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My Top 10 Darigan Pets

by gorubeza


Hello, Neopia! This is Dusk here, trying for another shot in the Neopian Times, and submitting my first real article. This article, as you can probably tell, is about my top 10 favorite Darigan pets.

Now everyone knows that Darigan's an expensive color, and really hard to get, but it's so worth it if you do get one. I should know; my first dream pet was a Darigan and it took a lot of work to get him...*insert long story about my first Darigan pet ever here*...Oh! Sorry, I got sidetracked! Now, let's start with the list.

10. The Usul. Why? Because even though the Darigan Usuls have a simple design (no claws or horns), they do happen to have those scary eyes that just give you the chills. They have a bow, yes, but this bow might not really be a sign of cuteness, it might actually be a symbol of how beautiful evilness can be! ;) I suggest that you don't play a staring game with the Usul, because they'll probably win with those scary eyes!

9. The Bruce, because they have that evil penguin overlord type look, if I must say so myself. And that collar really says "BACK OFF" like nothing else! The look is even more perfect with the sharp talons and the clawed wings, as well as that pointy beak. A Darigan Bruce is a must have for those punk pet designers!

8. The Yurble is a huge-horned, very plain-to-see headbutting machine! I love the huge horns and their look says "Don't make me use these!" And their hair looks rather nice too! It's like having an anthropomorphic ram in your Neohome! Just make sure they don't charge at you with their heads down... That might hurt a bit.

7. Y'all should know this one: The Pteri. Yep, this little avvie pet is a rather uniquely colored Darigan, as there are hardly any yellow Darigan pets, but what I really like again is that evil bird face, as well as those sharp talons... And how can you resist those wings and that long, flowing tail? Those are a must have on an evil bird messenger! I wonder if Darigan would want one as a messenger from time to time..?

6. The Peophin... The most amazing aquatic Darigan horse there ever was... Oh, wait. The ONLY aquatic Darigan horse there ever was! I LOVE the flowing mane and the bushy tail, and those huge hooves look so strong, I wouldn't want to go under one while they're swimming; They look strong enough to break some skulls here and there if you dare stand in their way! Yep, this horse is a must have for those evil underwater steed seekers!

5.The classic Darigan Skeith... Simple, but awesome. :) Ever since the Meridell VS Darigan war, or the aftermath for me, as I never took place during it back then, I have been in love with these huge dragons. I downloaded the Darigan Skeith desktop background, have the card from the BFM TCG set (actually, I have more than one, I dare say), and just love how these guys look! Their huge jaws and powerful paws look like a force to be reckoned with, and I bet during that war, they WERE a huge threat. Wimpy pets back away! These beasts are out for blood!

4. The Chomby, one of my favorite dinosaurs turned Darigan! I love their clawed feet and their dragon-like tail, as well as those fang-like mouths! I actually plan to paint my own Chomby this color, once I've gotten the Halloween clothes for him first. I love the horns, the spikes, and the dark teal blue that was used to make this pet the way it is now, and have to thank TNT for making this pet look so grand!

3. The Grarrl, my major favorite dinosaur pet ever! And they're even better when Darigan! Yes, they give you the Darigan Grarrl avatar, but I think that they look good either UC or not! They have the shade of orange-yellow like the Pteri, but they have that fur collar and all-out dragon-y look that makes them scream "FEED ME YOUR JUNK!"...Well, maybe not that, but you get the point.

2. Darigan isn't Darigan if it's not in the true form of a Dragon, and my 2nd fave is none other than the Draik. I plan to get a Draik of my own someday, and really would love an UC version, but if I can get one at all, I don't care what form it's in! Anywho, I just love the four-legged look of this dragon, and those dragon whiskers really bring out the beast in this pet! I actually remember a video game character now upon looking at this pet, but enough on that. Now it's time for the NUMBER ONE FAVORITE...

Which is...*drumroll please*


Yes, yes, yes! The Darigan Krawk, the most awesome put together Darigan pet ever to walk the face of Neopia! The elegant mane, those tough looking claws and feet... And that big old tuff of fur on the end of their tails... I love everything about this pet! If I could ever get one of these, I'd probably fall out of my seat in excitement as I love them so much! Another one that really looks epic in unconverted form, I wouldn't mind having one converted, as they still have that tough guy look in their appearance and I just love them so much, I can't stop saying how much I---Oh, never mind.

Well, I'd like to list my runner ups in this thing, but that would take up so much more of this article, and I don't want to bore you any more with my dreams of getting more Darigan pets, so it'll be best for the both of us that I stop here and now.

I hope you enjoyed reading my little article here! Maybe drop a Neomail if I make it in and give me some thoughts on what else I could try, or just plain give me a comment or few?

Dusk, over and out! :3

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