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Top Eleven Budget-Friendly and Versatile Backgrounds

by auraichadora


Customising our pets has become an intricate part of most Neopians' lives, whether it's just to make them look nice or part of a hobby. However, there are so many wearables – NP and NC – that it's hard to form a satisfying closet for our pets. This is especially so for those just starting out and working on a budget – after all, those neopoints don't come so easily!

However, unlike clothes and accessories that may or may not fit your pet depending on their color and species, backgrounds are universal and can be fitting any number of outfits. And the best part is? There's so many of these backgrounds that are very budget-friendly, even free!

This is a countdown of my Top 11 Budget-Friendly and Versatile Backgrounds. After this, I hope I've been able to help out anyone that are looking for that cute backdrop for their newly Boochied active, the right scenery for a party, or just wanting to give your pets something more than a plain white background.

Let's get this countdown started, shall we?

1) Cloudy Sky Background – price at the time of this article: 5NP

This is a cute background that looks cuter on floating pets, such as Draiks, Flotsams, and Peophins, compared to pets that lay or stand on the ground. The bright blue and white gives even the saddest pets a cheerful appearance. It's also a very cheap alternative to backgrounds like Cloud Castle Background, an NC prize from the Wonderclaw game. So if you don't have access to NC and still want to have your pets have that elated feeling of floating on the clouds, this is a great way to show it.

2) Moon and Stars Background – price at the time of this article: 15NP

This gives all your pets the feeling of relaxing under the stars. While the brightness of pets upon it offsets the dark, muted colors, it's still looks nice without taking anything away from focusing on how your pets look against it. It's also a nice background to use in any Summer-themed or Halloween-themed customisations. It's also a cheap substitute for the Star Gazing Background, an item that was released randomly in Neopets 11th Birthday Goodie Bag but sells for around 9 million Neopoints on the Trading Post. Ouch!

3) Grassy Meadow Background – price at the time of this article: 650NP

Fitting more for any Spring-themed customisations, this is the best way to place your pet in the quietness of nature. The simplistic design of being in a grassy field with the mountains and clouds in the backdrop is enough to make any pet look completely relaxed and happy. This also works extremely well with pets that can't be dressed up normally, like Babies. If you're a nature lover and want your pets to enjoy the same, then this is the perfect background for you.

4) Game Room Background – price at the time of this article: 600NP

Whether or not you're a big fan of games, this background evokes that playful side in your pets. It's also perfect for anyone dressing up to celebrate the Daily Dare and Games Master Challenge, allowing your pets to essentially play the same games as their owners. It also evokes a playroom feeling, perfect for those young pets in their pajamas (if you decide to go with that theme, of course!). This is a versatile themed background, and well worth it to pick up.

5) Shenkuu Training School Background – price at the time of this article: 1,300NP

If your pet is training to become the best in the Battledome, setting them with this background may give them – and you – more encouragement to keep going. The muted colors and damage to the columns and floors give off the feeling of determination and hard work, both welcomed qualities in a Battledome pet.

6) Piles of Apples Background – price at the time of this article: 1,000NP

Perfect for any Fall-themed customisations as well being another nature scene, this background is not only perfect for all pets, but wonderful for Fruit and Vegetable pets that can't normally be customised. Another upside to this background is that it's a potential prize at the Apple Bobbing Cart, allowing you a chance to grab it for free – although it is pretty cheap on the Shop Wizard as well.

7) Birthday in the Park Background – price at the time of this article: 2,500NP

The perfect birthday background, although its fun factor for your pets makes it perfect for any kind of celebration. It evokes the same, childlike fun for pets like the Game Room Background, but the colors are much brighter and happier. Out of the backgrounds mentioned, this is the most expensive, but at the same time one of the coolest you could grab for the closet.

8) Faerieland Garden Background – Free/No Trade

Providing a cute backdrop for pets wanting to take a walk alongside a stream, this bit of fluffy pink and purple is better for female pets than males. However, when comparing to the very pricey counterpart, Faerieland Gazebo Background, this one is better in where pets are positioned as well as not being so busy. Best of all, it's free – by entering the Burger King Canada code F213 (up to eight times, remember this), this lovely background can be entered into your – and your side's! - inventory.

9) Haunted Trees Background – Free/No Trade

Another background from the same lines as the Faerieland Garden Background. While the counterpart to this, Entrance to Haunted Woods Background, is far scarier, this still has that creepy factor without costing a single point! Entering the Burger King Canada code H483 (same rules as above), this background can be added to your inventory, and then to your closet as well.

10) Krawk Island Pirate Ship Background – Free/No Trade

There's no way you can argue with free, right? Perfect for all Pirate pets – and for those wanting to become pirates – this background allows your pet to sail on the deck of their ship with the old Krawk Island in tow. Like the two above, using the Burger King Canada code K563 gets you this background.

11) Storybook Background – Free/No Trade

Have a pet that loves to read or just enjoys picture books and making their own stories? Then this open-book background is perfect for you! By using the code FB25Kfans at the Grundo Warehouse, this nice-looking and simple background will be added to your inventory.

There we have it, the top 11 of the most budget-conscious and versatile backgrounds, perfect for all pets and all sorts of themes. I hope this list has helped you start to form your closet and have given you ideas about starting to dress up your pets. Happy Customising!

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