did, and she counted to three.

      Once she said three, she submerged me under the Pool's waters.

      All at once, my skin started to crawl. I wanted to fight against it, but I knew that that would be counterproductive. I counted to ten in my head before I felt the water release me. I coughed lightly as Mom told me to open my eyes. Slowly, I did, and her face went from concern to pure happiness.

      "So...?" I asked. "How do I look?"

      Mom got out of the Rainbow Pool, and she sat down, stretching her legs out. She sat me on her knees, and pulled a mirror out of the bag of blankets. She set it on her lap, and I got to see myself for the first time.

      "I'm... I'm small!" My voice squeaked. I stood up slowly, and balanced on her knees and flapped my tiny wings. "Well, I can stand and walk. Don't think I can fly, though."

      "Your wings are too small to support you." Mom answered.

      "Does this mean I can't eat real food?"

      Mom laughed. "No; you'll still eat like the rest of us."

      "I'm... I'm really cold." I shivered.

      She stood up, and wrapped me in a few blankets. Deciding against it, she had me sit on her shoulder as she placed the blankets in the bag. She used her other hand and set me in it. I cocooned myself in the blankets. I poked my head out of them, and Mom laughed lightly. I spoke with her as she walked to Faerieland. I closed my eyes as she walked through the portal. I opened them after a few seconds and saw the Hall of Heroes. I decided to grab one of the blankets and tug Mom's sleeve. She looked at me, and smiled. She set the bag down, and I slipped into the space between Mom's coat and her chest. The blanket I had in my hand was now back in the bag. We got to the entrance of the house, and Al was sitting on the porch. He smiled a great big smile, and went inside to tell the twins that we were back. As Mom and I entered the house, I saw that 'fixing' my siblings had done while I was gone. The office chair that we were using was replaced with a baby seat that had a tray on it. There were also little rungs against cabinets and door frames for me to use as a ladder to get on things. There was also a baby chair with wheels on it accompanied with a cane. Mom went into my room to put the blankets away, and I noticed that my bed now had the cage things around them so I wouldn't fall off the bed in my sleep. She unzipped her coat, and I dangled for her shirt for a few seconds before I could climb onto her shoulder. We walked back into the living room, and she set me on the ground.

      "Dragon, you look like a little doll." Pup knelt down to me.

      "Twin." Sixey faced her. "Does this mean we are the older siblings now?"

      "Yes; I think it does."

      "I'm still older than you by a day," I countered. "So I'm still the big sister."

      "I think you are now the oldest baby sister... if that makes sense," Al chimed in. "Dragon... can you walk?"

      I walked up to him. "Does that answer your question?"

      Mom laughed. Suddenly Al threw everyone off guard when he gently lifted me off the ground with his teeth (he grabbed my footies) and gently set me down on his back. I scooted up to his shoulder blades and held on to his fur as he walked around the house. We got to the end of the hall, and he told me to hang on tight. As soon as I did, he sprinted as hard as he could down the hall and into the living room. We were laughing in joy and happiness when we stopped in front of Mom. She knelt down and picked me up. Realizing what she was doing, Sixey stood completely still as she sat me down on her.

      "I never noticed how soft your fur was," I commented lightly. "I could sleep on it."

      "Before are after my training?" Sixey laughed as she walked around the house.

      I got to ride around on everyone for a little bit before Mom made us stop. She walked into the kitchen and told us to wash up for lunch. Quickly, Al picked me up and sat me on his back as he charged to the restroom first. I held on to his fur as he turned the corner and closed the door. I climbed off him and he picked me up before I could grab the ladder. He set me on the counter, saying that I could go first. He turned on the water, and let me wash up first. Once I was done, I waited on him, then I climbed on his head and he walked out of the bathroom.

      "I like this system," I said lightly. "If I need to get somewhere, someone can get me there."

      "Well, I don't know how school will work for you, but I can do it when we are home," Al answered.

      Oh sweet Fyora... I forgot about school.

      Al lowered his head so I could get into my little chair, and set the tray down. He came back with a little baby plate and spoon. Pup gave me a paper cup with water in it. I waited patiently as the rest of my siblings came into the dining room and sat down.

      "So, is it weird to have me a Baby?" I asked openly.

      "A little bit," Sixey responded. "It will be one of these things that will get some getting used to. You're pretty darn cute, though."

      "I'm going to try for a Desert Paint Brush," Al answered. "I almost went for Baby, but decided against it; too cute for me. You pull it off well."

      Mom came in and set a tray of assorted sandwiches on the table. She asked me what kind I wanted. When I told her what I wanted, she took one, cut it in half, and gave me half of it, saying that the sandwich was too big for me to eat all at once. Laughing, I took it and set it on my plate, waiting patiently. Once Mom sat down, we all ate a light lunch and spoke about school and classes tomorrow.

      "Mom," I chirped form where I was sitting. "How am I getting to class tomorrow?"

      "Don't you fly there?" she asked.

      "Mom... I'm a Baby now. Don't worry; I'll take a ride."

      "Your school is on the way to mine," Al said. "I can drop you off on my way."

      "The thing is she has all of her text books to carry as well," Mom countered. "It'll be too heavy for you to carry along with your stuff, Al."

      "I can get her home, then."

      "Sixey and I can walk her there." Pup spoke up. "Sixey can carry our textbooks, I can carry Dragon's and she can ride on us."

      "I can just take her tomorrow." Mom cut off all the conversations. "I need to speak with your teachers anyways."

      I nodded, and yawned lightly. "If there is one thing I don't like about being a Baby; it's how tired I get after I get done with anything."

      "I don't think there is a nap time at the Altadorian Accounting School." Pup snorted.

      "Can there be one during 'History of the Altadorian Wars'?" Sixey asked.

      "Be lucky that I sit next to you; I have to kick you to keep you awake."

      "Why do you think Mom packs you a cup of coffee in your lunchbox?" I asked lightly.

      As I was speaking, I almost fell asleep. Mom picked me up and carried me to my room, saying that I could sleep through dinner if I needed to. I nodded, and she set me on the bathroom counter so I could brush my teeth. I laughed at the sight of my new tooth brush; it was my old one, but it was shortened so I could actually hold it. After I got done, I climbed down the side of the counter, and I walked to my room. I climbed up my nightstand, turned on my alarm, and made a flying leap to my bed. I landed safely on my bed, and looked around.

      "Hey, Mom," I called out to her. "How am I going to get up in the morning to get my alarm?"

      She handed me a rod, and I could hit the snooze and sleep buttons with it. She also showed me the ladder steps Al installed on my bed. I nodded, and told her good night. I stretched out in my bed and closed my eyes.

     Life will be far from normal from now on.

     It's going to be an adventure of a lifetime.

     I'm excited.

The End

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