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10 Reasons to Visit Terror Mountain

by rs_rbn


Do you have the holiday blues? If you're like me and come from a region that is barren in the winter time (aka: the Lost Desert!), you'll be dreaming of a white Christmas but never getting to see one. But cheer up, kid! There's hope for you and your Neopet! Terror Mountain has snow all year long and it's exactly the place to visit when you've got the White Christmas Blues.

First timers on Terror Mountain can often feel... well, Terror. Why? Because they are overwhelmed with the amount of wintery wonderland there is to behold. But Terror not, because I have also braved the cold and lived to tell you your Top 10 Must-Dos.

10. Play Snowball Fight

Of course, everyone who has never had snow dreams of playing the ultimate snowball fight. Nothing else quite lives up - a sandball fight just gets dust in your eyes! This classic is one game you don't want to miss out on. An easy spot to find for you and your antsy young Neopet. You can practice your aim, make up some snowballs, and shoot! Just make sure you watch out for wandering Faeries - they don't appreciate being hit with snowballs and will make sure you know it.

9. Drink a Slushie

Yes! Cold drinks in the winter undoubtably make you colder, but when will you have another opportunity to drink a slushie and not worry about it melting before you finish? You can drink slushies of all kinds of magnificent flavors and instantly be (mentally) transported to the most exotic places. Drinking a Sniddberry Slushie, for example, will momentarily take you (mentally) to Mystery Island. So don't complain about the cold! Just try a non-melting, exotic, mind-traveling Slushie. You won't regret it.

8. Wintery Petpets

Already feeling sad about returning to your winter-less land of origin? I know, I know. That's why you need to go buy your Neopet a Wintery Petpet! These wintery petpets will keep you in the holiday spirit all year round (and most likely encourage you to visit Terror Mountain on your winter holiday every year!). I suggest cute pets such as the Wreathy. Cute to cuddle and to use as decoration! Be careful if purchasing a Jinjah - many Neopets have tried to take a bite out of them before realizing it's actually their petpet and not their snack.

7. The Sleeping Snowager

A visit to see the massive Snowager is a must - but be prepared to work your schedule around him. You see, he doesn't much like visitors. Therefore, people only venture into his cave during his three hours of sleeping. If your Neopets is young, I suggest visiting during the afternoon sleep session. If you are running late and enter his cave even a second after he wakes... well... don't say I didn't warn you.

6. The Neggery

Do you have some Neggs you've won from Key Quest? If you take a holiday visit up to Terror Mountain, you might as well take your Neggs with you - and trade them in for Negg Tokens at the Neggery! The generous Negg faerie will take your ordinary Neggs and let you buy some powerful Neggs with those tokens. Powerful Neggs from the Neggery make great holiday gifts for those who don't get to travel themselves. *hint hint*

5. Igloo Garage Sale

Speaking of gifts, why not stop by Terror Mountains favorite local shopping spot - the Igloo Garage Sale? You can find all sorts of treasures that come down from Mika and Carassa's attic. For years they have been threatening to fully clean out their attic and move somewhere more tropical, but they have yet to finish. Perhaps you could bottle up some of your tropical weather and make an exchange for some of their wares! But if it's neopoints you need, don't worry. Right beside Mika and Carassa's house they have set up a neopoint winning game in honor of their garage sale. A perfect combination of gaining neopoints and spending them!

4. Toy Repair Shop

If you're thinking about throwing out last years Christmas gift because it broke, don't! Instead, visit the Toy Repair Shop on the top of Terror Mountain. Sure, it's a long trek up the mountain to get there, lugging your old toys through the heavy drifts and snowfall. Sure, it might be easier to just pay for an entire new toy, but do you want to get rid of the item with which you have so much memory with? I doubt it. So have it repaired instead.

3. Snow Faerie Quest

You couldn't travel all the way to Terror Mountain without stopping by to do a quest for the famous Snow Faerie, Taelia, now could you? Help her out with her wintery spell and she will reward you. For her quests, as with other faeries, you must spend some neopoints to gain some. If you help her out by finding the food she asks for, she will give you some neopoints, a snowball, an item (possibly an exclusive item), and an avatar!

2. Ice Cream Cart

Yes - more cold snacks in the winter time. Unfortunately, if you haven't done a quest for Taelia and received a coupon for the Ice Cream Cart, you can't buy any. If it's good enough to be exclusive, it must be good. So put on another heavy coat and trudge up to visit Taelia to get a coupon. Just don't freeze before you eat some.

1. Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar runs through the month of December and gives you free items everyday. The Advent Calendar in and of itself is enough to coax many Neopians to travel to Terror Mountain for their winter holiday. Each day will fill you with the warmth and joy associated with the holiday season. After a day spent out in the cold of Terror Mountain, a bit of warmth is definitely needed.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy yourself some winter clothes. You'll need a jacket, scarf, some boots, and some earmuffs for sure. Pack it all into a suitcase, paint your Neopets with a Christmas paint brush, and head up to Terror Mountain for the best winter holiday of your Neopian Life!

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