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Becoming A Boisterous Bori

by kspare2


According to their pet description, Bori are timid little creatures that rarely leave their underground home. As a result of their shyness, Bori often keep to themselves as they are uncomfortable around other Neopets. However, staying in an underground home means that Bori are not as socialized as many of the other Neopets, and so they often develop quite boring personalities! Because no Bori should be lonely on an every day basis, I have come up with a guide on how you can turn your Boring Bori into a Boisterous Bori that all of the other Neopets will want to befriend. By the time you are finished completing these simple and easy steps, your Bori will be so pumped up that he won't even want to go inside his underground cave at all!

Step 1. The first step to making your Bori look hip and cool is to give him a paint job. Sure, a basic-colored Bori can be fun as well, but there is no denying that some colors are much more energetic than others. The best way to choose a new color for your Bori is to match his new look with his personality. For example, if your Bori loves to stuff himself with delicious treats, perhaps Chocolate, Custard or Jelly would be the best options. If your Bori is soft and cuddly, then Baby or Plushie may be the perfect color. But remember that a Bori is a sensitive Neopet, and choosing a color like Skunk may hurt his feelings.

Step 2. Treat your Bori with a brand new wardrobe. There are many different routes you can go with this suggestion. For starters, you can dress up your Bori in a neat costume-like outfit. He could be a miner with a Bori Miner Hat, Bori Miner Mining Pan, and Bori Miner Trousers, or he could be an engineer with a Bori Engineer Cap, Bori Engineer Keys, Bori Engineer Neck Scarf, and Bori Engineer Shirt! Alternatively, you can dress up your Bori in a "normal" outfit that you may also see being worn by other Neopets. A Basic White Shirt and a pair of AAA Host Trousers are nice and simple. A third option would be to really go wild with your Bori and dress him up in outrageous and elaborate clothing. After all, what Bori wouldn't look fabulous sporting a Bori Gnome Beard, Bori Cosy Socks, and a Black Jazzy Bori Boa? Sure, these items may not exactly match, but your Bori will look so spectacular that it won't even matter. The other Neopets will be begging their owners to find them similar clothing. Is that a Bori I see? Nope, it's a super awesome trend setter! ;)

Step 3. Once you have established how your Bori will look, the next step is to find your Bori a background that matches his personality. If your Bori is a dreamer, then both the Cloudy Sky Background or the Cloud Castle Background would be great options. If your Bori loves nature, he will also love the Pink Peony Field Background, Rocky Ocean Background, or Rose Garden Background. If you are still unsure of which background your Bori may like, then going for a winter or snowy theme is most likely your best option. Any Bori would love the Cold Winter Night Background, Downhill Snowball Background, or Ice Caves Background.

Step 4. Give your Bori a tall glass of Bubbling Bori Beverage. As the item description says, this beverage is just the drink to give a timid Bori a little kick of courage! This beverage is a concoction of delicious flavors. We aren't quite sure *what* is in it, but we can taste a hint of grapes, apples, and awesomeness. Your Bori's tastebuds will thank you for this. You could also give your Bori a sip of RainBORIfic Slushie to put him a cheerful mood. Okay, okay... So the slushie isn't entirely a Bori drink, but it is colorful and it dances so does it really matter?

Step 5. Introduce your Bori to Bori-specific literature. A Bori is not a scary-looking Grarrl, an expensive Draik, or a powerful and ferocious Jetsam. A Bori is simply a Bori, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Reading books like The Bori Handbook and Bori of Brightvale will make your Bori more aware of other Bori Neopets that are just like him!

Step 6. Show your Bori examples of other successful Bori Neopets. Armin from Hannah and the Ice Caves is a pretty neat Bori who assists Hannah in collecting treasure. Donny, the owner of the Toy Repair Shop, is also a successful Bori. In fact, Donny is a hero to all of the Neopets as he has been fixing their broken toys for years. And how about the amazing Bori in Yooyuball? Both Rinok Fitel from Terror Mountain and Garven Hale from Krawk Island are huge assets to their teams.

Step 7. Engage your Bori in some Bori-related activities. Not only will your pet have a blast, but they will also learn that there are tons of exciting Bori games out there! When the other pets see your Bori playing with their Bori Dart Game, Bori Tennis Set, Inflatable Bori Bopper, or Festive Bori Music Box, they will definitely want to join in on the fun. You can also give your Neopet a Bori Kazoo or Bori Maracas so that he could entertain the other Neopets with his Bori music. This is a guaranteed way to get your Bori socializing with other Neopets in an active and thrilling atmosphere.

Once your Bori comes to realize that he is perfect just the way he is (with these few enhancements, of course!), he will have the confidence that he needs to approach other Neopets and make lasting friendships. No longer will your Bori hide in a cave as Neopia passes by. Instead, your Bori will now be the center of attention. Every Bori Day from now on will be a moment for great celebration with lots of Lime Bori Cupcakes and Blue Raspberry Bori Snowcones. Yum!

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