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What To Do With Holiday Snowballs Without Neocash

by coookie18471


You're walking up to the Advent Calendar, all hopeful and happy to receive a couple brand new prizes along with some neopoints. Service at the Calendar has improved in the last few years, and there are now nine lines open that give out prizes; no longer will you have to wait more than twenty minutes in the snow to collect your prizes.

It takes about four or five minutes to reach the jolly Grundo who is handing out today's prizes. He drops a plushie, a folded-up cape, and some neopoints. Great, just what you expected. But then he also drops a sparkling snowball on top of your cape.

This snowball doesn't break; instead, it sits there glittering. You stare at it for a moment. Then, turning to the Grundo, you ask, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

He laughs. "Well, you're going to need to head to the Neocash Mall outlet down in Happy Valley to go buy some fancy mittens that can melt that snowball. You see, another one of your prizes is in that snowball!" He turns to gather up prizes for the next customer in line, a rather shifty-looking Krawk.

"But I don't have any Neocash! I just can't afford it! Can't you just melt it here? I really want my prize." You sadly hold the snowball out to the Grundo. The Advent Calendar is one of your favourite times of the year, but this might just ruin the whole thing.

"Nope, sorry." The Grundo readjusts his stalk coverings; they are getting cold. "We have a contract with the Neocash Mall. We're not allowed to help you melt the snowballs. You can always just keep those snowballs in your house, you know. Taelia herself enchanted them so that they'd never melt without those mittens."

The Krawk, who now looks suspiciously like Mr. Krawley from that strange Neovian mystery, begins to mutter to himself in a scary-sounding dialect of Neovian. You slowly start to leave, but then another question strikes you.

"How long are the mittens on sale? My birthday is in a few months, and—"

The Grundo shakes his head, dislodging some of the snow that has fallen on his stalks. "They won't be around that long. If you still have them after the mittens go out of stock, you'll have to find a trade for them or something. Now, please, you're holding up the line."

You trudge through the snow drifts to your small house just outside of Happy Valley. Your Snowbunny, hopping along merrily, bounces over to you. You put your other prizes on a nearby table and give the snowball to your petpet to play with. You really can't afford Neocash, so the snowball is useless to you, really. But, you think, it might be fun having an everlasting snowball in your house.

The next day, you receive another snowball at the Advent Calendar. You ask the Kougra who is giving out today's prizes how many snowballs you'll get. He checks a list, hunting for your name. "You should get about eight more! I hope you're having fun melting them."

You weakly nod and return to your home, clutching the latest snowball. Over the next few weeks, you bring home even more snowballs, so many that even your Snowbunny doesn't even want to see them anymore.

So what do you do now? You have ten everlasting snowballs that really have no other function than to remind you of the prizes you can't afford. You drift over to your desk and grab a piece of holiday-themed stationary. You're resolved to come up with ten different uses for these ten annoying snowballs.

You begin to write, and it's somewhat easy to come up with ideas. Some even make you giggle. Eventually, you're done with this masterpiece. You give it to your Snowbunny—who is perfectly literate, thanks to your teaching—who reads it over.

What To Do With Holiday Snowballs:

1. Finally get the top score in Snow Wars. After all, much of the difficulty of Snow Wars comes from having to scoop up more snow and reform it into a ball; that takes time. With these Holiday Snowballs, you can simply pick the snowball up off the ground and throw it again! Forget the avatar; you're going to get the golden trophy in Snow Wars.

2. Sell them to Jhudora. She's always looking for new and strange items that could possibly help her in overthrowing Queen Fyora and make her queen of the faeries. If she ever asks you for an impossible item on one of her quests, you could just pull out a Holiday Snowball and claim that it is a secret items that gives the bearer incredible power. She'll demand for it, but ask for a high price for it. This is even more powerful than a Super Attack Pea, you know! (You might want to run away after this. She'll quickly discover that the Snowball is, in fact, powerless.)

3. Make a brand-new wearable! Just string all of the Holiday Snowballs together into a fancy garland, and all of your friends that love to customise will be jealous that you have a one-of-a-kind wearable item. Sure, the Snowballs can grant wearables if you melt them, but who wouldn't have to have a unique item instead?

4. Convince the Battledomers that there's a new Hidden Cove item for the holiday season. Hey, if Super Attack Pea is so gigantically valued, then an everlasting, glittery snowball must be worth at least thrice what a lousy pea is. Not to mention that it's probably also a guaranteed freeze item and, who knows, maybe a forty iconer that could hit through burrow. As with the Jhudora idea, you might want to run after you sell your Snowballs off. Battledomers are quite strong, so you really don't want to be around when they learn that they've been deceived.

5. Trade them to the Snowager. He has all sorts of treasures, but he doesn't have any of these sparkling piles of snow! Plus, if he ever gets tired of blasting people, he can resort to throwing the Snowballs at people. How exactly he'll throw them is a mystery; he doesn't really have any limbs. Maybe he could throw them with his mouth. Who cares; that's not your problem. If you give them to the Snowager, you could probably ask for some of his fancy items in return.

6. Win the Neohome Spotlight with a fabulous Everlasting Snowball Fireplace. The Neohome judges will love how creative and fantastic this new centerpiece of your home is. It's the spirit of the holidays all year round! Submit your application for the Neohome spotlight towards the end of November so that you can be considered for December; you'll be the absolute model of holiday spirit, and so it will be easy to win!

7. Donate them to the Healing Springs. That faerie gives out useless snowballs anyway, so why not give her the Holiday Snowballs? Plus, most of the Neopians there probably will have some sort of disease, so if the Healing Faerie, in her ineptitude, gives them a snowball instead of an actual cure, at least there's a chance they'll get a snowball they'll like and enjoy.

8. Annoy Donny the Toy Repairman. When you pick up a Holiday Snowball, you can feel that there's another prize inside. If you take it up to Donny at the top of Terror Mountain, you can convince him to try and break it open so that you can get your prize. However, Taelia's magic

9. Festive cheer! Simply having these snowballs on the fireplace mantel or on the table or near the bed makes the entire season so much more cheerful. And who couldn't use more cheer? Neopia is too negative these days; it wouldn't be so bad if people were happier.

10. Discard them. Sadly, even though there are lots of fun things to do with the Holiday Snowballs, perhaps the best thing to do is discard them. In a few months, they'll be nearly impossible to melt, and they'll just clutter a house. So discarding them might actually be the best choice.

Your Snowbunny looks up at you and wrinkles his nose and hops away. You suppose that he didn't enjoy your list very much. You stuff it into your jacket pocket and make your way back to the Advent Calendar. You'll post it somewhere so that Neopians in a similar situation can have some ideas when it comes to using these Holiday Snowballs. After all, not everyone can afford Neocash, so there's doubtless at least one more person wondering what to do with the Snowballs.

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